Pacific Debt Inc. was founded in 2002, and although it does not have a very long history as compared to some other companies in the field, It has still managed to gain a significant amount of credibility and authority in the domain of debt consolidation. The company was created to cope with increasing consumer debts in the US, and since its founding, it has settled millions of dollars for its consumers by offering counseling and debt consolidation services.

Pacific Debt Inc. enjoys a well-earned reputation for providing transparent services along with an extensive customer care. It provides extensive information and free resources on its website to educate potential consumers about money management, insurance purchasing, basic budgeting, and more. As per FTC’s guidelines, Pacific Debt Inc. discloses the drawbacks associated with debt consolidation on its website. Unlike many similar services, it also provides information about the different pricing plans and the results that consumers can expect from its service.

An array of services is offered by Pacific Debt Inc. including debt settlement, credit counseling, debt consolidation, bankruptcy solutions, and debt consolidation loans. It also offers consumers free counseling from certified debt specialists so that consumers can be sure that their requirements will be met. Moreover, they don’t charge any upfront fees and as per their website, “you won’t be charged a fee until you get results.”

Pacific Debt hosts a team of customer care experts to provide help to its clients during every step of the debt consolidation process. It also assigns personal account managers to its consumers. These managers work closely with the consumers and keep them updated on their progress with the consolidation process. Pacific Debt hosts a blog on its website as an extensive free resource to consumers. Up to date articles are posted on the blog to educate consumers about debt and money management.