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IdentityForce Review

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IdentityForce Review: Is This Credit Monitoring Service Worth It?

While you’re not likely to check your credit score all day, every day, knowing that it’s being monitored for you 24/7 offers plenty of peace of mind. IdentityForce is primarily an identity theft protection provider. However, its upper-tier service plans include credit monitoring for individuals and families as part of a complete ID protection package. Learn more here in our IdentityForce review.

IdentityForce Credit Monitoring

About IdentityForce

IdentityForce began operations in 2005 and is owned and operated by TransUnion—one of the three main credit bureaus. IdentityForce’s focus is on identity and identity theft protection. One of the many highlights of its UltraSecure+Credit plan, though, is continuous credit monitoring and quarterly credit reports from all three credit bureaus.

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits with IdentityForce’s UltraSecure+Credit Plan

Among the benefits beyond credit monitoring of subscribing to either an individual or family UltraSecure+Credit plan with IdentityForce are valuable distinctions such as $1 million identity theft insurance, the ability to monitor your children’s identity through the proprietary ChildWatch program, and lost wallet assistance.

No free plans or free credit monitoring is available through IdentityForce, and contacting the company for pricing on family plans that include more than two adults is recommended before signing up. IdentityForce pricing includes monthly payment availability or annual payments featuring a discount equal to the cost of two months of coverage.

IdentityForce ChildWatch Review

Identity thieves don’t always limit their victim profiles to adults. Children’s identities can be at risk, too, and may go unnoticed for longer periods. IdentityForce offers its program called ChildWatch as an add-on service for the company’s UltraSecure+Credit individual plan and comes standard in its UltraSecure+Credit family plan.

ChildWatch protects your children’s identity by monitoring social security number activity, social media activity, and recovery services, among other benefits.


  • 24/7 customer service is available

  • A long list of additional identity protection features is available

  • ChildWatch protections available

  • Payable monthly or annually

  • Discounted pricing applies to the annual payment

  • Competitively priced service


  • Credit Monitoring is only available in the highest-priced plans

  • ChildWatch protections aren’t offered in the lowest-cost plan

  • Paid subscription required

  • Some low customer review ratings regarding the mobile app

  • Quarterly credit reports instead of monthly

IdentityForce Features and Benefits

IdentityForce’s only plans that provide credit monitoring also include the following protections.

  • Credit score monitoring at all three main credit bureaus
  • Quarterly credit reports from all three main credit bureaus
  • VantageScore 3.0 monitoring
  • Credit score simulator
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Social Security number tracking
  • Identity theft insurance with $1 million protection
  • 24/7 identity and fraud alerts
  • Online protection tools
  • Social media identity monitoring
  • Mobile app
  • Bank and credit card activity monitoring and alerts
  • Junk mail opt-out
  • Secure VPN availability

IdentityForce Editorial Rating

Trusted Company Reviews Rating Score for IdentityForce: 7.5

Criteria Points
Better Business Bureau Grade 9
Trustpilot Review Rating 8
Free Credit Monitoring Available 0
Three-Bureau Reporting Available8 9
Best Plan Monthly Cost 3
Identity Theft Features 7
Credit Score Update Frequency in Lowest-Cost Plan 2
Credit Score Update Frequency in Highest-Cost Plan 2
Family Plan Available 5
Additional Features 10
Expert Opinion Score 40

IdentityForce Plans and Prices

IdentityForce offers two individual membership plans, one of which offers credit monitoring and a family plan that provides credit monitoring and identity protection for two adults and an unlimited number of children.

IdentityForce Plan Pricing

Individual Plan

Monthly / Annual

Family Plan Monthly / Annual
UltraSecure  $19.95 / $189.95 N/A
UltraSecure+Credit $34.95 / $329.95

Add $2.75 monthly or $27.50 annually for ChildWatch

$35.99 / $359.95

ChildWatch Included in Price

Is IdentityForce Right for You?

Families with at least one child will enjoy the most significant cost savings with an IdentityForce family plan. While the company primarily focuses on identity theft protection, its credit monitoring service is competitive against companies that only monitor credit scores and, in some cases, better.

IdentityForce plans that include credit monitoring could be an excellent match for families and individuals who take their credit scores seriously, are concerned about identity protection, and are willing to spend a few dollars to ensure someone is helping them watch for threats and changes.

However, if monitoring your credit is your only concern, there are free credit monitoring services that may serve the purpose almost as effectively as IdentityForce.

IdentityForce Vs. Lifelock

IdentityForce’s nearest competitor for paid identity theft protection and credit monitoring services is LifeLock. The two companies feature similar prices. However, IdentityForce offers discounted pricing for annually-paid memberships, while LifeLock offers substantial first-year discounts only.

LifeLock provides several more plan choices than IdentityForce, and pricing for its lowest-cost plans is less costly than IdentityForce’s. While the lowest-cost IdentityForce plans provide no credit monitoring features, LifeLock’s bargain plans include at least limited provisions for credit monitoring from TransUnion. Getting started with LifeLock qualifies you for a 60-day money-back guarantee versus IdentityForce’s 30-day free trial.

The premier plan choices for both companies offer similar and thorough identity protection and credit monitoring through all three main credit bureaus. IdentityForce offers $1 million in insurance backing against identity theft, while LifeLock offers up to $3 million depending on your needs after a breach.

IdentityForce LifeLock
Credit monitoring in lowest-cost plans No Limited
3-Bureau credit monitoring Available Available
24/7 customer service Yes Yes
Monthly credit reports No Yes
Dark web monitoring Yes Yes
Social Security monitoring Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes
Social media monitoring Yes No
Family plan available Yes Yes
Identity theft insurance $1 million Up to $3 million
Lowest annual cost $189.95 $124.99 after 1st year
Highest annual cost $359.95+ $339.99 after 1st year

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Summary of BBB Customer Reviews on IdentityForce

At the BBB, IdentityForce is listed with an A+ rating. The BBB has recorded 11 complaints against IdentityForce in the last three years.

The reviews about IdentityForce can be summarized as follows:

  1. PL L (1-star review, 06/27/2023): The customer faced difficulty in purchasing additional coverage and adding new employees. The company’s call center was unresponsive, and there was no assistance from the sales team.
  2. M. R. (1-star review, 04/21/2023): The customer’s account was cancelled without warning or proper communication about an expired credit card. The company only responded publicly to address the issue.
  3. Michelle K (1-star review, 09/05/2022): The customer had a disappointing experience with IdentityForce’s identity monitoring service, and the company was slow in providing a refund.
  4. Jolene H (1-star review, 09/01/2022): The customer had difficulties canceling their membership, with unresponsive customer service.
  5. Daniel E (1-star review, 08/28/2022): The customer received an unexpected charge despite being on a 30-day free trial.
  6. Christa L (1-star review, 07/21/2022): The customer faced technical glitches and unhelpful customer support.
  7. Randy G (1-star review, 07/05/2022): The customer’s account was offline for an extended period, and the company did not resolve the issue despite promising to do so.
  8. Walter H (1-star review, 06/17/2022): The customer had multiple issues with setting up their account, and the customer service was lacking.
  9. S. V. (1-star review, 06/09/2022): The customer was unhappy with the wide data sharing policies of IdentityForce and faced difficulties with account registration.
  10. Phred N (2-star review, 03/21/2022): The customer received the service from their health insurance provider without consent, leading to privacy concerns.
  11. Gee B (1-star review, 03/15/2022): The customer faced issues with the credit monitoring component and received inconsistent and unhelpful responses from customer service.
  12. Lori C (1-star review, 02/14/2022): The customer found the website to be terrible and faced difficulties in canceling their membership and getting a refund.

Overall, the reviews suggest a range of issues, including poor customer service, technical glitches, billing problems, and unresponsiveness from IdentityForce.

Source: Better Business Bureau, IdentityForce Profile Page 

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