Debt Consolidation Care has been helping clients in eliminating their debts since 2004. The company offers a free consultation and credit counseling services. The company’s website offers comprehensive details on all services offered by the company, making it easier for potential clients to decide if the company would meet their needs. The company itself does not actually offer those services and only provides information about them to customers.

You can begin with the company by having a free consultation with one of their counselors to begin in the right direction. The counselor will help you in making an informed decision on the basis of your circumstances. If you choose to continue working with the company, you will receive more consultation options as your case progresses. Since financial problems vary in their nature and scope, it is usually not easy for people to find the best solution. Debt Consolidation Care provides detailed information on their website regarding all the available options and helps you in choosing the one that would work best for you. A distinguishing feature of this company is its community, where people can communicate through discussion boards and forums. This is an unusual practice in the industry and is greatly useful for people who want to discuss their circumstances with experts and other people with similar problems.

On the downside, Debt Consolidation Care exhibits a lack of transparency about the pricing. Although there is much information about the different services and options you can choose, you will not find any information regarding prices. It makes it difficult for potential customers to decide if they should work with the company. Moreover, Debt Consolidation Care does not actually offer any services itself, and merely helps the customers choosing the best options for them, making the company a third party in the process. Another problem with the company is that anyone can post on their community forums; and while the company claims to take down any incorrect information from their forums, it can’t be guaranteed.