Ice Cream is one of the best food for all from teen age to old people, everyone like this food very mush. If you want to give special treat by home made ice cream that’s great gift for family member’s. By thinking this introduces you with   Cuisipro Donvier Ice Cream Maker.

Treat your family and friends to all-natural gourmet ice cream, healthy frozen yogurt, refreshing fruit sorbets and creamy non-dairy soy desserts in 20 minutes or less with just a few simple ingredients and the 1-qt/1L Donvier Premier Ice Cream Maker. It’s very easy to use and user friendly service.The unit’s freezer bowl goes into a refrigerator’s freezer for about 7 hours to freeze the liquid between its walls.The bowl then goes into the outer case, the paddle goes into the bowl, ingredients go into the bowl, the transparent top is locked in place, and the crank is turned. The aluminum bowl cleans easily; the outer case and top are plastic so they wipe clean. It carries a 10-year warranty against defects. An instruction booklet containing many recipes is included.  Also works as an ice bucket.

We recommended you to use this produce because top amount of author’s are already used this product and  they already given many special treat for there children and family members.