offers a variety of sales data lists, marketing products, mailer design, compliance review, and direct mailing options. This company offers the best data lists in the industry, according to our research here at TrustedCompanyReviews. is a sales leads and direct marketing company with locations in New York and Florida. Their business focusses on providing personalized sales leads to make it easy for a business to target its ideal customers.

What’s the difference between a successful direct mail campaign and “junk mail”? The difference is in the quality of the mailing list and how capable the team is who put the list together. That distinction is precisely where shines. They specialize like no other in creating custom, highly targeted mailing lists to ensure that your company’s mail piece reaches the right audience at exactly the right time when they’re ready to buy. How’s that possible? sets industry standards for freshness, reliability, and accuracy, using analytics to understand past user behavior. has been in the industry for over fifteen years and started off in the wholesale market and are now entering the retail sector as well. Their consumer database and mailing lists are from multiple sources, including from magazine and newspaper subscriptions, telephone directories, surveys, government agencies, SEC filings, voter registration records, DBAs, Licensing boards, and from many online resources including forums and online communities across the web.

They sell filtered lists of data, based on age, income, online buying activity, credit scores and you can design just about any parameters that your business needs. Contact information includes phone and fax numbers, email addresses, and all contact information is 90% verified for deliverability. Their website makes it very easy to create your first data list and place an order. They offer both consumer and business data lists. For the business data side, you can filter your list based on the size of a company and its annual gross revenue.

They have experienced marketing experts who can customize lists to fit the precise customer base for a business. The telemarketing lists are also scrubbed against the DNC list before being sent to clients. Not only do they provide consumer sales leads, but business sales leads as well which are perfect for B2B businesses. for direct mail and leads

Some of the targeted marketing lists include:

  • New Business Filings
  • Consumer Lists
  • Mortgage Lists
  • Residential Mailing Lists
  • All USA Business Listings
  • Business Owner Email Lists