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Safe Step Walk-In Tub Review

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Safe Step Walk-In Tub and Shower Review

Safe Step’s walk-in tubs and showers offer more than just a functional bathing space; they provide a haven to relax, unwind, and appreciate the comfort and beauty of your home. To assess the quality and performance of these models, we have compiled and analyzed Safe Step walk-in tub reviews from various sources.

In this review, we will delve into:

  • An overview of Safe Step as a company
  • Details about different Safe Step tub models
  • Pros and cons of Safe Step walk-in tubs
  • Safe Step walk-in tub photos and customer reviews
  • Pricing information and other factors to consider

Overall, Safe Step walk-in tubs offer a luxurious bathing experience and are highly regarded as accessible bathing solutions. Their unique features and strong reputation have made them a popular choice. However, whether they are the right fit for your home depends on your budget, needs, and goals. Let’s explore the strengths and limitations of these tubs in greater detail.

Safe Step Walk In Tubs Reviews, Complaints, Cost and More


  • Luxury and safety features: Safe Step walk-in tubs feature unique additions like the Microsoothe® Air Therapy System, chromotherapy, and massage hydro-jets without sacrificing safety needs like grab bars and slip-proof flooring.

  • Accessibility: Low entry thresholds, wheelchair-accessible seating, and all the features you need within reach make these tubs friendly to those with disabilities.

  • Quick drains and faucets: Fill and empty tubs easily thanks to highly efficient drain and faucet systems.

  • Options: Customers can choose from three distinct models, selecting the tub, shower, or Safe Step’s walk-in tub and shower combination model, based on their preferred lifestyle.

  • Potential for Medicare coverage: While getting Medicare coverage for walk-in tubs can be difficult to obtain and exclusive to specific medical needs, Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. offers assistance to their customers in the reimbursement process and can even work directly with your coverage provider.


  • High price point: As luxury walk-in tubs, Safe Step products come with a higher price tag than other options.

  • Limited hydro-jets: While other brands may sell tubs with 15 or more jets, Safe Step models come with fewer hydro-jets.

  • Inconsistent customer experiences: Customer reviews on Safe Step walk-in tubs are more mixed and generally lower than options from other leading brands.

Overview of Safe Step Walk-in Tubs: Company Background

Safe Step Walk-In Tub is a BBB-accredited and A+ rated company that sells walk-in tubs and showers for seniors, people with disabilities, and others looking for a luxury bathing solution [3]. The company was launched in 2008 and has been in business for 15 years.

According to Consumer Affairs, a trusted source for reviews and company information, Safe Step walk-in tubs are best for those needing a luxury walk-in tub that doesn’t require safety or comfort upgrades [1]. Tubs feature low entry thresholds, grab bars, anti-slip flooring, and other features meant to protect users while they bathe and enjoy luxury amenities like adjustable hydro jets.

Types of Safe Step Walk-in Tubs and Bathing Solutions

Safe Step offers three main product options, each adorned with safety and luxury features designed to maximize a person’s bathing experience. [2] To suit customer needs of any kind, the company offers classic walk-in tubs, hybrid tubs, and walk-in shower options. Each tub installation is a custom job that requires an in-home consultation to plan and facilitate.

The Classic Safe Step Walk-in Tub Review

How much does a Safe Step hybrid walk in tub cost? The answers are here!

Image Source: Safe Step Walk-in Tubs

The company’s classic model is an excellent option for individuals seeking a standard Safe Step walk-in tub for sale. These regular Safe Step walk-in tubs are equipped with essential features, making them highly functional and safe. Key additions include wheelchair-accessible entries and seats, grab bars, and a convenient, quick-drain system designed to minimize any potential risks associated with bathing.

Moreover, these tubs are thoughtfully designed with user convenience in mind. They come with a handheld shower wand positioned within easy reach of the tub’s seat, ensuring effortless access for users. The inclusion of anti-scald technology helps maintain water temperatures within a safe range, providing an added layer of protection. Additionally, the tubs feature an anti-slip floor, allowing users to navigate in and out of the tub with ease and without concerns about slips or falls.

The standard Safe Step walk-in tubs strike a balance between functionality and safety, making them a reliable choice for those seeking a dependable bathing solution.

The Safe Step Walk In Tub and Shower (Hybrid™Tub)

Walk in tub and shower by Safe Step

Safe Step walk-in bathtubs have earned a spot on the list of the best walk-in tubs for seniors in 2023.

Here are some notable features of this top-of-the-line Safe Step walk-in bathtub and shower:

  • Sanitary Gel Coat: The tub is coated with a sanitary gel coat, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
  • MicroSoothe® bath: Experience the spa-like rejuvenation of a MicroSoothe® bath, where microscopic bubbles envelop and cleanse skin pores, leaving you with a completely refreshed complexion.
  • Grab Bars: Strategically placed grab bars offer stability and support when entering, exiting, or moving within the tub.
  • Fast Filling and Draining: Rapid-fill faucets allow the tub to fill quickly, saving time and promoting efficient water usage. Additionally, the draining system facilitates fast and convenient water drainage.
  • Easy Cleaning with Safe Water Ozone Cleaning System: The tub features an ozone cleaning system, simplifying the cleaning process and helping to maintain a hygienic environment.
  • Low Step-in Threshold: With a four-inch step-in threshold, individuals with limited mobility can safely enter and exit the tub with ease.
  • Massage Jets: Enjoy therapeutic benefits and a soothing bathing experience with the built-in massage jets.
  • Handheld Shower Wand: The tub is equipped with a handheld shower wand, providing the option to enjoy a refreshing shower while using the tub.

These features make the Safe Step walk-in bathtub an exceptional choice for seniors seeking safety, convenience, and relaxation.

Safe Step’s Hybrid walk-in tub and shower is the company’s most popular model, combining the best features from their other two options. This versatile bathtub offers a range of functionalities. With hydro-jets and rapid-fill faucets, it provides both therapeutic benefits and efficient water filling. Additionally, the Hybrid walk-in tub is equipped with an extended and handheld shower head, allowing users to enjoy a refreshing shower under a steady stream of water.

This particular model is an excellent choice for individuals who intend to share their tub with other family members or those who prefer the convenience of having both a shower and a tub in one unit. The Hybrid walk-in tub offers the best of both worlds, providing a bathing solution that caters to diverse needs and preferences.

Safe Step Walk-In Shower For Seniors

Safe Step Walk in Shower

Safe Step walk-in showers are an excellent choice for individuals who prefer showering over bathing but still seek the benefits of additional safety and luxurious features. Just like Safe Step walk-in tubs, Safe Step’s showers are meticulously designed to prioritize user safety, with essential elements like grab bars and slip-proof flooring.

Beyond their focus on safety, Safe Step walk-in showers also showcase a stylish design that seamlessly integrates into any bathroom decor. Their versatile and visually appealing finish allows them to harmonize with various bathroom designs, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space.

If you prioritize the convenience and comfort of a walk-in shower, Safe Step walk-in showers offer an ideal solution that combines functionality with an elevated bathing experience. Whether for accessibility reasons or personal preference, these showers provide a safe, luxurious, and stylish option for seniors and individuals seeking a showering solution that exceeds expectations.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Cost and Payment Options

Because Safe Step does not list specific prices on their website, you’ll need to schedule an in-home consultation and receive a personalized quote to gauge how much Safe Step walk-in tubs cost. However, while the price of a Safe Step walk-in tub can vary, the range most customers report paying falls in line with what you might expect from other sellers.

Average Cost of Safe Step Walk In Tubs

While the cost of Safe Step Walk-In Tubs can vary depending on the specific model and additional features, the price range typically falls between $2,500 and $10,000. This puts them in a similar price range as other brands. However, it’s important to note that these price ranges are approximate and may not include installation costs or customization options.

When comparing the prices of Safe Step Walk-In Tubs with other brands such as American Standard, Ariel, and Meditub, the following cost ranges can be observed:

walk in bathtubs cost: Safe Step vs American Standard walk-in tubs reviews

Cost of Safe Step Walk-In Tubs vs. American Standard, Ariel and Meditub

  • The average cost of Ariel walk-in bathtubs: $2,000–$5,000
  • The average cost of Safe Step walk-in tubs: $2,500 – $10,000
  • The average cost of Meditub walk-in baths: $4,000–$8,000
  • The average cost of American Standard walk-in bathtubs: $4,000–$10,000

Although Safe Step walk-in tubs may be on the higher end in terms of cost, their luxury features and unique options often justify the price for many customers. It’s worth mentioning that installation costs are not always included in the initial price, and they can significantly increase the total expense by several thousand dollars. The actual installation fees can vary depending on factors such as the extent of necessary renovations and the size of the room.

Ultimately, the decision of whether the price is justified by the features offered by Safe Step walk-in tubs is subjective and depends on individual consumer preferences and priorities.

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs: Complaints

Safe Step, as a company, has received a mix of positive and negative reviews, with many complaints relating to customer service rather than the quality of their products. Based on customer reviews of Safe Step walk-in tubs gathered from various sources, we have compiled some of the most common concerns that you should take into consideration.

Common complaints regarding Safe Step walk-in tubs include:

  1. Confusing or misleading customer service: Some customers have reported experiencing excellent customer service prior to their consultation and installation but faced difficulties in obtaining support after the installation was complete. Others felt that the claims made before their custom installation did not align with the final product.
  2. Installation errors: There have been instances where customers received incorrect Safe Step walk-in tub parts or models from the installation team, resulting in delays in receiving their desired product.
  3. High price point: Several customers have expressed that the price points of Safe Step walk-in tubs are deemed unreasonable or too high to be manageable. Reviews indicate that final costs, including installation and renovation fees, can exceed $20,000 to $30,000.

It is important to consider these factors when evaluating Safe Step walk-in tubs and deciding if they are the right choice for your needs and budget. While there are concerns raised by customers, it is also worth noting that individual experiences may vary, and some customers have had positive experiences with the company and their products.

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs: Highlights

By and large, the biggest perk of Safe Step walk-in tubs is their luxury and therapeutic features.

  • Customers can enjoy benefits such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy.
  • The units also come with the Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System, providing full-body relaxation.
  • Safe Step walk-in tub models also feature Microsoothe Air Therapy, which circulates small bubbles throughout the tub, transforming bathing into a jacuzzi-like experience.
  • Additionally, these tubs offer the convenience of accessing one or more showerheads. While other tubs may have a handheld shower option, most do not include full shower features while also functioning as a tub.


Safe Step Walk-in Tub Reviews and Ratings

BBB Review and Complaints: Safe Step Walk In Tubs

Based on an average of Safe Step walk-in tub reviews and official complaints, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given the company an A+ rating, indicating that most complaints are handled and resolved [3]. However, individual customer reviews of Safe Step can present a different perspective.

Most reviews tend to be polarized, with positive reviews mostly receiving five stars and negative reviews often earning just one star. Customers generally agree that Safe Step walk-in tubs are of high quality and are installed by friendly professionals. Nevertheless, some customers have expressed disappointment due to the high prices and unmet expectations.

When searching for a Safe Step walk-in tub for sale, we recommend taking your budget into consideration beforehand and communicating any concerns during your consultation. By leaving little room for errors or miscommunication, you may be able to avoid many of the issues that other customers have encountered.

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