Progressive prides itself on its morals and ethics, acting as if they are the top-rated car insurance company in the world, but like any business, their bottom line is profit. If you call to purchase Progressive car insurance you’ll get assistance within 60-seconds by one of their hungry sales reps. Unfortunately, if you have an accident and call, prepare to sit on hold for 20-30 minutes, prior to getting transferred around for another 20-30 minutes, and eventually hanging up frustrated before you can get assisted. Well, this is the experience that hundreds’ of Progressive clients say inside reviews.

Using one of our Trusted Company Reviews Certified secret shoppers we did a little investigation.

Secret Shopper Calls Progressive Insurance for This Review

The secret shopper signed up for Progressive car insurance. The plan cost about $225 per month. We paid the extra $50 for glass coverage, guaranteeing glass damage would get covered no matter what the circumstance was. Their false advertising of glass insurance is what is showing the highest number of complaints, so BEWARE. Often in life, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We reported the front windshield broken on the test car, which happened to be a 2019 Porsche.

Progressive Car Insurance Review

  1. First, each time we called Progressive customer service someone would quickly answer the phone but it was just a call center answering. From there, you’ll get transferred to another department, and often that wouldn’t even be the right department. Prepare to wait on hold for at least 20-30 minutes when calling Progressive to report an accident.
  2. Be prepared to pay out of pocket for your car to get fixed. They have very tight restrictions on who fixes your car, as they only work with the cheapest repair shops. Why is this a problem? On the test object, we used a 2019 Porsche, which had the broken glass. To fix the glass Progressive sent us to Safelight, which is their “glass shop”. Unfortunately, replacing the glass isn’t all that needs to be done when putting a new glass windshield on a new model car. Often, you also need to get the glass mechanism recalibrated on a car when replacing its windshield, which often only the dealer’s can do. Progressive lies to their clients and falsely advertises “glass insurance” (buyer beware).

Delay on Refunds & Reimbursements

A large number of Progressive complaints indicate that Progressive clients are not getting the checks that Progressive claims were mailed. One emailed complaint that we received stated:

“My daughter’s car was totaled by a drunk driver with no insurance on Feb 25, 2019. It is now March 12, 2019. I thought everything had been taken care of. But I received notice that a payment is overdue on the totaled car that supposedly paid off by Progressive. (this is what Progressive tells you) … Progressive said they mailed the check but Kia says they never got it. First of all, who puts a $7500 check in the mail with no trace? Who even mails checks any more? I pay all my bills electronically. Progressive is telling me they are behind times and still use the postal system. All they offered to do was cancel the check that is lost in the mail and mail another one. In the meantime, Kia expects a $300 car payment from us because the payoff check would not reach them in time.”

Progressive is canceling client accounts without any warning

Another percentage of complaints come from Progressive customers who claim that Progressive canceled their car insurance without any warning.

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