Despite its portability, VivoBook E403 makes little sacrifice  it’s equipped with a full-HD 1080P display, 128GB of solid state storage, and 4GB RAM. It even includes next-gen connectivity like 802.11ac WiFi and a USB-Type C connector. The VivoBook E403 has been completely redesigned to give you a luxurious and durable feel for your everyday laptop.ASUS VivoBook E403 gives you all the essentials you need for everyday computing. With its compact dimensions, streamlined curves, and brushed aluminum finish, VivoBook E403 provides you with an incredibly premium feel – far from what you’d expect for a value laptop.Even though it’s a 14 inch laptop, it certainly doesn’t feel like one. The thin and light VivoBook E403 weighs only 3.3 pounds and is only 0.7 inch thin. It’s the perfect device to slip into your backpack or messenger bag.Despite its small frame, it’s equipped with 128GB of solid-state storage and 4GB of RAM for zippy application launches and boot times. It features boot-up speeds as fast as only 15 seconds!


The Asus VivoBook E403SA has a sleek, brushed-aluminum lid that looks like it belongs on a notebook that costs twice as much. The laptop’s keyboard deck may look like it’s made of the same material, but it’s composed of a metal-looking plastic, which did a fine job of supporting my wrists. Two small tabs that protrude from the back of the hinge may look peculiar, but they stop the lid from scratching against flat surfaces.

For hardware and brand value large amount of people like this product. It’s brushed -aluminum based design looks better and user choose as stylish laptop. For personal or official uses this laptop can give you great experience.