Every parent’s want to ensure extra care for there kids. If  that is travel time, it is very important  to provide extra care for baby. For this reason Mothertouch present’s Baby Carrier for kids.

Perfect for your kids, but also designed to comfortably accommodate them up to 15 months, the Mothertouch Baby Carrier has been created with input from medical experts to provide just the right amount of support for head, back and hips.To make sure you can easily check on baby, whenever you need to, the Mothertouch Carrier provides an upright carrying position, and with its ergonomically designed waist belt, it delivers real comfort from the very start.
Flexible and ready to grow with your little one, the Mothertouch Baby Carrier Miracle allows you to carry them facing you for the first 4 months approximately, and then facing outwards so they can view the world around them. To stimulate the development of motor skills, muscles and balance, the design allows genuine freedom of movement. This is the best product for carrying baby and most of the parent’s like this product. Well designed with flexible and easy to use for everyone.

Mothertouch baby carrier was made for easy comfort life. Highly recommended for mother’s. This is the best carrier ever, hope you will enjoy this product.