Finance jobs in New York are hot in 2018, and especially at Golden Financial Services where business is thriving and you have multiple financial products to choose from. Golden Financial Services has more online positive reviews, compared to any other debt relief company that we could find — and in the financial services and debt relief industry positive online reviews are not easy to get. We rated Golden Financial Services the #1 Rated Debt Relief Company for 2017.


Golden Financial Services offers the following “Finance Related Jobs” in 2018:

  • financial specialist & financial planning jobs (Cornwall & Newburgh Upstate New York)
  • student loan relief enrollment specialist job (Newburgh New York and San Diego California) 
  • credit card debt relief enrollment specialist job (all throughout New York State & California)
  • Marketing & SEO jobs (work at home positions and in-office jobs are available in Newburgh New York)

Golden Financial Services is located in Upstate New York, but the company offers a variety of work at home jobs, so consumers all throughout the state can be eligible, depending on what type of job you apply for.

  • Work from state of the art CRM integrated with Phone System, and all online based.
  • Log in from home, and work as if you’re in a million-dollar office!
  • Golden Financial Services provides paid training and pays for required certifications: Golden Financial Services pays a base salary until commissions exceed that amount. Within 6-months agents are making $6,000+ per month. Within 1-year agents are making between $8,000 to $10,000 per month.

If you live in Upstate New York, Golden Financial Services offers in-house finance jobs including the several that we are about to take a closer look at. If you aren’t in close distance to the office you may also apply for work at home jobs. You can learn about debt relief jobs here.

Debt Relief Enrollment Specialist Finance Jobs

Your role with this type of company is to educate consumers on their debt relief options and then to assist consumers with enrolling in the right debt relief program. There are lots of fly by night debt relief companies out there, but only a few big leaders in this industry that have a proven track-record. Companies like Golden Financial Services, Freedom Debt Relief, and Debt Wave Consumer Credit Counseling Services are the three big leaders. What we like best about Golden Financial Services is that this company offers a diversity of jobs, including student loan relief jobs, credit card relief jobs, debt settlement and debt consolidation jobs, sales and customer service jobs.


Why Golden Financial Services?

Best Finance Jobs

Some debt relief companies at the Better Business Bureau and have hundred’s of complaints, but somehow the Better Business Bureau still allows these companies to remain accredited. At we won’t rate a company high if they have lots of complaints. Part of the reason why we featured Golden Financial Services jobs in our post today, is because Golden Financial Services was the only debt relief company that we could find with no complaints at and the Better Business Bureau.

We may not operate in the same way as the Better Business Bureau, but one thing you can trust about the Better Business Bureau is that they won’t let a company hide complaints. And the BBB is one of the first places consumers visit when they want to make a complaint about a company, so looking on the Better Business Bureau website for a company’s complaints is always a smart way of checking on a company before you apply with them for a job.

What is a Finance Job at a Debt Relief Company?

  • Consumers call you for help with getting out of debt. A reputable financial planner will provide good financial advice that helps their clients, leading to positive online reviews and no complaints. It’s that simple. A “Debt Relief Enrollment Specialist” is technically the appropriate name for this position, and not a financial specialist, but this position is related to a finance job as you are helping consumers with their finances by enrolling them into the right debt relief program. You’re responsible for educating consumers on the disclosures and negatives associated with each program, not just trying to make a sale.
  • Your job is all front-end, so you’re in and out. Not all consumers will qualify for a program, so you may end up just providing them their options as a financial specialist, and then recommending that they continue paying their creditors on their own. Reputable companies like Golden Financial Services and Debt Wave Consumer Credit Counseling will be IAPDA Certified or non-profit and offer all debt relief options, not just one program because that’s all they offer.
  • Included in your job as debt relief specialist, you will be responsible for creating a budget analysis for each consumer to figure out what type of payment each individual can afford to ensure they get enrolled into the right plan.
  • Enroll them into the right debt relief program through easy to use software (basically, enter all of their creditors and personal information ranging from date of birth to mailing address, bank information and then get them to sign an agreement).

Student Loan Relief Finance Jobs

Like debt relief jobs, student loan specialists also help consumers get out of debt. The student loan relief program is just a different type of program. This program is where Golden Financial Services will process a student loan consolidation on their client’s behalf. If you’ve ever consolidated your own student loans you know that it can be very stressful, timely and tedious. Each year you have to recertify your program, and if you’re even late one day they will kick you out of the plan and your payment can go up. Then if you do fall behind on your monthly payments, since these are federal student loans your wages can get garnished without the creditors needing to first take you to court.

Golden Financial Services is hiring for student loan relief jobs, and this is a great job for anyone interested in getting a finance job.  Visit Golden Financial Services at to learn more.