Every gadget has specialty for work easier, if that is kitchen appliance. This is the stylish gadget for kitchen as bottle shape. It looks good and useful. Top author’s from TrustedCompanyReviews.com used this product for make life easier on kitchen.

The  All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set packs all sorts of space-hogging hardware into a wine-bottle-sized gadget. Its all-plastic graters probably offer a dip in performance compared to standalone stainless steel options, but its small-footprint design is a thing of genius. Multi Purpose All in One Kitchen Bin Cooking Kit in Wine Bottle Shape, Includes 9 Different Cooking Tools. Starting at the top of stackable kitchen gadget mountain, you get a little attachment that can be used as a pouring spout that attaches to a bottleneck top; when flipped upside down, the bottleneck portion can be used as a funnel. Below that are six more modular components: a citrus juicer, a spice grater, a hard-boiled egg masher, a cheese grater, a jar-cap opener made out of elastic resin, and an egg yolk separator.The base of the stack is a 1.25-cup measuring cup, and when you’re not using the set for your cooking needs, it’s designed to take up even less cabinet space. You can stow all the coaster-sized middle attachments in a drawer and use the top and bottom parts of the stack as a flower vase. Overall this is the amazing product for kitchenware.