Yes Financial Services LLC is a Florida based small business loan company that just opened up their services nationwide. Yes Financial Services LLC was created by Edward Bruce Fay and Jerry Brauser.

About Edward Fay:

Edward Fay runs the day to day operations at Yes Financial Services ensuring clients get a top level of customer service and long term support. They believe in staying with their customers for the long-term, not just giving them a loan and saying goodbye.

Edward Fay has an extensive background in the financial services industry, coming from the debt relief industry and eventually shifting his focus to business loans and to the loan industry. Edward Fay’s team of financial specialists range from insurance specialists to loan specialists, they not only provide businesses with working capital but also devise a long-term plan for each business they loan to in order to ensure the business is successful. The Yes Financial Services team can assist businesses with developing a full spectrum plan; helping a company by funding the business, and helping a company make the best financial decisions to increase their overall return on investment and maximize their business’s profitability.

Edward Bruce Fay and his team at Yes Financial Services

Edward Fay and a few of the Frontline team members at Yes Financial Services.

About Jerry Brauser:

Jerry Brauser is one of the biggest real estate gurus in the country. He was ranked amongst the top real estate developers in Manhatten, owning buildings all across the city. Just Google “Jerry Brauser” and find endless pages of awards and credentials. Jerry trained his team at Yes Financial Services, on what brought his businesses so much success, and Yes Financial Services now offers this expertise to the public.

The name “Yes Financial Services” came from the fact that this company will say “yes” and loan a business capital when other loan companies and banks would deny that same applicant just because their fico score may be low. Yes Financial Services knows to look beyond a “credit score” when determining if an applicant should be approved for a small business loan. Yes Financial’s proprietary loan products and flexible payment terms make it easy for clients to pay back a business loan.

When we interviewed Edward Fay he told us “just because a business owner has a low personal credit score due to mistakes in their past, they should not be denied a business loan. What is most important, is for us to analyze the overall health of a business, looking at their current products, marketing, and overall business infrastructure; and basing our approval of loaning to a business on these circumstances, not just the owner’s credit score. At Yes Financial Services we want to help our economy grow, and we look at this larger picture when operating on a day to day basis. We understand that financing a small business can be a challenge that requires more time than most small business owners have in a day. So we try to make the business loan process easy. Businesses need to deal with day to day operations, accounts receivable, accounting and marketing are all an important part of running a small business—and financing shouldn’t slow down a business’s focus on these issues; it should instead help a business grow. At Yes Financial Services we offer financing options like short and longer-term loans and lines of credit, in order to help a business grow.

Yes Financial Services has loaned over $300 million dollars to up and coming small businesses across the nation and their default rate on these loans is below average, proving that their strategies work. Yes Financial Services isn’t as big as some of their competitors, but Yes Financial Services has a higher approval rate on average, compared to the larger companies and banks, making Yes Financial a top business loan company in America.

Most of the other small business loan companies have a limit on the size of the loan that they will lend to a business, but Yes Financial Services has no limit to the amount of capital they will loan to a business. They look at what the money will be used for, and if the business’s plan is viable to ensure the loan gets paid back.

Contact Yes Financial Services at 954-371-0069.