National debt relief reviews just came out for 2021 and below are the top 10 companies. Debt relief, settlement, and consolidation companies were all eligible for this top ten list.

The Factors Used to Determine the Top Ten Debt Relief Companies Include:

  • Debt Relief Program Reviews Online: The ratio of positive to negative online reviews found against each company from various websites including Yelp, Google, and
  • Specific industry licensing (e.g., debt settlement companies must be licensed in the states they operate)
  • Accreditation and certifications (e.g., IAPDA Certified and BBB Accreditation)
  • Debt Relief and Settlement Company Complaints: The number of complaints found online about each company and the nature of the complaints found
  • Time in business
  • Compliance: If companies comply with federal laws: (e.g., Do they charge up-front fees?)
  • Transparency and Financial Education: Companies must be transparent with consumers about the downsides of debt relief programs. For example, companies must explain how debt relief programs can affect credit scores.
  • Lawsuit Defense: We examined the lawsuit defense that each company offered to ensure if clients are sued they can effectively help consumers resolve the summons. We believe the most reputable debt relief companies put a heavy emphasis on how they deal with credit card lawsuits.
  • The array of Programs: Does the company offer multiple debt relief options? Not everyone fits into the same program. Companies should offer more than one program ensuring they can properly place consumers into the right plan based on each person’s financial goals and needs.

Reputable debt relief, settlement, and consolidation companies are needed more than ever before because credit card and student loan debt are both at an all-time high and expected to rise due to the long-term impacts of COVID-19. This high-debt crisis is causing new debt relief companies to open up all across the nation.

Unfortunately, most new debt relief companies (i.e., with less than five years in business) lack the experience, resources, and expertise needed to administer debt relief programs properly.

Whether you need consumer credit counseling, credit repair, tax relief, debt relief, or debt settlement, this list includes the top companies for each industry. The companies are ranked in order (i.e., the top companies have the highest accumulative score). Debt consolidation loan companies are not mentioned on this list. For the “top 10 debt consolidation loan companies,” check out this next list!