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Mission Lane Credit Card Reviews

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Mission Lane credit card reviews highlight an unsecured card for those with fair credit scores and less-than-stellar or limited credit histories. The card features a variable interest rate that can be significantly higher than premium credit cards. However, the low approval odds make it a solid option for those looking to build or rebuild their credit score. As a plus, the company reports to all three credit bureaus to generate the most impact when building a credit profile. The company regularly reviews accounts for credit increase eligibility, including an initial review within the first year of card ownership.

Is Mission Lane a good credit card?

The reality is that Mission Lane credit card reviews present a mixed picture. WalletHub’s credit card editor, John Kiernan, gives the card a rating of 2.9 out of 5. In contrast, customer reviews on WalletHub rate it higher at 3.6 out of 5. Bankrate’s review of the Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card awards it 3.4 out of 5 stars. NerdWallet, in a review by Jae Bratton, gives it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. While these reviews generally lean towards the positive side, it’s crucial to note that opinions differ.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) paints a different picture, with customer reviews on Mission Lane, LLC (the company behind the credit card) averaging a low rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars, indicating a poor standing. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, an analysis of Mission Lane credit card reviews on the BBB reveals numerous complaints highlighting concerns such as potential scams, fraudulent activities, high-interest rates (exceeding 35%), and overall dissatisfaction among customers. Of course, reviews and complaints about a company are not always legitimate, and information can quickly change.  Therefore, check the BBB on your own for the most up-to-date reviews on Mission Lane and information regarding its complaints.

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  • Pre-approval won’t affect your credit score

  • Informational website with credit-building advice articles

  • No security deposit is necessary

  • Potential credit line increases

  • No or low annual fee depending on credit history


  • High average APR (variable)

  • No intro bonuses or rewards program

  • 3% foreign transaction fee

Mission Lane Credit Card Reviews: Features and Benefits

The Mission Lane Visa® Credit card has few bells and whistles. Instead, the card offers a straightforward tool to help those with poor credit increase their credit scores and credit profiles.

  • APR 19.99% – 29.99%
  • No intro offers or rewards program
  • No security deposit needed
  • No or low ($0 – $59) annual fee
  • Typical starting credit limit of $300
  • Credit limit increase potential within the first year
  • Automatic regular credit limit evaluations
  • Pre-qualification won’t affect credit score
  • Mobile app available
  • Free credit score access in the mobile app
  • 3% foreign transaction fees
  • $10 or 3% cash advance fee
  • Cash advance limit of 25% of credit limit
  • Late payment fees of $25 and $35 for the second occurrence in 12 months

Mission Lane Credit Card Reviews: Editorial Rating

Trusted Company Reviews Rating Score for the Mission Lane card: 9.2

When applying for an unsecured card to help build or rebuild credit, the last thing you want to do is drive your score even lower. Mission Lane credit card reviews and customers like that applying for the Mission Lane card starts with a pre-qualification step that won’t affect your credit score. The card makes our review of the best credit cards with no security deposit for rebuilding credit.

After pre-qualification, customers can formally apply for the card and take the hard inquiry hit on their credit report, which will have a minor impact on their score.

We like the Mission Lane card for this reason and for its other benefits that can help boost credit scores over time. Because the company issues Visa® credit cards, customers can enjoy complete $0 fraud liability protection. The lender also provides regular credit increase reviews and reports to all three major credit bureaus to maximize credit-building potential.

Benefits Pre-qualification with no score impact

Low score approval potential

$0 fraud liability

Regular credit limit reviews

Reports to all three credit bureaus

Intro Offer None
APR 19.99% – 29.99%
Annual Fee $0 – $59 Depending on credit history
Credit Score Requirements No requirements

About the Card

The Mission Lane Visa® credit card requires no security deposit and is designed to help cardholders with bad credit improve their credit scores using a combination of thorough reporting to all three bureaus and regular credit limit increase reviews. While this card is likely to cost more in interest than premium cards, the potential to increase credit scores can pay off in the long term.

The card has an APR of between 19.99% and 29.99%, higher than most premium credit cards. An annual fee of between $0 and $59 may apply, depending on each customer’s credit profile, score, and history based on risk. While there are no rewards or introductory offers to speak of, the company offers low approval requirements.

Customers can check their approval odds through the company’s no-obligation pre-qualification step that estimates their interest rate and annual fee before formally applying. Pre-qualification requires a simple soft pull on your credit report, which won’t affect your score or appear on you credit profile in future inquiries from other companies.

The company regularly reviews each credit card account to determine eligibility for increasing its credit limit. First-year cardholders can expect the first review within 12 months of card ownership. A typical starting credit limit for the card is $300. However, some customers report higher starting limits.

Mission Lane provides its customers with an informative website with educational articles about increasing and maintaining credit scores and a solid credit profile. The company also offers a mobile app with free credit score data and the ability to pay and manage their card.

How to Use the Mission Lane Visa Credit Card

The Mission Lane Visa® credit card is best for those with lower or poor credit scores looking to impact their credit report and profiles positively. For the Mission Lane card to be effective in helping customers rebuild credit, keeping the account in good standing is crucial.

For the best results for your credit profile and to avoid interest costs, pay off balances in full after each billing period. However, if that’s not possible, maintain the account by staying within the credit limit, paying at least the minimum payment each month, and making each payment before the due date.

Credit limit increase reviews are regular and automatic. Customers can’t request a separate review for credit limit increases.

How Do I Check My Mission Lane Visa Credit Card Balance?

Mission Lane Visa mobile app users can view their balance, transactions, and history using the app. Cardholders can also use the company’s informative website to find their account balance and details, as well as several helpful credit-related articles and information.

Mission Lane App

The app is available for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and the App Store. Through the app, Mission Lane customers can perform the following card-related functions.

  • See their payment due date
  • Make payments
  • See their credit card balance
  • Review transactions and history
  • Follow their credit profile and score progress
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Access customer service with messaging
  • Read FAQs
  • Access credit education courses

About the Mission Lane Visa Credit Card Pre-Approval

Mission Lane invites confidence when applying for the Mission Lane Visa® credit card by offering a pre-qualification step that won’t affect your credit score or credit profile. Pre-qualification includes identifying approval odds and terms, including interest rate and annual fee.

Pre-qualification requires only a soft credit inquiry that won’t affect your credit score or appear on future credit inquiries. While pre-qualification isn’t a promise of card approval, the step provides a method of determining each customer’s likelihood of gaining approval.

To formally apply for the card, Mission Lane will make a hard pull on your credit report, which will temporarily affect your credit score.

Mission Lane Credit Card Reviews From Experts

Mission Lane credit card reviews from experts range from around 3.5 of 5 to 4.5 stars, generally reflecting the nature of the review. For expert reviews focusing on the card as a way to rebuild credit, scores are generally higher, as the Mission Lane Visa® credit card can be a useful financial tool for that purpose.

Ratings are lower from experts viewing the product as a regular credit card due to its lack of benefits and high APR. In truth, there are likely better cards with more benefits better suited to customers with good credit scores above 670 or so.

Mission Lane Credit Card Reviews From Consumers

Mission Lane credit card reviews from customers with bad credit are mostly positive. The card comes through for those seeking a tool to increase their credit scores. Almost 66% of respondents report having an excellent experience. Positive reviews list substantial credit limit increases within the first year, multiple limit increases over time, and ease of application and use.

Negative reviews cite customer service issues and being turned down for final card approval after taking the pre-qualification step.

Why the Mission Lane Credit Card Stands Out

The Mission Lane Visa credit card stands out as an excellent financial tool for those looking to increase their credit score by opting for a credit card that isn’t a secured card and requires no deposit to use.

Mission Lane provides its customers with a pre-qualification tool that allows them to see what terms they might qualify for before taking a hard inquiry on their credit reports. The company also rewards good account standing and practices with regular and substantial credit limit increases and reports to all three bureaus to maximize credit-building potential.

Mission Lane Visa Vs. Capital One Platinum Mastercard

Mission Lane and the Capital One Platinum Mastercard have several things in common. Both cards offer a pre-approval step that allows potential cardholders to see what terms they may receive approval for.

Both cards offer limited if any, rewards programs, and both provide regular account reviews for credit limit increases. The two competitors are both designed to help consumers increase their credit scores.

While the Mission Lane Visa® offers interest rates between 19.99% and 29.99% and an annual fee potential of up to $59, the Capital One Platinum card offers a variable rate of 30.74% and no annual fee.

The primary difference between the cards is the approval requirements. Mission Lane cites no minimum score requirements for approval, while Capital One generally approves only those with 630 credit scores and higher.

Mission Lane Visa®  Capital One Platinum®
Rewards None None
Intro Offer None None
APR 19.99% – 29.99%


30.74% (Variable)
Annual Fee $0 – $59 $0
Credit Score Requirements None 630

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