Start by completing the short form below in STEP #1 and proceed to STEP #2 to set up an online company profile at (for FREE). You will not get charged the membership fee until after your profile is live, your business becomes eligible for accreditation and you choose to become accredited.

Before becoming accredited you must agree and sign the accredited member terms and conditions partnership agreement. The annual accreditation fee is $400, but companies must qualify for accreditation (See Accreditation Requirements Below).

Again, your business can start by setting up a free profile at and is not required to apply for accreditation or pay a membership fee. Online profiles can help your business get traffic to your website, and this is absolutely free. Research shows that 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. 68 percent of consumers form an opinion after reading between one and six online reviews.

Before clients buy your product or services they go on Google and search for reviews. Example: Just Google “Yes Financial Services Reviews”. This company was just published about six months ago and already is beating Yelp, attracting hundreds of new clients to its website, converting 50% more of the traffic and business is thriving for Yes Financial. Here’s how it looks when searching from your phone: (notice how easy it is to click-to-dial compared to the Yelp listing below it)
And Yes Financial isn’t even accredited yet, they are merely taking advantage of a free profile.
 Imagine being able to control the way your company appears online. You can! As long as you have solid products and services TCR will showcase them in the most positive light possible.
Eight in 10 Americans are now shopping online, what that means is that by utilizing online marketing through trusted customer reviews your business can grow by near 80% or more — and fast.
Convert more traffic and stand out ahead of your completion!

Set up your TCR profile that gets optimized for SEO for Free. Start today.

After only TEN or more customer reviews that have an average rating of four or higher your business can become accredited and illustrated as one of the top companies in your industry. Easily manage your company’s reputation. Standard accreditation only costs $400 annually. 1-2 clients will pay that fee, and you’ll generate 100s more!

What is (TCR)?

TCR was originally created because we wanted to provide businesses a legitimate place to showcase their services and products and not have to worry about fake reviews hurting their reputation and dealing with biased review sites like Yelp and BBB.

TCR is similar to the Better Business Bureau and Yelp but an improved version of both. You don’t have to worry about fake reviews that hurt your reputation because we will help you get them removed. Reputable companies can become accredited no matter what Industry they are in, TCR does not stereotype companies.

Your free profile will get optimized for SEO, helping your profile generate traffic that normally would be going to your competition. Your business can showcase the accredited company logo on your website once eligible, an invaluable way to grow your business fast and get illustrated as a top-rated company.
 Accredited businesses are companies that are top-rated in the industry based on unbiased reviews from customers. Gold package clients can even use TCR’s team of designers to create specialized landing pages that can be used for Google Ads. Platinum Plus partners can use TCR’s Google ads certified specialists to set up and run Google Ads.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today. Or just follow the simple steps below to get started.



Start by completing this quick form:



    A. 300 to 1,000 words about your company (must be unique content that has never been published anywhere else online)

    B. Include Pros and Cons of your business (must include at least one Con and no more than five Pros)

    C. Include at least two images in Jpeg format

    (the content may get edited based on what the TCR staff editors find during the fact-checking stage)

    Email the information to:

    So far, this is all FREE!

    Within approximately 72-hours we will contact you with your new Trusted Company Reviews Profile URL. Some profiles may take longer to create as it requires time for the TCR staff to fact-check.



    Start collecting reviews and showing them to the public.

    You can use our Trust Badge Generator Tool to generate a trust badge for your company.

    how to apply for accreditation

    Go to this page here to generate your trust badge:

    Put this badge on your website or wherever you want online. The badge will illustrate your Trusted Company Reviews Rating in real-time, as shown in the image above. You will have the ability to choose from multiple badges.

    After you arrive at the Trust Badge Generator Tool:

    Simply enter your Trusted Company Reviews Profile URL and click “generate badge” (as shown in the image below). Remember, we will send you this URL within 72-hours after you send us the information being requested in step number two.

    accredited by Trusted Company Reviews


    The Trust Badge Generator Tool will let you know once eligible for accreditation and give you an accreditation badge to use.

    How to Qualify For TCR Accreditation?

    1. You will need to get 10+ customer reviews that have an average rating of 4.0 or higher.
    2. After your business gets ten or more client reviews, go back to the Trust Badge Generator Tool and re-enter your TCR company Profile URL into it. The badge generator tool will approve you for accreditation once eligible.
    3. You will automatically be presented with new accreditation logos to choose from once eligible.
    4. After becoming eligible for accreditation, at that point, you must pay the accreditation annual fee of $400


    Accredited Members Can Get Fake & Fraudulent Reviews Removed

    As an accredited member at TCR, you are teaming up with Trusted Company Reviews. We are your new online marketing partner. You don’t need to hire an SEO company that charges you $5,000 per month, we offer you more than what any SEO could possibly offer because online reviews are the new SEO as of 2019 and beyond.

    As a TCR accredited business, you have the power to protect your company’s reputation. Other review sites will let fake reviews hurt a company’s reputation and remain online, like at TrustPilot, BBB and Yelp, just to name a few.

    Trusted Company Reviews will help a business get fake and fraudulent reviews removed.

    Here’s how:

    1. We will attempt first to email the person and get proof that the review is real. If the reviewer can’t provide evidence, the review will get removed.
    2. As a second approach, a TCR staff member will call the reviewer and validate whether or not the review is fake or real.
    3. If the reviewer is not actually a client or has not actually purchased your product, they can’t publish a negative review about your company because it’s not legitimate.

    To dispute a fraudulent review, all you need to do is email us at: 

    Additional Benefits of Becoming Accredited by

    • Get reputation management and build immediate trust with potential clients
    • Increase your company’s online marketing conversion ratio (instantaneously)
    • Drive the highest quality organic traffic from to your own company’s website
    • Ensure only valid, and real customer reviews show! Avoid fraudulent and competitor driven negative reviews about your business
    • Utilize TCR’s team of designers to create specialized landing pages to advertise with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and much more!
    • Use TCR’s Google Certified Specialists to manage your paid advertising
    • Leads will call directly to your business
    • Leads will post directly to your CRM for employees to contact immediately
    • Get featured on Trusted Company Reviews as a top-rated company (obviously, you cannot pay to become top-rated, so only top-rated companies will get considered)
    • Appear on the top of Google for your business’s most relevant keywords
    • Get monthly analytics reports to track traffic, keywords, demographic information and of course conversions
    • Get hundreds of new clients every single month from Trusted Company Reviews
    • Use the Trusted Company Reviews marketing team to develop a complete marketing plan for your business