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Fast Track Debt Relief

Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc, is a debt settlement company out of Lauderhill, Florida. This company has 18 complaints at the Better Business Bureau and is currently listed with a “B” rating and not accredited. At Trusted Company Reviews we have not been able to locate this business’ debt settlement license. In the debt settlement […]

Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief, LLC offers debt settlement services. Their website states that they’ve settled over $6 billion in debt, but there aren’t any documents to back-up this claim. If you check out Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, LLC with the San Francisco Better Business Bureau you will find the company has a shocking number of complaints […]

DebtWave Credit Counseling

DebtWave Credit Counseling was founded in 2001 and has helped more than 13,000 people in eliminating their credit card debts till date. The company primarily focuses on credit card debts, but also offers debt consolidation, debt management, credit counseling, and many other services. Compared to many of its competitors in the business, DebtWave Credit Counseling offers lower interest rate along with a reasonable upfront fee ranging from $10-$49. The company also offers a money back service. There are a wealth of educational resources available on the company’s website. What we didn’t like about the company is the limited availability of their operational service area and the hours of their customer service.

The Debt Management Group

The Debt Management Group is a debt consolidation and debt settlement company based in Newyork. The company also p[rovided credit counseling and a free debt analysis from their expert advisors. The company’s website has a wealth of educational resources including a debt calculator, a blog, and a live chat service. However, the company’s website lacks transparency regarding pricing and provides no information about upfront fees, monthly fees, and interest rates. The company also lacks key industry accreditations.

Progressive Debt Relief

Progressive Debt Relief has been helping its customers cope with their financial problems since 2005. The company offers debt management and debt settlement services to its customers. The company offers a thorough and free consultation with certified counselors, and provides the customer with an in-depth financial analysis, enabling the customer to choose the solutions that best fits their specific needs. Unlike many other companies, the company does not charge any upfront fees; however, there is still a lack of transparency about their pricing. The company’s website does not provide any educational resources, and the company also lacks major industry accreditations.

Debt Consolidation Care

Debt Consolidation Care is a third party company that helps clients with overcoming and eliminating their debts. The company offers personal loans and credit counseling and provides information on their website about the different solutions for debt consolidation. Unlike any other company in the industry, Debt Consolidation Care has a community forum where people can openly discuss their specific circumstances with others who might have faced similar problems. Although the company’s website offers information about the different consolidation solutions, there is a great lack of transparency about their pricing.

First Choice Debt Relief

First Choice Debt Relief has been operating since 2008 and mainly provides debt relief services. Despite its short time spent in the industry, the company has a good tracking record and offers some unique features to its consumers. Unlike many other companies in the business, First Choice Debt Relief has a policy of not charging any upfront fees. The company at lowering the consumer’s debt and to set up a simple monthly payment for them. The company also features a unique debt calculator on their website. Although the company offers some unique features, it has several drawbacks as well. The company lacks important information on the website regarding pricing, and does not offer any educational material. It is a very high minimum requirement of debt and lacks several key accreditations.

CreditGuard of America

CreditGuard of America has been in business since 1991 and has a good tracking record. The company offers debt management programs and debt consolidation loans and aims to lower the monthly payments for its consumers by 30 to 50 percent. Several tools and resources are offered on the company’s website to educate its consumers on financial matters. However, the company lacks several key industry accreditations and has issues regarding the transparency of its pricing plans. Many consumers have also reported recurring hidden fees associated with the company’s service.

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