Nothing to say about CK perfume. Euphoria Perfume Jus as an adjective of CK added a new perfume for women. It is different from their past fragrances named like exotic, romantic, sexy, seductive, and sensual, The woody, the oriental scent has notes of pomegranate, black violet, black orchid, and mahogany etc. But now the brought to the world a new smell and style with subtle lotus blossom and persimmon notes add another layer of depth and exotic mystique to Calvin Klein Euphoria. Some people said that the fragrance of Euphoria for stepping out on a date and really you wouldn’t forget this. Euphoria Attracts to all ages women.The bottle is just as exotic and innovative as the scent itself, making Euphoria perfume a sleek and stark aesthetic addition to any dressing table having look and easy access. Quality product and confidently recommended.