If you’re looking to replace an existing electric storage water heater, Dux Proflo is an ideal solution – available in a variety of tank sizes for homes of all sizes and delivering full mains pressure. Gas storage hot water systems give you full mains pressure with a constant, strong stream of hot water. Compact and efficient, Dux’s latest range of Continuous Flow units are an excellent option for Australian homes. Dux gas continuous flow water heaters heat the water only as needed, not wasting energy by keeping water in a tank hot, earning it a 6 star (or higher) energy rating.

Dux Proflo electric hot water system with a storage tank capacity of 160lt. Suitable for units, granny flats, townhouses, smaller houses with 2-3 occupants, the electrical can be connected to the OFF Peak tariff 33 for cheaper running costs. Elements   are available in 1800w, 2400w & 3600w. It’s also used positive domed technology. Overall this produce is awesome and it can be use anywhere.

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