The seven-year-old gymnastics phenom in the video above uses this same exact gymnastics bar for her daily training routine at home and attributes much of her success to this bar. This video was submitted as a review of this gymnastics bar, by her father who purchased it for her as a Christmas present last year. The bar can be raised high enough to do strength training exercises, including pull-ups and chin-ups, and can be used to practice all gymnastics routines. 

The perfect gymnastics bar for up to 140 pounds! Your kids can safely swing on it and you don’t have to worry about it breaking or falling over. You can see it’s simple but the advanced supportive system makes this bar one of the sturdiest home gymnastics bars on the market. 

Are you ready to get an edge over your competition? This bar will let you practice your moves right in your living room and feel like you’re at Gymnastics class. It’s safe, sturdy and easy to put together with just a handful of heavy duty screws. 
Best Gymnastics Bar

Out of 15 different gymnastics bars tested by TLC Gymnastics school, this was voted the #1 bar for 6-10-year-olds. This bar can be set up at home in your living room or wherever you choose to put it inside your home.

The bar is easy to assemble, and takes only about 15-minutes to put together!


A STRONG BAR THAT DOESN’T BEND: Safe sturdy pro-level design, can accommodate up to 140lbs, no extension pieces or stabilizers necessary.

ADJUSTABLE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS: The bar can go as low as 35” (3ft) and as high as 57” (4.75ft) with 10 intervals in between.

THE EASIEST BAR TO PUT TOGETHER: Assembly is simple with clear instructions and tools included.

HERE’S AN EXTRA BONUS: Comes with cool sticker pack that can be used to decorate and personalize the bar.

SEE DIMENSIONS: The bar is 54″ wide and 72″ long when assembled.

SEE DIMENSIONS: The bar is 54″ wide and 72″ long when assembled.
Professional Kip Bar | Adjustable Height | Pink | Flex by Milliard