National debt relief, settlement and consolidation company reviews for 2019 just came out. Check this list before applying for any type of debt relief program.

More people will end up signing up for a debt relief program in 2019 than ever before. And why is that?

Credit card interest rates have gone up four times in 2018, and are projected to rise another three times in 2019. Between credit card debt and student loan debt in 2019, borrowers owe more than $2.5 trillion. Both student loan and credit card balances are at their all-time high.

Debt relief, settlement, and consolidation companies are needed more than ever before because of this high debt crisis. As a result, new debt relief companies will open up all across the nation. Some will be reputable, and others may be a scam.

Know who you’re dealing with before handing over the keys to your financial future. The last thing you want is for some brand-new debt relief company to drive your financial future straight into a brick wall. The good news is …

Finding a reputable debt relief, settlement or consolidation company in 2019 is much easier than if you were searching for help 10-years-ago, thanks to online reviews.

Whether you need consumer credit counseling, credit repair, tax relief, debt relief or debt settlement, this list includes the top companies for each specific industry.

Consumer Report for 2019 – 10 best debt relief companies