Is your child dreaming about having a gymnastics room at home? There’s no other deal online that offers a professional gymnastics beam:

  • adjustable by height, all the way up to 18-inches high! 
  • includes a mat for protection
  • free shipping
  • a true state of the art professional gymnastics beam, replicating what they use in the Olympics for gymnastics 
  • and all for under $330.  
  • You can even include this Olympic style gymnastics bar and mat here (also top rated), all for under $700 if you really want to build your child a gymnastics room! 

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Here at we’ve done the leg-work and research for you already. We’ve checked the past reviews on multiple beams and gymnastics bars and came to the conclusion that this beam is #1 rated by consumers, based on the percentage of positive online reviews found across the web.

Best Gymnastics Beam and Mat all in one!

This is one of the best gymnastics beams that we could find online, for kids and adults. 

What makes this gymnastics beam #1?

  • Most importantly, the height is adjustable. You can raise it to be as high as 18 inches. When it comes to gymnastics, as kids get older and their technique gets more advanced on the balance beam, the height factor can quickly become a fear factor, hurting the gymnast’s performance. So to be able to raise this gymnastics beam off the floor, will help your child advance and get used to the higher beam that eventually they will be required to do back handsprings and flips on, replicating what it will be like in competition. 
  • Is your child just wanting to have a beam for fun? Even if your kid isn’t planning to one day win a gold medal in the Olympics for gymnastics, the great thing about this bar is that it’s built to be safe and for any regular kid to walk on it and have fun. If you want to help your child work on his or her balance, this beam is a great one to buy because it includes a safety mat and adjustable height so that you can keep it low to the floor. 
  • Made with 3/4 inch plywood and MDF, 3/8 inch closed cell foam and wrapped with a commercial grade synthetic suede. The suede material makes it look nice in your home! If you know about high-quality gymnastics equipment, then you know this is they type of equipment you want to buy. It’s meant to last and allow for the optimal grip, just like the professional beams used in the Olympics. 
  • The mat is made with 1-3/8 inch thick crosslink firm foam enclosed in a durable 18-ounce vinyl coated nylon cover. The vinyl cover is fire retardant, mildew and puncture resistant. Gymnastics mats accumulate germs, but this mat is very easy to clean. You can use anything from soap and water to Windex or antibacterial soap, and easily clean this mat after each use. Keep the germs away!
  • Velcro strips on each end allow you to connect additional mats for more tumbling fun. If your child has a gymnastics bar at home, you can connect this mat for the balance beam to the mat that sits under the gymnastics bar, turning one of your rooms in your home into a little gymnastics studio. This will be a dream come true for your child.