Founded all the way back in 1993, Consolidated Credit has helped more than 5 million consumers till date who have been struggling with their debts. The services provided by the company include financial advice, credit counseling, and debt management. For debt management, the company handles only credit card debt. The company has a long history of providing valuable services and enjoys a well-earned reputation in the industry.

Consolidated Credit offers low interest rates and while this information is not explicitly disclosed on the company’s website, our research enabled us to find out that the company can get the interest rate down on credit cards from 6-10 percent. This is a comparatively low interest rate and adds to the transparency of the company’s service. The company houses expert credit counselors that are CPFC certified, making the company a trustworthy choice for people struggling with their debts. There are several sections on the company’s website dedicated to educating consumers on better financial management. Consolidated Credit has accreditations from ISO and AICCCA, and its services are available nationwide. A great plus regarding their service is that they let consumers cancel at any time they wish without any fees.

While the company does disclose information on its website about the upfront fees, we found their fees to be higher than the industry standards. Consolidated Credit charges an upfront fee of $69, while the average fee in the debt relief industry is $56. Although there are numerous great online reviews about their service, we also came across numerous negative reviews. Some consumers complained they didn’t receive an up-to-date balance of their accounts, while others reported difficulties with their due payments each month.