Who’s really behind the wheel inside of the Uber or Lyft ride that is on it’s way to pick you up? I hope you are not relying on the driver reviews, on Uber’s or Lyft’s website. Obviously, Uber and lyft will not share horror stories about their drivers’, scaring the public away from using their Applications. That’s where TrustedCompanyReviews.com comes in.

Our built-in algorithms use both quantitative and qualitative research and data to share real customer experiences and reviews, making sure you are riding safely with whichever rideshare company you decide to use. Our reviews are 100% real and unbiased, we are simply a review company for consumers.

Nobody wants to get into the car with a psychopath that speeds and harasses women.

How’s their car clean or dirty? Does it smell like vomit?

Does the driver have complaints about having alcohol on their breath? I would stay away from this driver!

Learn how to find out more about your driver, before trusting your life inside of their vehicle. One complaint that we often hear about Uber and Lyft is that they need to train their employees better and have stricter screening policies.

Before we dive into talking about — Uber Vs. Lyft drivers –, let’s start by comparing these two rideshare companies.



Both Lyft and Uber cost about the same. These companies compete. If Lyft runs a deal, Uber will follow and also run a deal. This type of competition drives down costs. On average, both companies charge about $2 per mile on average, significantly cheaper than a taxi service.

The quality of Cars:

If you are looking to splurge and get a high-end car, Uber will be your best choice. Historically, Uber offers more upscale car selections.

The Lyft Vs. Uber App

Both apps are user-friendly, but out of a survey conducted with 300 users’ of these apps, 176 of the users said that they prefer using the Lyft App. The primary reasons these users preferred the Lyft App was due to; A. more user-friendly B. better functionality C. easier to tip the drivers

Uber Vs. Lyft Customer Support

Lyft won this battle by a long-slide! Lyft has a customer service phone number for their customers to call, while Uber only offers a customer service email address.


Because Uber is in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide; whereas, Lyft is only available in roughly 65-70 cities in the United States; there is a much better chance that Uber will have a driver close by and available in your city.

OK, now the fun part. You’ve compared both companies, now click here to find real customer reviews on both Lyft and Uber drivers, or maybe you want to share your positive or negative story on a driver.