Are credit card debt and high monthly payments causing you stress and not letting you sleep at night? Don’t hesitate to contact your savior, ‘Accredited Debt Relief’, an FTC compliant debt settlement company. But it’s more than just a debt settlement company. Accredited debt relief offers loans and debt relief products. Literally, it is one of the oldest and best debt consolidation companies in San Diego, California, with an A+ BBB rating. The company is also a member of the ‘American fair credit council‘.

Accredited Debt Relief will save you from bankruptcy by reducing your debt burden through debt consolidation and debt settlement programs. Read the full review about Accredited Debt Relief to explore the company’s offers.

One of the best things about Accredited debt relief is that the company has very few complaints online, which is a testament to their services. They are mostly known for their debt negotiation power. They have good relationships with various banking and financial organizations, consistently providing clients with attractive settlements. They have a long history of experience with negotiating with third-party collection agencies and understand the federal laws that regulate these agencies, allowing them to spot legal violations when they occur and proactively acting on their clients’ behalf. The firm sticks to its commitment and fights for the rights of its customers, from day one.

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Consolidate your Debt with Accredited Debt Relief

Are you fed up with paying multiple debts every month? You can consolidate accounts into one single debt account. You can get rid of multiple debt payments and combine them all into a single monthly payment. Accredited Debt Relief resolves your debt obligations and over time can help you improve your credit score through financial education and coaching. However, there is a possibility that a customer lowers their credit score instead of improving it over the first year of their debt settlement program. Debt relief programs suggest debtors immediately stop paying creditors and save money in a savings account, resulting in lower credit scores over the first year of the program. When a sufficient settlement amount is saved, the firm negotiates with the creditors.

Reduce Your Monthly Payments

Costs are too high? Searching for a cost reduction strategy? Accredited Debt Relief is there to introduce you to innovative cost-saving ideas. You can reduce your monthly costs by up to 50%. Additionally, you can even get debt consultation from a specialist for free.

The company’s negotiators will negotiate settlements for you, lowering the amount of debt that you have to pay back. You can pay your creditors a lump sum payoff with a settlement amount ranging from 10% to 50% of the total debt, not including debt settlement fees. Consequently, settling or consolidating debt with Accredited Debt Relief can save you money and time.

Accredited Debt Relief saves both your time and money.

This is how the firm works. It reduces your unnecessary costs. Thus,  it not only saves you money but also shakes off your debt burden in 12 to 48 months. You can independently choose a monthly payment that fits your budget. Put simply, you can decide how many months you need to pay off your debt. Evidently, as debt decreases, it saves your time.

Eligible Creditors and Options 

Service Charge

A bit worried about the cost? Don’t worry! Accredited Debt Relief offers you the best services in exchange for a 15% to 25% settlement charge without any upfront fees or additional charges. Yes, of course, you won’t have to pay before settlement.


Are you qualified or not? If you are finding it hard to pay off a significant amount of debt, then you are eligible. Having an imperfect credit also makes you eligible. Therefore, if you have unsecured debt, you can qualify for debt consolidation.

Credit Score

Remember, debt settlement can reduce your credit score from the moment you stop monthly payments.  Interest may rise and late fees may occur. But don’t worry, Accredited Debt Relief company ensures you understand each step of the process and helps you put together a plan to rebuild your credit. If you are sued while on the program creditor defense is included, helping you resolve the summons and still save money.