Debt Pay Pro is the top lead management software for the debt relief, settlement, consolidation, and small business loan industry.

This software allows customer service and sales teams’ to work together towards helping clients, and seamlessly integrates with your payment processing provider.

Debt Pay Pro transforms manual labor, into automation.

From easy-to-use reports and lead management metrics to integrating your phone system and payment processors, Debt Pay Pro does it all.

Your business can track with ease:

  • which data sources are producing the best return on investment
  • which sales agents are driving the most sales
  • statistics on each of your lead sources
  • all history is recorded on your “history tab”, so you can see everything from how many calls were made to a lead, all notes, statutes, and everything that occurred with a particular lead

Just imagine — consumers apply on your website, the leads post to your CRM and get distributed to your individual sales agents, automatically. Your entire sales cycle is now automated and made easy. There is no manual labor involved besides for when your business first sets up the software and personalizes it to fit your company’s model.

Sort your list of leads by date, statuses, notes, and set up any parameters with a few clicks of the mouse. Post leads into a dialer with a click of your mouse, simultaneously sending out personalized emails and text messages. Send out personalized email campaigns and set-up email triggers with ease, based on your company’s needs.

All calls, notes, tasks, and user-activity is recorded.

Click to dial with speed. Integrate everything from your dialer to lead sources. This turnkey software can truly transform your business.