Post COVID-19, the Cruise business has taken a swing. Prior to COVID-19, the cruise industry was a fast-growing industry, but then the world was hit with this Pandemic which slowed the entire industry down and shut a lot of small cruise lines out of business.  So what are the best cruises for 2021? Norwegian takes the TrustedCompanyReviews #1 position because of its new cruise ship, The Encore.

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From waterslides, pools, casinos, race cars, and playgrounds – you get to pick your adventure when on the Encore!

aqua park on the Encore

Norwegian’s Encore Includes:

  • 1100 foot race track with 12 turns over the side of the vessel (from Norwegian’s website: “Whip around the Norwegian Encore Speedway, the largest race track at sea. “
  • teen club
  • kids club and babysitters
  • state of the art fitness center and spa
  • a virtual reality wonderland at Galaxy Pavilion
  • fast waterslides, pools, and playgrounds for the kids
  • spectacular award-winning Broadway shows: winner of six Tony Awards®, Kinky Boots is a must-see Broadway hit, or sing along to classic rock hits at The Choir Of Man
  • gymnasium sized room with every game known to man
  • 24 restaurants including Texas Smokehouse
  • beautiful suites
  • amazing destinations including Bermuda and Europe (from Norwegian’s website: “Island-hop through paradise in the Caribbean from Miami, or cruise to stunning Bermuda from New York in a ship built for non-stop memorable moments.”

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According to U.S. News Travel, here are Norwegian’s Top 3 Cruises to Consider:

1. Norwegian Joy
  • This ship was built in 2017, the 3,804-passenger, 1,821-crew-member Norwegian Joy was refurbished and redeployed to Alaska in 2019. READ MORE »

2. Norwegian Escape

  • Norwegian Escape debuted in 2015. It carries 4,266 passengers and 1,733 crew members.


3. Norwegian Bliss

  • Launched in April 2018, Norwegian Bliss carries 4,004 passengers and 1,716 crew members. Cabin layouts range from one-person Studios to The Haven villas, penthouses and suites, which offer private sun decks, king-sized beds and 24-hour butler service.


According to, here are the Top 3 Norwegian Cruises:

1. Norwegian Encore – 4.47
2. Norwegian Joy – 4.43
3. Norwegian Bliss – 4.38

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Most Popular and Recent Verified Consumer Reviews and Complaints About Norwegian Cruises From Consumer Affairs

  • “Great cruise for solo cruise guests or anyone who wants to have a single room. The area of the ship is just for solo cruise guests to include a lounge where one could get breakfast in the morning of cereals, fresh pastries, and a variety of juices. Throughout the day the solo lounge also have fresh baked cookies and beverages. The cruise line also a very good restaurant and no scheduled eating times.”
  • “Cruise from Alaska to Vancouver. Check-in was rude and abusive. The room was outside with a small window, the size of a postage stamp. The bathroom was too tiny and hard to use. This was at the peak of the Corovirus scare. Staff encouraged passengers to use hand sanitizers before entering restaurants but most folks did not. The staff, I must say, was helpful, kind and hard-working. Don’t think we will take a cruise again although we are seniors.”
  • “On our last NCL cruise, I was quite disturbed by the embarking and disembarking process. I have sailed NCL for many years and I never entailed this type of process. We are platinum members and we were never corralled in an area and called to board by color. What was the point of asking what time you would like to check-in? It was redundant. We sat for a long period of time before we were called. Regarding disembarking, we never were corralled and in a line moving around the ship to get off. This was ridiculous; we must have walked around the ship in a line numerous times before we hit the exit. I don’t know when NCL started this process but it was quite disturbing.”
  • “Okay, I will start by saying this was my first cruise and it will not be my last! I loved it! Yes, there were issues, like the in-cabin safes did not work in many many of the rooms, but I didn’t bring any valuables, so no biggie to me. The bartenders were not friendly and it was difficult on the first day waiting for the bags to arrive to even get a drink. The best: my room was clean and smell-free!!! I was very happy about that! The food was great – even at the buffet – yes, you would see many of the “leftovers” from the specialty dining at the buffet so I would not purchase the specialty dining package again.”
  • “Onboard Norwegian Jewel March 2020, all passengers were informed cruise was terminating early in Fiji and not in French Polynesia per original itinerary, and MUST NOW purchase airfare home, NCL to compensate in full. NO COMPENSATION EVER PAID BY NCL. DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE on NCL’s behalf!!! Insist their onboard Guest Services department arrange and themselves pay.!!!”
  • “We had a cruise booked for May which of course was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My boyfriend called and discussed this with a representative from NCL about either rebooking the cruise using FCC or taking the cash refund at the time. We were encouraged to rebook. After SPECIFICALLY asking if travel was suspended again, would we be eligible for a cash refund, and we were told by the agent that we would be, so we agreed to rebook.”

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Does Norwegian have the financial capability to survive after COVID-19?

According to the Argus Report that reviews all companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, “On May 5, 2020, NCLH raised $2.4 billion in capital and was subsequently able to raise $400 million from a private equity firm. We estimate a monthly cash burn of $170 million in 4Q20. As such, we believe that NCLH will have enough capital to continue to operate through 2021. Cash and cash equivalents totaled $2.4 billion at the end of 3Q, up from $253 million at the end of 2019. Long-term debt totaled approximately $10.5 billion, up from $6.0 billion. The long-term debt/capital ratio at the end of the quarter was 72%, versus 48% at the end of 2019, and above the industry average of 59%.”

Final Tips Provided by

“TIPS: as soon as you get on ship, find touch screen and sign up for all your shows and restaurants, buy a restaurant package! write down your schedule cause NO one will remind you of your choices or schedule for the week, and make sure you reserve deck chairs early. ” Source: