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ADT Company Review

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Home Security Industry Expert Reviews ADT

This ADT review will cover everything you need to know about the company, its products, and the experience you might expect owning them. The company is one of the most well-known and largest in the industry, offering a wide range of products and services, and it consistently ranks among the top home security providers around. Its powerful technology and extensive support network are compelling reasons to look at the company, though it’s important to note that ADT is far from the most affordable option.

 adt company review

ADT’s Customer Reviews and Complaints

ADT has accumulated strong customer reviews and praise from around the internet, but the company has some weak spots. Its Better Business Bureau profile lists a strong score from the BBB itself, but the customer reviews tell a different story. Additionally, the BBB has worked with ADT to close more than 9,000 complaints in the last three years, with 4,225 closed in the previous 12 months. This number may sound high, but it’s not that high because ADT has 6.4 million subscribers. Most happy customers will not submit a review.  Home security system customers, on the other hand, are quick to submit a review if they encounter any frustrations.

In this ADT review, I will give you an overview of ADT, its products and services, and we’ll take a walk through its background and business practices. By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge to make an informed decision about ADT and whether or not it’s the best choice for your home. You’ll also want to check out the Vivint home security system review since it’s the other leading home security system provider. Below, we also provide a detailed comparison of Vivint vs. ADT to help you decide on the right product for your home.

Let’s take a deeper dive into ADT and see how things shake out.


  • Long-running business with almost 150 years under its belt

  • ADT services work with a range of smart home products

  • The ADT app is powerful and easy to use

  • They respond to emergencies within seconds, sending help quickly

  • Excellent customer service


  • ADT requires contracts for monitoring with set terms and conditions

  • The company is far from the cheapest option around

  • Some products are only available with professional installation

  • Over 18,000 complaints against ADT are listed at BBB closed in last 3 years

  • Average BBB customer review rating is (1 out of 5 stars) based on over 2300 reviews

Verdict About ADT

ADT is an extremely long-lived company with more than six million customers and 17,000 employees across the country. Beyond its negative reviews, which every company has, it offers one of the industry’s largest and most complete product catalogs, and its monitoring services are top-notch. Additionally, its partnerships with other companies, such as Nest, allow it to offer the most desirable new products with the support of an almost 150-year-old company.

Facts to Know About ADT

  • ADT is one of the largest and oldest home security system providers in the nation: ADT has been around for 145 years and has grown to operate 200 locations across the United States. It employs more than 17,000 people and services more than six million customers.
  • Maintains a high standard of ethics and social responsibility: Unlike others in the industry, the company prominently displays its code of conduct and discusses its ethics office, which it says holds internal training sessions and works on business policies that reduce business risk and ensure that its processes are safe and helpful for customers and employees. The company also holds its suppliers to a high standard of social responsibility.
  • ADT puts the most innovative technology at the forefront of its home security systems: Customers get live or virtual assistance, and some plans add a powerful mobile app, which brings a remote panic button and other features. ADT recently partnered with Google and integrated Artificial Intelligence into its applications, improving customer satisfaction. It’s constantly innovating and improving its products, all aimed at offering better customer protection.
  • ADT customers get a money-back guarantee: ADT also offers a six-month money-back guarantee on its products, so it’s not the end of the world if you’re not in love with your security system at first.
  • Flexible financing is available for customers who can’t or don’t want to foot the bill upfront, and there are several integrations with other home products, such as garage door openers, smart home systems, and smoke alarms.

ADT Reviews: By Product Expert and Tester

Key Features of an ADT Home Security System

ADT’s extensive product catalog includes everything from outdoor cameras to video doorbells to smoke detectors and water sensors for basements.

The whole system can be controlled using the high-resolution touchscreen panel or ADT’s powerful app, and its hardware is known for being robustly designed and built.

ADT is also regarded as a fantastic home security system for seniors and other less tech-savvy people.

The key features of an ADT system include:
· 24/7 monitoring available
· Almost 150 years of experience
· Professional installation
· Smart home device integrations
· Powerful central control touchscreen
· Easy-to-use app with broad functionality
· User-friendly interface across all hardware

Review of ADT Outdoor Cameras

ADT offers an outdoor camera with 1080p HD video and a wide 130-degree view. It also features two-way audio, which enables communication before a person reaches the doorbell camera. Additionally, the cameras offer human detection, though some users report that large dogs and other animals can trigger false alarms. The company promises IP 66 protection against water and dust intrusion, and most users report super-high video quality. Sweetening the deal, the cameras are relatively compact.

Review of ADT Indoor Cameras

ADT’s indoor cameras have the same 1080p resolution as their outdoor counterparts but offer a wider 140-degree field of view. The cameras can be configured in zones, which lets users limit motion detection and other features for higher-traffic areas of the home, and the design looks almost identical to the outdoor cameras. The big downside is that there’s no weather protection, so the cameras shouldn’t be mounted on porches and other covered areas exposed to the outside elements.

It’s worth noting that ADT works with some third-party camera systems, including Google Nest. The highly rated security cameras offer top-notch image quality, and advanced artificial intelligence gives them facial recognition features that can determine whether a visitor is a stranger or a known entity.

Ring Digital Control Panel Reviews

The ADT Digital Panel is a powerful central controller that offers detailed information on the system and the ability to control all parts of its functionality. Users can select between three arming modes: disarmed, armed with people home, and armed with people away. Its large screen is high-resolution, and the adjustable brightness makes it easily viewable in any light condition. One significant downside is that the panel can’t interact with third-party devices like smart home devices, which puts it at a disadvantage compared to the Vivint control station.

Other ADT Products

ADT has a broad product catalog that includes glass break sensors, door and window open sensors, and a control panel-mounted panic button that gives quick access to emergency services like fire, EMS, and police. The company’s smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are both Wi-Fi-connected, so users can get alerts when they are out of the home. ADT also offers flood sensors that can quickly detect water intrusion before it becomes an emergency.

Getting Started with ADT and Costs

Many ADT customers say that the company is easy and relatively pain-free to get started, though keep in mind that professional installation is required. 

Product Price
Nest Cameras Between $75 and $135
Door/Window Sensors Starting at $12
Smoke Detectors, etc. Starting at $30
Monitoring Starts at $25/month

ADT Customer Service

ADT Customers enjoy robust support across a variety of channels, including phone, chat, and email, all of which operate 24/7. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s online forums and help center. That said, some people report long wait times and a frustrating time getting the answers they need. Many state that phone support takes forever, and the reps are not as knowledgeable about the company’s products as expected.

ADT Alternatives

ADT might be a top-rated company, but there are several others to be aware of in the industry.

SimpliSafe vs. ADT Reviews

Feature ADT SimpliSafe
Getting Started Professional installation required DIY installation
Equipment Cost Varies, often purchased upfront
DIY kits starting at $229
Monitoring Cost $28.99 – $59.99 per month
$14.99 – $27.99 per month
Installation Optional professional installation for additional cost Self-installation
Contract Length Varies, often 2-3 years No contracts
Early Termination Fee Varies, often prorated remaining contract value None
Equipment Ownership Customer owns equipment after purchase
Customer owns equipment
Smart Home Integration Limited smart home integration
Some smart home integration
Customer Service Reviews Mixed, with some complaints about long wait times and high costs
Generally positive

SimpliSafe is another fantastic home security system.

It brings a wide range of security package options and offers several individual features that give homeowners flexible configurations to save money or build a more robust security system if needed. SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring and advanced wireless connections for its systems, but there are some differences between it and ADT that are worth noting.

SimpliSafe’s security systems are all DIY, so you’ll need to be at least marginally comfortable with technology and app configuration to get the job done. Like ADT, SimpliSafe also offers a self-monitoring option, but unlike Vivint, the company’s products do not connect to Z-Wave smart home devices from third-party brands.

Vivint vs. ADT Reviews

Feature ADT Vivint
Getting Started Professional installation required
Professional installation included
Equipment Cost Varies, often purchased upfront
Monthly financing or upfront purchase
Monitoring Cost $28.99 – $59.99 per month
$19.99 per month + equipment cost
Installation Optional professional installation for additional cost
Professional installation included
Contract Length Varies, often 2-3 years
Typically 3-5 years
Early Termination Fee Varies, often prorated remaining contract value Up to $500
Equipment Ownership Customer owns equipment after purchase
Equipment remains Vivint’s property until financed payments are complete
Smart Home Integration Limited smart home integration
Extensive smart home device integration
Customer Service Reviews Mixed, with some complaints about long wait times and high costs
Mixed, with reports of both positive and negative experiences

Vivint offers a wide range of products, including consultation services and professional installation. Its Smart Hub system brings centralized control, and the app is one of the most functional in the business. Users report excellent customer service, and Vivint’s customizable packages can make it a great value for some homeowners. There’s also 24/7 live monitoring and a long list of customization options.

Though monitoring costs add up over time, Vivint isn’t generally as expensive as ADT. That said, it’s not the cheapest option on the market, but many feel its customer service, customizable packages, and flexible payment options are strong incentives for the company. 

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