Founded in 1966, Clarifi is one of the oldest companies in the debt consolidation industry. Clarifi is a non-profit organization that has been offering exceptional services with over 5 decades of industry expertise. The company offers a variety of programs in financial counseling and debt management.

Clarifi is recognized for its above standard services in the industry. The company offers its decades of experience at very affordable rates. The monthly price ranges up to $50 a month. Clarifi offers a comprehensive debt management program featuring advice and counseling, as well as education on food programs and housing. It provides free counseling through certified counselors who assess the consumers’ needs and suggest whether they can benefit from the company’s services. The counselors also assist consumers in preparing financial plans for the future. Since it’s a non-profit organization, there is no minimum debt requirement to avail the company’s services. The company aims at lowering the interest rates on credit cards and monthly payments regardless of the consumers’ ability to pay. Moreover, the company has acquired key industry accreditations including that of NFCC, showing the company’s commitment to transparent services and best industry practices. The company has a clean sheet and its long history is free of any lawsuits.

Despite having decades of industry expertise and great services, there are certain drawbacks associated with the company. The most notable of these drawbacks is the company’s limited availability. The company provides its services only in PA, DE, and NJ; thus greatly limiting many potential clients who could have availed their services. Another issue is regarding the transparency of their services. There in no information on the company’s website about the average interest rates, upfront fees, and any refund policy if they have one. This makes it hard for consumers to compare prices and to determine whether they can benefit from the company’s services.