To apply for the Debt Specialist Position email or Call 619-773-0903. But please read this entire job description before applying for the job.

A credit counselor career offers excellent pay and can be a gratifying job. Debt counselors earn commissions off sales while simultaneously helping people become debt-free. 

Would you be a good fit for the debt counselor position?

Answer the following 15 questions:

  1. Are you self-motivated? 
  2. Are you a team player?
  3. Are you known as a great listener?
  4. Do you enjoy helping people with their financial situation? 
  5. Are you confident on the phone talking to clients?
  6. Do you have knowledge of the FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA?
  7. Do you know the differences between debt settlement, consolidation, consumer credit counseling, and debt validation programs and chapters 7, 13, 11 bankruptcy?
  8. Do you know how to read a credit report?
  9. Do you understand how credit card debt can affect a person’s credit score? (e.g., how credit utilization ratio correlates with credit scores)
  10. Do you know the factors that help improve a person’s credit score?
  11. Do you have a professional home office set up that includes a fast internet connection?
  12. Are you able to multitask in a fast environment company?
  13. Do you have sales experience?
  14. Have you worked for a financial services/credit/debt relief company in the past?
  15. Are you a fast learner and able to stay organized?

If you’ve answered YES” to all of the following questions and are interested in becoming a debt counselor, email or call 619-773-0903.

About the company hiring:

Golden Financial Services (GFS) is a licensed debt management company, A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and in business since 2004. The company was recently awarded the #1 Rated Debt Relief Company in the Nation.

How much can credit counselors earn?

Debt counselors at GFS start with an hourly rate of $15 per hour, but soon after getting hired commissions should exceed this hourly rate.

GFS pays employees 1.5% of the total debt enrolled into the program. There are also extra cash-bonus incentives available every month. “Debt counselors that average twenty or more client enrollments per month earn above $80,000 per year”, according to Paul Paquin – the CEO at Golden Financial Services.

GFS offers retirement benefits and pays for its employees’ gym memberships. 

GFS Job Requirements:

  • 5-8 years of sales experience
  • no criminal background 
  • must have a professional home office 
  • strong written and verbal communication skills

To apply for the job, email:

Or call: 619-773-0903

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE JOB at Golden Financial Services. 


This is a paid job listing promotion by Golden Financial Services, the Top Debt Consolidation Company for 2021.