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Serta Mattress Review: Something for Everyone

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Serta Mattress Review

Sleeping on a Serta is what it feels like to rest on over 90 years of industry experience. Serta started business in 1931 and today manufactures multiple mattress types in over three dozen styles and configurations.

The company also makes numerous other products, such as bed frames, accessories, bedding and sheet sets, pillows, furniture, dog beds, and baby beds with accessories. With such a long history and vast array of available products, it’s not surprising to find Serta as our top pick for having the best selection in our annual best mattresses review.

About Serta

It’s challenging to list all the features that Serta offers in its mattress collections. The first thing of note is that the company makes a multitude of mattress types and styles that range from very soft to very firm and everything in between. Serta truly offers some type of bed for every body and every sleep style.

To keep things simple, Serta offers its main product line of four mattress types, including memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, and mattress-in-a-box. Those are divided into four primary collections, including the Serta Collection, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Collection, the Arctic Collection, and the Serta iComfort Collection.

More types and styles are available, but those are the main ones. A Hotel collection is even available, and in fact, The company’s mattresses for sale online can even vary from those available in stores by name and style.

If that all sounds confusing to you, you’re not alone. Choosing just one mattress from the company’s massive number of options can be challenging. So much so that some consumers feel it’s just easier to look at other brands with a more focused selection.

However, those who find their perfect match from a Serta collection put up some excellent reviews for comfort, durability, and satisfaction.

Serta mattress review feature image


  • Massive selection of mattresses

  • 120-day trial period

  • Accessories and bedframes available

  • Commonly available at many retailers nationwide

  • Warrantied against compressions as small as ¾-inches

  • Uses many recycled materials

  • Long company history

  • Wide price range


  • Poor BBB standings

  • Complaints of warranty issues

  • Naming conventions differ from online to retailers

  • Multiple styles and names can make choosing difficult

Features and Benefits

As one of the largest bed and mattress manufacturers around, Serta not only has a large selection of products but also offers many options within its collections.
  • Four primary mattress collections to choose from
  • Massive number of options and styles available
  • Four primary kinds of mattresses available
  • Baby bedding and accessories available
  • Dog beds available
  • Offering adjustable frames
  • Platforms and furniture available
  • Wide selection of bedding and accessories for sale
  • 120-day trial period
  • 10-year warranties
  • Product names vary by sales locations
  • BBB ratings and grades are generally poor

Serta Editorial Rating

Trusted Company Reviews Rating Score for Serta: 8.4
Criteria Total Points: 
Available Sizes 6
Highest Price 6
Warranty 12
Trial Period 10
Retail Availability 10
Temperature Regulation 3
Model Options 12
Reviews 7
Expert Opinion 18

Serta Mattress Models

Serta offers a huge selection of mattresses to choose from. Following are the estimated prices for queen-sized mattresses in the popular Serta collections.
Model Average Queen Size Price
Serta $399 – $949
Serta Perfect Sleeper $499 – $1,699
Serta iComfort $1,049 – $4,199
Serta Arctic $2,999 – $4,599
Serta Hotel  $399 – $1,300
Mattress in a Box $349 – $699

Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta Simmons Bedding company manufactures Serta mattresses. While the company itself struggles with its lackluster BBB grade and lower-than-average customer service reviews, that may have a lot to do with the fact that the company is huge and operates many brand names. That’s not a great excuse for poor service, but at least it’s an explanation of sorts.
However, Serta as a mattress outshines many of its competitors regarding reviews. Customers generally like the product and claim it reduces back pain, provides long-lasting durability, and offers excellent support.
That said, due to the vast number of products available, Serta reviews typically only consider one or two mattress types at a time.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Reviews

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is the company’s flagship product. The Perfect Sleeper collection is available in all common bed sizes. Foam, innerspring and hybrid models are available, along with a bed-in-a-box option. Serta Perfect Sleeper models feature excellent edge support and are available in soft to firm comfort levels. The Serta Perfect Sleeper collection is generally regarded as being great for side and back sleepers.

Serta Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Serta manufactures several hybrid mattresses throughout its various model series. The iComfort is the most popular. However, hybrid versions of the Perfect Sleeper and Arctic series are also available. A mattress called the iSeries is similar to the iComfort, with a couple of minor differences, and is only available at Mattress Firm retail locations.

Serta iComfort Reviews

The Serta iComfort is the company’s nod to foam and hybrid mattresses. Available in very soft to very firm comfort levels, the series features cool-touch cover materials, a 5-zone support system in the innerspring hybrid models, and 20% natural latex construction for breathability.
Reviewers mention incredible comfort and support from both the foam and hybrid versions. Sleepers of all types will likely find an iComfort mattress to fit their sleep style. However, firmness levels for the iComfort rate just a bit more firm than expected, making it a great choice for stomach and side sleepers in general. Note that iComfort mattresses cost more than those in the Serta Perfect Sleeper series.

Serta Mattress In a Box Reviews

To keep up with the times, Serta offers a mattress-in-a-box series along with all of its other choices. This series is available in sizes limited to twin, full, queen, and king and has a medium-firm feel. They’re reasonably priced, offer good edge support, provide cooling airflow, and exhibit reduced motion transfer.
Serta claims the mattress-in-a-box series will work well with all sleep types. However, the medium-firm level, in reality, will appeal more to side and stomach sleepers.
General reviews for the series are good, with the only consistent complaints being concerned with a reduced sensation of durability, which is unexpected from the Serta brand.

Sealy Vs. Serta

Sealy and Serta are both very large mattress manufacturing brands. Both offer huge selections of mattresses and collections, as well as numerous furniture, bed frames, accessories, and other products. Sealy does better from a customer service standpoint, while Serta’s warranty and trial period have a slight advantage.
Feature Serta Sealy
Trusted Company Reviews Rating 8.4 N/A
BBB Grade / Rating B- to F depending on location A+
Mattress Varieties Over three dozen styles Over 40 styles
Firmness Levels Soft to Extra Firm Soft to Firm
Best For All sleep types All sleep types
Price Range / Queen Size $399 – $4,599 $399 – $4,269
Mattress Types All All
Retail Availability Online and in stores Online and in stores
Trial Period 120 days 90 days
Warranty 10 years 5 to 10 years

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