CuraDebt is a debt relief company that started its journey in 1996 to help local people and businesses. However, it went nationwide in 2000. Since then, it is helping people from all around the US to be debt-free and achieved a leading position in the debt relief industry. CuraDebt invites people who have delinquent debt all around the U.S. to free them of their hardship. They negotiate with the creditors with a settlement amount lower than the actual debt. Thus, they save their customers’ money to a great extent. Our following review on CuraDebt based on their services and other key points will help you decide whether to choose CuraDebt debt settlement services or not.

CuraDebt claims that they have relieved about 200K debt-burdened people since 2000. The firm has a reputation for successful completion of debt settlement. Evidently, the firm has no complaints of fraud or poor service. Like various other debt settlement companies, CuraDebt also offers a free consultation service. The firm helps its customers to decide the best settlement programs for them. In this regard, the specialists of the firm present available debt relief options before them. Then, they explain the pros and cons of those programs to them. Therefore, they make sure that their customers save both time and money.

CuraDebt asks people to get started with their debt settlement programs by discussing with their debt specialists. The firm won’t charge any upfront fees for this. When you sign up for a debt relief program, for instance, debt settlement, you will have to save money for the settling amount. You can choose your lowest affordable saving amount but you have to remember that the lower the saving amount, the higher the time required.

Why choose CuraDebt debt settlement?

Debt settlement saves more money than any other debt relief program does. CuraDebt helps its customers negotiate with their creditors with settlement money lower than the actual debt. It convinces the creditors to forgive the rest of the debt as soon as possible. They take the settlement money and let the client alone way before the debt was supposed to be paid off. CuraDebt says that it can make its customers debt-free in just 24-48 months.

Why not choose CuraDebt debt settlement?

After getting started, CuraDebt requires its customers to stop monthly debt payments. The firm lets them decide how much money they can save monthly so that they can save the settlement amount. When a borrower stops making monthly payments, it results in enhanced interest and fines. All these damages the borrower’s credit score. So, debt settlement may save time and money but a hurt credit score may cost you more than what you owe. One of the best alternatives for debt settlement is debt consolidation. It combines all the debt payments into one single monthly payment. CuraDebt provides personal loans for debt consolidation. This way, interest expense decreases and you can be debt-free faster.

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What types of debts you can settle with CuraDebt?

Student loan debt

Except for federal student loans, if you have a burden of a private student loan on your head, you can settle it through CuraDebt. Student loan forgiveness is one of the most valuable features of the firm. Using CuraDebt debt settlement services, you can negotiate with your creditors.

Credit Card Debt

Unsecured credit cards are highly interest payable debts. You can lower your debt obligation by a significant amount and be debt-free sooner than you thought. For this, CuraDebt suggests you select a high-paying debt settlement policy.

Medical Bills

People who don’t have health insurance can get rid of unsecured medical bills through medical consolidation. CuraDebt bundles all your medical bills with other unsecured debts. this way, you can pay only one medical bill a month and be debt-free paying lower than you owed.

Personal Loans and Payday loans

If you are finding it hard to pay off your personal loans and payday loans from a bank or other financial institution, you can go for debt settlement. This will save your time and money altogether.

Service charge

CuraDebt says that they charge lower than their competitors although they don’t reveal how much. According to the customers, the firm charges 20% to 30% of the original credit amount. This fee is only payable after the debt settlement.