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Handicare Stair Lifts Review

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Are you looking for stairlift reviews? Handicare stair lifts (sometimes called “stair chairs” or “chairlifts”) offer some of the most customizable chairlifts with the highest lift capacities on the market. With many options available, their lifts and cost vary widely but allow consumer choice from the ground up.

Operating in over 20 countries worldwide since 1986, Handicare is a USA-based business that continues to manufacture its products in North America.
Our review of Handicare stairlifts includes everything you need to know before you buy, including price, financing, available options, customer satisfaction, and warranty terms.

Handicare Stair Lifts      
Cost $2,500 and up for basic models. $8,000 and up for custom models
Weight Limit 275-440lb depending on the chosen model
Financing Available No
Customer Service Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm EST, Saturday 8 am-1 pm EST
Indoor Styles Indoor Straight, Indoor Curved
Outdoor Styles Outdoor Straight, Outdoor Curved
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty on indoor models

Limited 5-Year Warranty on outdoor models


BBB Rating 1/5 Stars for Reviews, A+ Rating Overall

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  • Established Brand: In operation since 1986 and has excellent customer reviews. Handicare stairlifts have an average customer rating of over 4.0/5 stars from over 1,000 reviews on leading sites, including TrustPilot, Consumer Affairs, and Retirement Living.

  • Trusted Internationally: Handicare operates in 20 countries across the world.

  • Cost of Handicare Stairlifts: Lifts start at $2,500, cheaper than other leading brands.

  • Local: Manufactured in the USA. Stairlifts manufactured in the USA offer superior quality and reliability due to their strict adherence to manufacturing standards, ethical labor practices, oversight, and contribution to a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Strength: Handicare stair lifts provide exceptional lifting power, supporting weight ranges from 275lb to 440lb. Handicare outperforms other top brands, such as Acorn, whose straight stair lift can only accommodate up to 350 pounds.

  • Lifetime: Handicare indoor lifts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Website: The website is Challenging to Navigate.

  • Handicare Stairlifts Reviews and Complaints: Unsatisfactory Review and Complaint Resolution.

  • Options: Many Features are Basic, and Upgrades may be Expensive.

  • Handicare’s Stairlifts Warranty: Limited Warranty Coverage and Exclusions.

Review Handicare Stairlifts Prices

Designed with many optional features, Handicare offers their senior stairlifts at a lower starting cost and boasts a wide array of optional features.

  • Indoor stairlifts start at $2,500 and work up to $5,000, depending on options.
  • Curved stairlifts require additional customization and start at $8,000, going up to $15,000 with other options.
  • Included in the cost of your stairlift are the consultation, measurements, installation, and warranty.

Before receiving a complete estimate of costs, representatives will schedule your consultation with a certified Handicare technician. An official will measure your stairs using the Savaria Handicare PS4D photo measuring system, guaranteeing that your lift will fit perfectly.

Financing Your Stairlift:

Handicare does not offer in-house financing for its stairlifts. However, they assist in securing third-party financial aid to purchase your senior stairlift.

If you are a veteran, there are veteran-specific programs available that can offer assistance with securing a home stairlift. The VA is an excellent place to start your application for assistance.

Does insurance cover Handicare stairlifts?

Insurance companies will not cover the chair lift cost, as they are seen as home modifications and not as medical equipment.

Renting a Stairlift:

While there are some companies that offer stairlift rental, Handicare does not currently have a program available.

Handicare Indoor Stairlifts Review

1000 Straight Indoor Stair Lift Handicare

1000 Straight Indoor Stair Lift

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • 40 lb (199kg) lift capacity of 1000XXL model
  • Straight Lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Indoor use
  • Perch Seat Option
  • Power or Manual Hinged Rail
  • Optional Seat Colors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Safety and power are the hallmarks of Handicare’s 1000 Straight indoor senior stairlift. The XXL model boasts one of the highest lift capacities on the market, providing a smooth journey for riders up to 440 pounds.

 Specifications for 1000 Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 350 lbs.-440 lbs.
Wall to Inner Seat Back 2.95”
Seat Depth 14.17”
Minimum Folded Width to Footplate 15.15”
Armrest Width (Internal) 18.3”
Footplate to Seat Height 16.93”-20.47”
Minimum Track Intrusion into Staircase 4.52”

1100 Straight Indoor Stair Lift

1100 straight stairlift for indoors

  • 309 lb (140kg) lift capacity
  • Indoor use
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Friction Drive System
  • Optional Power-Folding Footrest
  • Textured Footrest
  • Optional Powered Swivel
  • Leatherette Seat
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Handicare’s 1100 Straight indoor senior stairlift operates under a friction drive system instead of rack and pinion, guaranteeing;

  • a smooth ride and
  • eliminating the need to grease your track and rail.

This Handicare self-cleaning lift features– four brush heads that constantly clear the rail of dust and hair, eliminating the need to clean and dust your device.

Specifications for 1100 Straight Stairlift
Weight Capacity 309 lbs.
Wall to Inner Seat Back 2.36”
Seat Depth 15.35”
Minimum Folded Width to Footplate 12.6”
Armrest Width (Internal) 17.72”
Footplate to Seat Height 16.93”-20.47”
Minimum Track Intrusion into Staircase 6.3”

Handicare Xclusive Stairlift

Handicare Xclusive Stairlift review and picture

  • 285 lb (129kg) lift capacity
  • Indoor use
  • Soft Start & Stop
  • Retractable Seat Belt
  • Optional Power Swivel Seat
  • Optional Power Folding Footrest
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Xclusive Straight senior stairlift by Handicare features the basic options.

  • The minimal lift capacity,
  • manual swivel seat, and
  • manual folding footrest make this an excellent alternative for more budget-conscious buyers.

This lift charges continuously, even when on the track, ensuring that your batteries are ready should a power outage occur. On this lift, you’ll never find yourself stranded on your stairs.

Specifications for Xclusive Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 285 lbs.
Wall to Inner Seat Back 3.74”
Seat Depth 14.96”
Minimum Folded Width to Footplate 12.99”
Armrest Width (Internal) 17.71”
Footplate to Seat Height 15.94”-19.88”

For more information and help with troubleshooting your Xclusive Handicare stairlift, refer to the Xclusive-manual.

Handicare Freecurve Stair Lift

Handicare Freecurve Stairlift Picture and Review

Freecurve Single-Rail Curved Stair Lift

  • 275 lb (125kg) lift capacity
  • Indoor Use
  • Customizable for Narrow, Spiral, or Steep staircases
  • Powered Footrest
  • 2-Way Power Swivel Seat
  • Joystick Control
  • Optional Powered Hinged Rail
  • Optional Powered Seat for Stand AssistLED Illumination
  • Anti-Slip Textured Footrest
  • Retractable Seat Belt
  • Optional Child Seat
  • Optional Body Harness
  • Customizable Rail Colors
  • Customizable Rail & Seat Color Options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Handicare’s Freecurve Single-Rail Curved stair chair is a fully customizable option. The lift capacity is on the low end at 275 lbs. Still, this lift features options that many others don’t, including an optional child seat, rail colors, LED illumination, and a powered seat for standing assistance.

Like most other curved senior stairlifts, technicians can customize your Handicare lift to fit your staircase precisely to ensure a safe and comfortable journey regardless of your staircase’s shape.

Specifications for Freecurve Single-Rail Curved Stairlift

Weight Capacity 275 lbs.
Wall to Inner Seat Back 4.14”-4.93”
Seat Depth 14.57”
Minimum Folded Width to Footplate 16.54”-17.33”
Armrest Width (Internal) 17.33”
Footplate to Seat Height 18.7”
Minimum Track Intrusion into Staircase 6.7”-7.49”

4000 Double-Rail Curved Stair Lift

Handicare stairlift review: double rail stairlift–pictures

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity
  • Customizable lift for use on curved stairways
  • Indoor Use
  • Optional Perch Seat
  • Optional Power Folding Footrest
  • Optional Power Hinged Rail
  • Optional Seat and Rail Color Options
  • Optional Parking Station
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Much like the Freecurve, the 4000 Double-Rail Curved Stairlift is fully customizable; from the track course to the seat color, you choose each feature that works for you. This option does offer more lifting power than the Freecurve, with a 300lb max, but it is still lower than some other curved stairlifts.

The double-rail feature of this lift takes up less space on the staircase and stays close to the wall. Ideal for narrow staircases and stairs with multiple landings and curves, technicians can install this senior lift without taking up much space.

Specifications for 4000 Double-Rail Curved Stairlift

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Seat Depth 14.25”-16.75”
Rail Depth from Wall 5”
Fold-Up Depth 16”
Fold Out Depth 25”-27.4”
Footrest Height 2.75”

Handicare Outdoor Stairlift Reviews

Handicare Outdoor Stairlift Review

Handicare 1000 Outdoor Stairlift Review

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • Straight Lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Outdoor Use
  • Manual Hinged Rail
  • Outdoor use
  • Fully Waterproof
  • UV Protected Upholstery
  • Waterproof Cover Included
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

Handicare provides the 1000 Outdoor Senior Stairlift as an option for those who want outdoor access or use their deck or patio. This lift offers the same standard features as the 1000 Indoor Straight chair lift, plus UV-protected upholstery and a waterproof cover.

Specifications for 1000 Outdoor Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Wall to Inner Seat Back 2.95”
Seat Depth 14.17”-16.73”
Minimum Folded Width to Footplate 15.15”
Armrest Width (Internal) 18.30”-22.24”
Footplate to Seat Height 18.30”-34.44”
Minimum Track Intrusion into Staircase 4.52”

4000 Outdoor Stair Lift

Outdoor stairlifts: Handicare's 4000

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity standard
  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity upgrade option
  • Curved Option for Outdoor Staircases
  • Outdoor Use
  • Optional Powered Hinged Rail
  • Fully Waterproof
  • UV Protected Upholstery
  • Waterproof Cover Included
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

Handicare’s 4000 outdoor stairlift features a customizable double-rail that provides access around curved and unusual outdoor staircases. As with indoor curved staircases, technicians can fit this stairlift perfectly to your staircase.

This model is one of the few outdoor stair lifts on the market to offer an additional lift capacity option for an outdoor staircase.

*Dimensions and specifications are currently unavailable for this model.


Included in the price of the lift itself is the professional installation. Handicare recommends that an approved technician install your lift. This certified professional can arrive at your home within hours or days of your request and complete your installation within a few hours.

Remember that attempting to install the stair lift on your own will void your warranty and lead to damage and consumer injuries.

Safety Standards:

Handicare operates with the utmost standards of safety in mind. In doing so, they maintain ISO 9000 and ISO 12001 certifications, which ensure high quality and safety standards through program compliance.

Handicare also remains affiliated with the following organizations:

  • AEMA (Association of Members of the Accessibility Industry)
  • The Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals
  • AIA (American Institute of Architects)
  • Colorado Health Care Association & Center for Assisted Living
  • Florida Assisted Living Association
  • Florida Health Care Association
  • Idaho Health Care Association
  • Montana Health Care Association
  • Montana Hospital Association
  • NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors)

Handicare Stairlift Warranty:


  • Lifetime: All indoor lifts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Outdoor Coverage: All outdoor lifts come with a Limited 5-Year Warranty
  • Parts Coverage: 90-Day Parts Warranty


  • Non-transferrable: Warranty terms apply only to the original owner
  • Lifetime Note: “Lifetime” is considered ten years only
  • Installation: Warranty void if Handicare-approved technicians do not install the lift
  • Partial Coverage: After two years, only the gearbox and motor maintain coverage

Handicare’s warranty is less comprehensive than some others on the market. While they boast a “lifetime” warranty, contract terms note that the entirety of the lift is covered only for the first two years, after which only the gearbox and motor are covered.

Any necessary replacement parts are covered by a warranty for 90 days. It’s important to note that Handicare’s warranty terms specify that the “lifetime” of a stairlift is limited to ten years, after which no further warranty coverage will be provided.

The outdoor stair chairs by Handicare offer even less coverage, with the “lifetime” term shrinking to only five years.

What you need to know: All warranty conditions are contingent upon an approved Handicare technician performing all work. The warranty will not cover a lift after an unapproved person installed or worked on it. Also, any damage found to result from misuse, abuse, damage, normal wear and tear, unauthorized modification to the product, or shipping damage is not covered.

Remember: The contract states that the warranty does not cover NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR damage.

Additional Service Plans: Handicare does not provide service plans for residential consumers.

Handicare Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints:

Average Customer Review Rating– 1/5 stars, A+ Rated: Handicare’s A+ rating with the BBB is primarily attributed to their longevity in the industry rather than customer satisfaction.

Positive Reviews About Handicare Stairlifts: No positive reviews are available through the Better Business Bureau.

Negative Reviews: Only one negative review has been published on the BBB website. The customer expressed concerns about the noise generated by the stairlift and the limitations of the warranty.

Handicare Stairlift Complaints: It appears that Handicare did not make efforts to address customers’ complaints through the BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Handicare stairlifts cost?

How do I change the batteries on a Handicare stairlift?

What kind of battery does a Handicare stairlift use?

How to remove a Handicare stairlift?

Who makes Handicare stairlifts?

Where can I find a Handicare stairlift installation manual?

Does Handicare buy back stairlifts?

Where can I find Handicare stairlift dealers?

Where are Handicare stairlifts manufactured?

Why is my Handicare stairlift beeping?

What does my Handicare stairlift fault code mean?


Summary of Handicare Stairlifts Review:

Getting Started: Handicare is a trusted stairlift company that offers a seamless buying process. Starting with a free home survey, they provide a custom quote based on your home and needs. Their advisors help you choose the right stairlift model, utilizing the Vision app for a 3D visualization and the PhotoSurvey system for accurate measurements.

Installing its Stairlifts: Installation by licensed technicians takes approximately four hours; after that, the warranty activates. Handicare technicians are available to address any issues during this period and provide necessary assistance.

Types and Models: Handicare offers a wide range of stairlift models, including straight, curved, indoor, and outdoor options. Each model has unique features, such as slim profiles, foldable design, continuous charge track, and heavy-duty capacity.

Cost for Handicare Stairlifts: While specific pricing isn’t available on their website, straight stairlifts typically cost between $2,500 and $5,000, while curved stairlifts range from $8,000 to $15,000. Prices may vary based on the complexity and features of the chosen unit.

Warranty: Handicare provides warranties tailored to indoor and outdoor stairlifts, with limited lifetime coverage for gearbox and motor on indoor models and a five-year warranty for outdoor models. All other components carry a two-year warranty.

In conclusion, Handicare offers reliable stairlift solutions with a personalized buying process, diverse models, and competitive pricing, backed by comprehensive warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.

Rating Methodology:

Criteria Possible Points Handicare
Starting Cost (range) $2,000: 10 points

$3,000: 9 points

$4,000: 7 points

$5,000+: 5 points

BBB Reviews Rating 1-2 stars: 3 points

3-4 stars: 4 points

5 stars: 5 points

Financing Available Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Indoor Straight Styles Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Indoor Curved Styles Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points

Outdoor Straight Styles Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points

Warranty Warranty of 3 years or more: 10 points

Warranty of 2-3 years: 7 points

Warranty of 1-2 years: 5 points

Warranty of less than 1 year: 0 points

Weight Limit Up to 200lb: 5 points

Up to 200lb-300lb: 6 points

Up to 300lb-400lb: 8 points

401lb or more: 10 points

Hinged Rail System Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Battery Function (Runs without power) Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points

Expert Opinion Score Up to 20 points: 10

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