FastTrack Debt Relief has been in business since 2008. The company offers debt settlement services, but does not appear to be licensed in any of the states that it works in. Debt settlement companies need to be licensed and bonded to offer debt settlement in most states. Debt settlement services have certain drawbacks, and these drawbacks legally (according to the FTC rules and regulations) need to be identified and disclosed on a debt settlement company’s website. On FastTrack Debt Relief’s website, they provide general information.

TrustedCompanyReviews could not find the legal disclosures that debt relief agencies are required to illustrate on Fast Track’s website or information regarding their program fees.

From research, we learned that Fast Track Debt Relief does offer an attorney backed debt settlement program. On their website we cannot find information explaining how this type of program works, the law firms associated with providing the legal services, or the program cost.

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On the Fast Track debt relief program page here is what they say:

“If you are overwhelmed with debt and are looking for relief, we want to help you. Fast Track Debt Relief is committed to assisting consumers to take control of their debt and settle it as quickly as possible. Our debt relief program is custom tailored to fit your personal needs to relieve your financial stress and put you on a path towards economic freedom.

When you enroll in the Fast Track Debt Relief program, you have dedicated professionals working on your behalf. These professionals are comprised of the nation’s leading debt specialists, skilled debt negotiators, and a dedicated team of customer care professionals. Rest assured that you are in excellent hands with a highly experienced team that works for you; not your creditors!”

The information on their website is general information, organized vaguely.

The company’s official name is Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc, operating as a debt settlement company out of Lauderhill, Florida. This company has 18 complaints at the Better Business Bureau and is currently listed with a “B” rating and not accredited. At Trusted Company Reviews we have not been able to locate this business’s debt settlement license. In the debt settlement industry, companies are required to have a license in each state that they conduct business.

Important Disclosures to Know About Fast Track Debt Relief and All Debt Settlement Plans


1. The company can only give you estimates because with debt settlement creditors may not settle at all and if they do settle the results vary on a day to day basis. One day Chase Bank may only settle a debt for 70%, and the very next day Chase Bank may go down to 40% on a settlement. A person can also settle their debt on their own and get these same deals.

2. Not all clients will make it through a debt settlement program due to lawsuits popping up and clients unable to afford to make all the scheduled monthly payments. Often, clients will receive a suit and cancel because they were never warned that this could happen and because they were never prepped on how to deal with a lawsuit if it was to occur. In many of the complaints found about Fast Track Debt Relief online, this was a primary complaint.

3. It is essential to understand that when settling a debt for less than the full balance owed with Fast Track Debt Relief, your savings is considered to be income to the IRS. So, you’ll owe taxes on what Fast Track Debt Relief saves you on your debt. Be prepared to receive 1099 that says you owe a certain amount on a debt that was settled. What you can do to eliminate this tax liability is fill out a #984 IRS tax form showing that you’re insolvent.

Important Points to Ask Before Enrolling in the Fast Track Debt Relief Program:

1. If considering doing business with this company, ask what type of guarantee they can offer you? What if they can’t settle your debt for at least 50%, will their fees be reduced? There should be some type of assurance of performance that promises specific savings or a reduction in their prices.

2. Confirm what portion of your payment goes towards fees. Make sure no fees are charged up front. By law, fees can only be charged after a settlement is completed. Ask the company to explain when the fees are charged.

3. Ask what will happen if one of your creditors decides to sue you over a debt or issue you a summons.