Celebrities including Actress Kristy Swanson, best known for her work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Actress Genie Francis, known for appearances on General Hospital, all use Medifast. There is a reason that everyone from celebrities to regular people like these examples below, all have used Medifast products to lose weight.

Medifast Weight Loss After Only 8 Months

Medifast helped him lose 48 pounds in 8 months


Over 6 Years She Lost 145 Pounds With Medifast

medifast weight loss examples


1 Year Over 50 Pounds Lost With The Medifast Weight Loss Plan

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According to Consumer Reviews, Medifast (AKA: Optavia kits) is the top-rated weight loss plan in the world as of 2020, which has transformed the lives of millions of Americans.

According to Healthline.com, on average Medifast weight loss plans can help you lose 2.2 pounds (1kg) of fat per week.

The company ships pre-packaged meals and ready-to-eat snacks directly to your home. These meal plans are designed to help you reduce your calorie intake and lose weight.

Medifast was started in the year 1980 by a doctor named William Vitale. The company began by offering its products through doctors, but over the years started selling straight to consumers.

Not only do you get delicious meals that help you lose weight, but on top of that, you get a coach to guide you along the way.

You can eat up to six meals per day, never having to deal with getting hungry like with other meal plans, the top reason why other diet plans don’t work for the long term.

Not only do consumers rate the Medifast diet plan #1, but also over 20,000 doctors and health care providers all across the nation recommend this plan to patients.


Medifast VS. Other Weight Loss Meal Plans


Medifast is the perfect diet plan to help you lose weight and pack on lean muscle, as the Medifast diet plan is designed to work in conjunction with exercise.


All of the Medifast proprietary meals include low-fat protein and 24 vitamins and minerals. Additionally, each meal has fiber in it, resulting in you feeling satisfied and full, not leaving you hungry and wanting to splurge.


You get complete nutrition, resulting in not only weight loss but also feeling great.


Medifast is not your typical – “starve and deplete yourself the type of diet plan” – but rather a long-term gradual weight-loss plan that won’t burn you out in a month.


You get to enjoy snacks throughout the day, and also delicious meals packed with vegetables and protein. Medifast is proven to help people lose weight, improve cholesterol and blood pressure, and even get diabetes under control.


Depending on your specific goals and health conditions that you want to address will determine what plan you choose. The Medifast coaches can help you decide on what the right plan for you is. If you have diabetes, there are meal plans designed by Medifast to address diabetes specifically. According to Medifast1.com, the company’s website, it says:

“We’ve developed weight-loss solutions for customers with diabetes, and those with special dietary requirements for conditions like gluten or soy intolerance.”

How Fast Do You Lose Weight With Medifast Diet and Weight Loss?

You start to see results in a matter of days, but the results continue for the long-term. On average, clients of Medifast lose 2.2 pounds per week; of course, this number can vary depending on your body fat, age, and other factors, but by far, this product is more effective than any different weight loss meal plan on the market as of 2020.

The meal plans help consumers lose weight while preserving muscle tissue, which is the main reason that Medifast beats all of the other diet and weight loss plans that deplete your body of certain essential nutrients.


The science behind Medifast Weight Loss

Actual scientists and doctors make up the advisory board at Medifast, ensuring each meal plan is safe and effective. The Medifast board is also regularly working to develop new meals and supplements and investigating alternate weight-loss approaches for those with special medical or nutritional needs. In other words, the company is continuously evolving and getting better over time.

Cost for Medifast

Medifast is not cheap, but it’s less expensive than most of the other weight loss schemes.

Prices vary, but a 4-week supply of Medifast meal replacements will cost around $400. You can’t beat the price.


A seven-pack of any meal replacement (smoothies, oatmeal bars, shakes, or other foods) costs $20.50.