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Bay Alarm Reviews

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Bay Alarm Medical Reviews, Complaints & Prices for 2023

Are you looking to compare the best medical alert systems? Bay Alarm reviews and ratings from across the internet are mixed, with some positive but many negative ones. When choosing a medical alert system, you need to check customer reviews and complaints to better understand the company’s reputation. Additionally, we brought an industry expert, Doctor Naheed Ali to closely analyze Bay Alarm medical alert systems. You will find that there are pros and cons that need to be closely considered as you determine if Bay Alarm is the right medical alert device to purchase.

Bay Alarm Company Overview

As we age, independence and safety become paramount. Bay Alarm Medical understands this and offers a wide range of technology options to suit different lifestyles. Their easy-to-install devices connect to a 24-hour emergency call center based in the USA, providing peace of mind.

Bay Alarm’s affordable devices, including a water-resistant mobile system and SOS smartwatch, ensure your safety at home and on the go.

But can Bay Alarm Medical be relied upon for dependable assistance in critical moments? Let’s start with a summary of the pros and cons.

Trusted Company Reviews – Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems


  • BBB review and rating: Bay Alarm Medical is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and has been in business since 1946. Bay Alarm’s customer review rating at BBB is 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Affordable pricing: Bay Alarm’s at-home landline service is cheaper than the services many similar companies offer. Prices start at $24.95 monthly for a landline connection (see more about pricing below).

  • Options for inside and on-the-go protection: Bay Alarm Medical offers an in-home medical alert system with a base unit, a wearable help button, and a vial of life. For outside usage, Bay Alarm Medical provides three unique on-the-go options: a traditional pendant, a smartwatch-style device, and an all-in-one device for use at home and away.

  • No long-term contracts: Bay Alarm medical alert devices do not require a long-term contract. According to their website, the company will cancel an account once they receive all the equipment in working/original condition without any cancellation fees.

  • Warranty and protection plan: Bay Alarm Medical offers a warranty and protection plan. The medical alert base station is protected under a warranty with Bay Alarm Medical as long as the issue occurred because of normal “wear and tear” or a manufacturer defect.

  • Easy to set up and use: The Bay Alarm medical alert devices are easy to install and use, with a simple plug-and-play installation process. The company also has a user-friendly website with a live customer service chat feature.

  • Lots of features: Fall detection, GPS capabilities, Activity tracking, 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring, Base unit (stationary), Mobile capabilities, Pendant-type device, Wristwatch-type device, Smart device, Waterproof device, Spouse monitoring all included


  • Difficult to cancel: From negative one-star reviews found online, including at the BBB, a common complaint relates to customers having difficulty canceling with Bay Alarm Medical and continuing to get charged.

  • Limited range: Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems have a limited range, which may not be sufficient for larger homes or properties.

  • Must-wear device for it to work: For most of Bay Alarm’s medical alert systems, users must wear the devices on either their wrists or neck. Otherwise, the devices won’t work correctly.

  • Limited battery life: The battery life of Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems may be limited, which could result in the device not functioning during an emergency.

  • Limited customization options: Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems may have limited customization options, which may not be suitable for everyone’s individual needs.

  • False alarms: There is always the possibility of false alarms with any medical alert system, which could result in unnecessary emergency response calls.

  • Unavailable Features: Bay Alarm medical alert systems do not have medication reminders and wellness checks. Additionally, customers may need to pay extra for special equipment if they want the on-the-go plan.

What is Bay Alarm Medical?

Bay Alarm Medical has been an industry leader in medical alert systems for older adults for many years and continues to revolutionize its products to meet its customers’ unique and changing lifestyles and needs.

According to, Bay Alarm Medical’s parent company, Bay Alarm, has been operating since 1946, so it has had plenty of time to perfect its technology and develop a good customer service culture.

According to customer reviews, Bay Alarm’s medical alert systems have reliable equipment, top-notch customer support, and affordable prices.

Prices: Bay Alarm medical alert devices start at $24.95 per month, beating the prices of its top competitor, Medical Guardian, whose prices start at $29.95.

With Bay Alarm, seniors can rest easy at home or on the go. They offer complete protection no matter where you are.

We will take a closer look at all of Bay Alarm Medical’s products, their prices and value, and how to get the best deal so you can make an informed decision for the safety and security of yourself or your loved ones.

How Does Bay Alarm Work?

Bay Alarm provides wearable devices like a watch, necklaces, and pendants for emergencies. These devices have a button to press when help is needed and can also detect falls, automatically alerting Bay Alarm’s emergency response team.

Just like how an alarm system works for home security, Bay Alarm medical alert systems function similarly. They can detect health emergencies or slips and falls that may endanger seniors. Bay Alarm also offers security services and alarm systems for added protection.

These devices are like life-saving tools for seniors, providing reassurance that help will arrive quickly. Assistance will be there within minutes, whether it’s a burglary or a health crisis.

Seniors can feel fully protected knowing that help is available, even if they fall inside or outside their homes.

Bay Alarm Reviews at BBB

Bay Alarm’s BBB rating is A+. They are also accredited by the BBB.

However, customer reviews about Bay Alarm are negative at the BBB. Its average customer review rating is 1 out of 5. Remember, Bay Alarm’s low BBB customer review rating is based on only seven reviews.

Let’s take a closer look at Bay Alarm’s customer reviews at BBB.

Recent BBB Complaints About Bay Alarm:

Here’s a summary of what’s inside the negative reviews and complaints about Bay Alarm submitted by customers at the BBB.

  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 10/02: The first complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical’s 4G network does not work in the customer’s area. The customer is upset that the company did not explain this to them before purchasing the device and that they have been charged for a service they cannot use.
  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 07/20: The second complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical refuses to cancel the customer’s account even though the customer’s wife has passed away. The customer is also upset that the company is asking for private information, such as a death certificate, in order to cancel the account.
  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 06/12: The third complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical refuses to refund the customer’s money for a device they have never opened. The customer is upset that the company is enforcing its 30-day trial policy even though they were unaware of it.
  • Complaint submitted on 12/18: The fourth complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical refuses to cancel the customer’s account even though they moved to a senior living facility that provides its own medical alert system. The customer is upset that they have been charged for a service that they do not need.
  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 8/17: The fifth complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical is refusing to refund the customer’s money for a device that they claim is defective. The customer is upset that the company is accusing them of damaging the device.
  • Complaint submitted on 07/20: The sixth complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical sent the customer to collections even though they had canceled their account. The customer is upset that the company is trying to collect money for a service they no longer use.
  • Complaint submitted on 06/20: The seventh complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical sold the customer a defective medical alert device. The customer is upset that the device failed when their wife needed it and that the company refuses to refund their money.
  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 02/05: The eighth complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical’s medical alert device does not have an alarm that warns the user when it loses signal. The customer is upset that this feature is not included in the device, as it could put lives at risk.
  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 01/20: The ninth complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical is charging the customer for equipment that they were told was leased at no cost. The customer is upset that the company is misleading its customers.
  • Bay Alarm Complaint from 11/08: The tenth complaint is that Bay Alarm Medical’s fall detection service did not detect the customer’s father’s fall. The customer feels that his father would have received medical attention sooner if the service had worked properly.

Overall, the complaints against Bay Alarm Medical are serious and concerning. The company seems to have a pattern of misleading and mistreating its customers. I would advise anyone considering purchasing a medical alert system from Bay Alarm Medical to read these complaints carefully before deciding.

Review Bay Alarm Medical (at-home) System Details and Price

The company offers different medical alert plans, including one for at home, one for when you are out and about, and an option to get both.

The In-Home system is the perfect solution for those seeking coverage in and around their home. With options for both landline and 4G LTE cellular connection, you’ll receive a base station and a wearable pendant that can be used within 1,000 feet of the base.

  • Most Affordable Bay Alarm Medical Alert System: The most affordable plan for those with an existing landline starts at just $24.95 per month. Although a cellular plan isn’t required for those who opt for cellular connections, the monthly fee will increase to $29.95.
  • Adding the Waterproof Feature: Adding four waterproof, wall-mounted help buttons will cost you just $39.95 monthly. This is an important feature, especially around bathrooms and anywhere else that gets wet.
  • Adding Automatic Fall Detection: For an extra $10.00 per month, you can add automatic fall detection to any plan.

Bay Alarm Medical (on-the-go) System Details

Bay Alarm Medical’s on-the-go systems offer peace of mind when you’re away from home. For example, the small, lightweight mobile help button is perfect for quick errands or walks around the neighborhood.

Alternatively, the SOS smartwatch ensures constant coverage and can detect falls or other emergencies without pressing a button. In addition, the SOS Smartwatch comes pre-installed with a 4G LTE sim card, allowing for the highest level of call clarity, location tracking, and response.

With 24/7 monitoring and reliable coverage, Bay Alarm Medical’s on-the-go systems provide a sense of security that lets you live your life to the fullest.

How much is a Bay Alarm System? (Review Prices)

Here are some of the prices you can expect with Bay Alarm medical alert systems:

  • The GPS Mobile Help Button costs $99 at the start and then $29.95 each month afterward.
  • The SOS Smartwatch costs $34.95 each month, and you must pay an additional $159.00 as a one-time fee upfront.
  • With the GPS Mobile Help Button, you can add a feature for $10 extra each month, which will detect falls. This feature is not available with the SOS Smartwatch.

Bay Alarm Medical stands out in the medical alert industry with its innovative SOS smartwatch. Unlike other providers, Bay Alarm Medical offers affordable models of cutting-edge device that takes medical alert technology to the next level. While medical alert smartwatches are still a novelty, Bay Alarm Medical ensures that seniors can access reliable help at the touch of a button wherever they go.

Bay Alarm provides help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can try their system for free for 30 days, and there is no need to sign a long-term contract.

Bay Alarm Medical Fall Detection

Bay Alarm Medical’s automatic fall detection feature is available for both in-home and on-the-go plans. With the on-the-go plan, it’s important to remember to select the SOS Mobile Help Button to activate the fall detection feature. Unfortunately, the SOS Smartwatch does not provide this service. However, when you wear a fall detection pendant or wristband, you can rest assured that the monitoring center will be alerted if there is a sudden downward movement followed by inactivity.

Trained professionals will contact you via a two-way speaker. If they are unable to reach you or if you require medical assistance, emergency services will be contacted on your behalf. In addition, Bay Alarm Medical’s fall detection feature provides peace of mind for those at risk for falls, giving them the confidence to lead an active lifestyle.

Enhance your security by including fall detection in your package for just $10.00 monthly. We’ve noted that LifeFone, one of the top-rated Medical Alert Systems of 2023, offers it for only $5.00 a month; however, most companies will request the $10.00 monthly rate for this helpful service.

Let’s look at how Bay Alarm stacks up to other options on the market.

Bay Alarm Medical vs. MobileHelp: Comparing Price and Features

When it comes to choosing between Bay Alarm Medical and MobileHelp, it’s crucial to consider both cost and the features that best suit your needs.

Bay Alarm vs. MobileHelp Cost 

Feature Bay Alarm Medical MobileHelp
In-home monitoring $24.95 $34.95
Mobile monitoring $29.95 $37.95
Equipment fee $99 to $159 None

Review Bay Alarm vs. MobileHelp Features 

Feature Bay Alarm Medical MobileHelp
Accessories Smartwatch, pendant
Medication reminders, activity tracking, caregiver tracking
Fall detection Yes Yes
GPS tracking Yes Yes
24/7 monitoring Yes Yes

Making the Right Choice

While MobileHelp’s plans are slightly higher, it offers additional features like medication reminders and caregiver tracking. Bay Alarm Medical, on the other hand, provides a smartwatch or pendant option and has lower equipment fees.

The best way to decide is to carefully consider the features that are most important to you and choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Feature Bay Alarm Medical MobileHelp
Pricing More affordable Slightly higher
Features Smartwatch, pendant
Medication reminders, activity tracking, caregiver tracking
Equipment fee $99 to $159 None
Best for Budget-conscious individuals
Individuals seeking advanced features

Compare Bay Alarm vs. Medical Guardian

Feature Bay Alarm Medical
Medical Guardian
Monitoring 24/7 professional monitoring
24/7 professional monitoring
Equipment In-home, mobile, and smartwatch options
In-home, mobile, and smartwatch options
Price Affordable More expensive
Pros Good value for money, reliable service
Excellent technical specifications, voice-activated options
Cons Less advanced features than Medical Guardian
More expensive than Bay Alarm Medical

Are you looking for a reliable medical monitoring system? Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Guardian are popular options offering at-home and on-the-go monitoring. However, we give Medical Guardian the edge because they have a better reputation, prices, and equipment.

Compare Medical Guardian vs. Bay Alarm on the Top 10 Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Review. 

Why Bay Alarm over Medical Guardian?

  • Affordability: Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Home Landline system boasts a monthly fee of just $24.95, making it a more affordable option than Medical Guardian’s lowest-priced plan.
  • Regarding on-the-go options, Bay Alarm Medical also offers a lower starting monthly rate of $29.95 compared to Medical Guardian’s $39.95 fee.
  • If you’re interested in Bay Alarm Medical’s on-the-go plans, note that the upfront equipment fee ranges from $99.00 to $159.00 for the SOS Mobile or SOS smartwatch.
  • On the other hand, Medical Guardian charges $149.95 for its Mini Guardian and Mobile 2.0 plans, while its MGMove smartwatch has an upfront cost of $199.95.

Make an informed choice by comparing the features and costs of both options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Bay Alarm Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

What about a warranty for Bay Alarm medical alert systems?

What cell service does Bay Alarm Medical use?

What is the range of the Bay Alarm Medical Alert?

Who owns Bay Alarm Medical?

Does Medicare pay for Bay Alarm medical alert systems?

How to Contact Bay Alarm Medical?

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Naheed Ali, MD, Ph.D., is a physician by education and a writer by choice since 2005. He earned an MD degree in 2008 and later completed Harvard Medical School's lifestyle medicine training in 2012, before obtaining a Ph.D. in holistic health elsewhere in 2013. He’s also certified in clinical research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). For years, Dr. Ali taught at colleges in the US where he lectured on various biomedical topics and delivered over 2000 hours of live presentations. He is also the author of numerous books from major New York publishers. They can be found on the shelves of 1000s of libraries worldwide. He brings more than 15 years of experience writing remotely and has more than 15 years of health-related publications to his credit. Now a digital nomad, he’s currently a medical journalist and copywriter for hire. His online home is
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