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Top 10 Best Hospital Beds for Elderly at Home

You’re here because you must know, “What is the best hospital bed for home use?” Rest assured, we have the answer. Our list of the best hospital beds was created by Tammy McKinney, a registered nurse with extensive experience using hospital beds for her senior patients. Additionally, we use a proprietary rating system to help us evaluate the best hospital beds. Our rating system considers each hospital bed’s price, size, weight, warranty, comfort level, durability, features, and customer reviews.

While they bear the name Hospital Bed; electric, manual, and adjustable beds are also convenient for use in home settings. Sometimes called medical beds, their ability to raise and lower easily and adjust at the head and feet for the comfort of your patient or loved one makes them an integral tool in caring for those who need it most. Depending on your needs, you’ll find adjustable hospital beds, bariatric beds, electric beds, manual crank beds, high and low beds, and beds with or without side rails.

Fortunately, hospital beds for home use are now readily available and come with a variety of features and price tags. The best hospital beds can even be covered by Medicare. And for veterans, hospital beds are often covered by VA medical benefits. All the answers on how to get the best price or full coverage for a hospital bed will be provided below. Without further ado, here are your top 10 best hospital beds for seniors in 2024 to assist you in your shopping experience.

Tammy McKinney–Registered Nurse and Product Researcher
Registered Nurse & Senior Care Specialist
9.5 Excellent

The Oasis Expandable Bed is the highest-rated hospital bed for seniors.

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Last Updated: March 13, 2024
Best Overall
9.5 Excellent

  • The Oasis is the Top Choice for Senior Patients
  • Expands in Length and Width
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Rails Included
  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Easy to Use
9.5 Excellent

  • The Infinity is #1 Rated for Bariatric Hospital Beds
  • Currently on Sale for 50% Off
  • 1,000 lb. Weight Capacity
  • Full Electric Functionality
  • Siderails Included
  • Handheld Remote Control
9.5 Excellent

  • Medline Hospital Beds are a great choice for at-home use
  • The Price: $1,631.29
  • Quiet Operation
  • Wall Guard included
  • Soft-touch Assist Rails
  • Custom Head and Footboards
  • Bed Style: High-Low
9.3 Great

9.3 Great

9.3 Great

  • The Roscoe Bed's Price: $675.87
  • Most Customizable Hospital Bed
  • Semi-Electric or Full-Electric Functionality
  • Several Size Options Available
  • Ergonomic Hand Pendant Control
  • Comes with a Polyester Fiber Core Mattress
9.0 Great

  • Invacare Hospital Bed Price: $1,254.50-$1,340.30
  • Best Warranty for Hospital Beds
  • Ergonomic and Intuitive Hand Pendant
  • Adjust Upper Body and Knees
  • Raise or Lower Bed Height
  • A Quite and Compact Motor
  • Includes a Comfortable Foam Mattress
8.8 Very Good

  • The MedLite Hospital Bed Price Range: $625.91-$739.57
  • A Lightweight Hospital Bed for In-Home Use
  • Manual, Semi-Electric, and Full Electric Functionality
  • Handheld remote
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Very durable
8.8 Very Good

  • The Delta Ultralight Hospital Bed Package Starting Price: $913.45
  • Full Electric Functionality
  • Motor Can Be Installed/Removed While Patient Remains in Bed
  • A Lightweight Bed and Easy to Install
  • Very Durable
  • Motor Runs Quietly
8.5 Very Good

  • Best Hospital Bed for Tall People
  • The Infinity Hospital Bed Costs: $2,334.88 (Check Discounted Price)
  • Can Sit Like a Comfortable Chair
  • A Fully Electric Hospital Bed
  • Designed with Safety in Mind
  • Excellent Reviews by Seniors and Caregivers

Top-Rated: Oasis Hospital Bed

Key Takeaways from The Oasis Hospital Bed:

  • Full Electric Bariatric Bed! Supports up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Ideal for Seniors and Adults with Mobility Issues: Durable, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • Provides extra length and space: The expandable width and length mean this bed can be used for patients of all sizes, including those needing a little extra length.

Nurse Tammy McKinney Approved:

In my experience, it’s the best adjustable electric hospital bed on the market for patient comfort.

Key Features:

  • Full electric adjustability for ease of use
  • Ultra-low positioning (7.8″) for fall safety with optional side rails
  • Handheld remote control for patient comfort
  • Expandable width and length for all body types
  • Quick-release headboard and footboard for easy adjustments
  • Central locking system for stability

Top-Rated Bariatric Hospital Bed: The Infinity (95/100)

Key Takeaways From the Infinity Max Bariatric Bed

  • Designed for Bariatric Comfort: Supports up to 1,000 lbs. and expands in both width (39″ to 54″) and length (80″ to 88″) for a perfect fit.
  • Full Electric Functionality: Effortless control for caregivers to adjust the bed’s height, head, and foot sections using the included handheld remote.
  • Prioritizes Safety: Includes siderails and a low position capability to minimize fall risks during transfers.

Nurse Tammy McKinney Says:

It’s the best bariatric hospital bed for my elderly patients.

Key Features:

  • Full electric adjustability
  • 1,000 lb weight capacity
  • Width adjusts from 39″ to 54″ for bariatric needs
  • Length adjusts from 80″ to 88″
  • Low position capability for safe transfers
  • Includes siderails for safety
  • Handheld remote control (not mentioned in this section, but can be added for consistency)

Great Value for Home Care: Medline Full-Electric Bed (95/100)

Key Takeaways From the Medline Full-Electric Bed

  • Quality on a Budget: Provides superior functionality at a competitive price ($1,631.29 with free shipping).
  • Quiet and Smooth Operation: Top-of-the-line electronics ensure a peaceful environment for you and your loved one.
  • Safety Features Included: Wall guards protect your home, and a folding foot lock minimizes tripping hazards.
  • Durable Design: Unique grid deck prevents mattress sagging for long-lasting comfort.

Key Features:

  • Full electric adjustability (head, foot, and height)
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Top-of-the-line quiet electronics system
  • Wall guards for protection
  • Folding foot lock to prevent tripping
  • Unique grid deck for mattress support
  • (Optional) Soft-touch assist rails and custom head/footboards (not standard)

Most Budget-Friendly Option: ProBasics Semi-Electric Bed (93/100)

Key Takeaways from the ProBasics Hospital Bed:

  • Exceptional Value: Starting at only $512.60 (including free shipping!), this bed offers significant savings without sacrificing essential features.
  • Easy to Use and Maneuver: Lightweight design and simple controls make it suitable for single caregiver use.
  • Semi-Electric Adjustability: Effortlessly adjust the head and foot sections with the large button hand control. Manual crank allows for height adjustment.
  • Peace of Mind with Back-Up: Battery backup ensures operation even during power outages.
  • Warranty Coverage: Includes a 5-year frame warranty and a 2-year motor/mechanical warranty.

Key Features:

  • Semi-electric adjustability (head and foot)
  • Manual height adjustment
  • 450 lb weight capacity
  • Large button hand pendant control
  • 9V battery backup for head/foot adjustment during outages
  • Choice of 4 mattress types (not standard, but included in the package)
  • Full or half siderails (optional)
  • 5-year frame warranty
  • 2-year motor/mechanical warranty

Highly Customizable: Roscoe Full-Electric Hospital Bed (93/100)

Key Takeaways From the Roscoe Electric Hospital Bed

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Choose from semi-electric or full-electric functionality, various mattress options, and full or half-length siderails to create the perfect home care setup (starting at $675.87 with free shipping).
  • Affordable Comfort and Safety: Offers a competitive price point while prioritizing comfort and safety features like a low position capability and included siderails.
  • Easy Adjustments (for full-electric models): Effortlessly control the bed’s height, head, and foot sections using the ergonomic hand pendant control (availability depends on chosen functionality).

Key Features (varies depending on chosen package):

  • Semi-electric or full-electric adjustability (head, foot, and height)
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • Choice of mattress (included in package)
  • Full or half-length siderails (included in package)
  • Low position capability (may not be available on all models)
  • Ergonomic hand pendant control (availability depends on chosen functionality)

Rating Criteria for Hospital Beds

Hospital Bed Rating System
Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed Package Medline Full Electric Bed Package Delta Ultralight Full Electric Bed Package Roscoe Full Electric Bed Package Infinity Max Bariatric Bed Infinity Bed Oasis Expandable Bed ProBasics Semi-Electric Bed Package MedLite Bed 4-Motor Full-Electric High-Low Hospital Bed with Locking System, 34.5″ Wide
Weight Capacity (350/450) 350 lb 450lb 450 lb 400 lb 1,000 lb 650 lb 550 lb 450 lb 400-450 lb 500 lb
Function (Electric, Semi-Electric, Manual) Electric Electric Electric Semi or Full Electric Electric Electric Electric Semi-Electric Manual, Semi-Electric, Full Electric Electric
Size 88″ L x 15″-23″ H x 36″ W 80″ x 36″ x 15″ 88.5″ L x 35.75″ H x 35.75″ W Varies Width from 39″ to 54″ and Length from 80″ to 88″ Width from 36″ to 48″ and Length from 80″ to 88″ Width from 36″ to 48″ and Length from 80″ to 84″ 87″ x 36″ 80″ L x 36″ W 80″ L x 34.5″ W
Price $1,254.50-$1,340.30 plus Free Shipping $586.57-$1,177.88 plus Free Shipping $913.45-$1,255.42 plus Free Shipping Starting at $675.87 plus Free Shipping $4,239.31 Plus Free Shipping $2,334.88 plus Free Shipping $2,050.83 plus Free Shipping Starting at $512.60 $625.91-$739.57 plus Free Shipping $1,631.29 plus Free Shipping
Warranty 5 Year Welds, 2 Year Mechanical/Electrical 5 Years on Electronics and Mechanical Components N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 Year on frame, 2 Year on Motor/Mechanical/Electrical 5 Year Warranty N/A
Low Position Capability No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Sleep Surface 80″L x 36″ W 80″ L x 36″ W 80″ L x 36″ W 88″ L x 36″ W Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable 80″ L x 36″ W 80″ x 36″ 80″ x 34.5″
Side Rails Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Optional Optional Half or Full No Optional
Controller Type Ergonomic Hand Pendant Large Button Remote Hand Pendant with Large Controls Ergonomic Hand Pendant Hand Remote Hand Remote Hand Remote Large Button Hand Pendant Hand Remote Hand Remote
Reviews 4/5 Stars 5/5 Stars Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated Not Yet Rated
TOTAL 90/100 93/100 88/100 93/100 95/100 85/100 95/100 93/100 88/100 95/100


Hospital beds are a convenient and helpful option for anyone dealing with mobility challenges, whether due to a chronic condition or during a temporary healing phase. For some, the bed is necessary for the comfort and assistance of the patient. In other cases, an adjustable hospital bed may be the saving grace a caregiver needs when they struggle to assist a patient in a standard bed.

Whatever your situation, it’s best to first speak with your physician to determine if a hospital bed is appropriate and which key features you should consider top priority.


When shopping for a hospital bed, your first consideration should always be safety. After safety comes size, type of function, and additional features. Speaking with your patient or loved one’s physician can help you to decide which features are most appropriate in your situation.

Fall Safety

If your loved one is prone to falling from the bed, you may consider a bed with low capability. This means the bed can be lowered close to the floor to minimize injury if your patient rolls out of the bed. Your physician may also recommend floor pads for next to the bed.


Siderails are a controversial add-on to a hospital bed. Some hospitals and care facilities have banned the use of the rails, stating that they act as a restraint. However, if your patient’s doctor has given the all-clear to use side rails, you’ll find them very helpful in several ways.

First, if the patient is able, they can grab the side rails to assist them in rolling or repositioning within the bed.

Secondly, some patients feel safer and more secure in the bed, knowing that the rails are there and they won’t fall out.

Caregivers may also glean a sense of security in knowing that they can rely on the side rails to assist in keeping the patient on the bed if they become restless. The rails should never be used as a restraint to hold the patient into the bed when they want out, but they can be a useful mobility and safety tool, especially in the home.

Bed Sizes

Like other beds, hospital beds are available in several different sizes. However, you won’t find standard bed sizes such as twin, queen, or king-size hospital beds. Instead, the beds are available in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate patients with varying care needs.

The standard size of a hospital bed mattress is 80” in length by 36” in width. Some beds are the same size, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of a hospital bed in a small space. For those needing a larger bed, adjustable beds are available up to 54” in width and 88” in length.

Functionality (Full Electric Hospital Bed, Semi-Electric Hospital Bed, Manual Hospital Bed)

Another important determinant when choosing a hospital bed is its function. Hospital beds come in Full Electric, Semi-Electric, and Manual.

A full electric hospital bed allows the user to adjust the head and foot of the bed with a remote and offers additional electric controls to move the bed position up and down. When opting for a semi-electric bed, the user will maintain electric control of the head and feet but will need to use a manual hand crank to move the bed up and down.

Manual beds forego the electric adjustments altogether and require a physical adjustment of the head, feet, and bed height. While opting for less electronics will undoubtedly lower the bed cost, it also dramatically increases the effort required to utilize its features. It’s something that should be considered carefully before making a decision.


Another important consideration when shopping for a hospital bed is the mattress. Because the beds are not standard sizes, you’ll likely need to purchase a new mattress. First, ensure that the mattress fits the bed that you’re purchasing.

Next, consider the style of mattress that will work best for your patient. Innerspring mattresses are typically the most affordable, starting at about $300.

However, patients with certain skin conditions or a complete loss of mobility may require a specialty mattress, such as a pressure redistribution or pressure reduction support mattress. Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider for assistance in choosing the best hospital bed mattress for your needs.

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Out of Pocket

Purchasing a hospital bed can be a significant investment, especially when it may be a temporary requirement. Prices vary from just over $500 to over $2,000, depending on the features chosen.

If you’re able and willing to pay for your hospital bed out of pocket, you will have the greatest flexibility in selecting your preferred options.

Private Insurance

If you want to procure a bed without a significant cost, your first stop should be your insurance company. Some private insurance companies will cover the cost of a hospital bed for home use if a physician has deemed it medically necessary. Policies vary, with some only paying for specific styles or brands of beds.


In some instances, Medicare will pay for a hospital bed if the patient’s physician provides a written prescription for one. Please note that only Medicare Part B allows coverage for medical equipment. There are caveats to using Medicare coverage for hospital beds, starting with Medicare’s rule allowing only manual beds. Manual beds aren’t always the best hospital beds for elderly patients. Keeping the patient and their caregiver’s needs in mind is essential, so the coverage may not be helpful. The patient will also be responsible for a copay and deductible on the amount of the bed. On the other hand, Medicare does cover the total cost of hospital bed accessories, such as mattress covers and bed rails.


Medicaid is a program administered by each state. Therefore, rules will vary depending on your location. However, most Medicaid programs do cover, at least in part, home hospital beds when medically necessary.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans have several benefit options available to them when looking to get a hospital bed. VA medical benefits will cover the cost of a hospital bed for some patients but have requirements on the type and style of the bed. If a veteran cannot procure a bed through the VA medical program, they may be able to use their Tricare for Life benefit, in conjunction with Medicare Part B, to cover the total cost of the bed and accessories required.

Hospice Care Benefit

If your loved one or patient is currently on service with a Hospice organization, they are likely entitled to an in-home hospital bed as part of their benefit. Most Hospice agencies provide durable medical equipment as part of their service and will remove the equipment from your home when the patient is no longer using it. If you would like to choose your own bed, be sure to consult them about any partial coverage they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions asked about hospital beds for seniors.


Hospital bed costs can vary widely depending on the features you’re looking for. Some start in the low $500 range, while others cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. Some insurance carriers offer full or partial coverage to offset the cost.

Veterans can check in with their benefits administrator for information on coverage specifically offered through the VA. For patients on Hospice Care, an in-home hospital bed is likely included as part of their benefit package.


Hospital beds are inherently expensive. However, if you need one, you may be able to procure one for Free. First, start with your insurance carrier. They may offer full coverage of certain types of beds, allowing you to get one with no out-of-pocket costs. Another option is to ask around.

Hospital beds are difficult to dispose of after use, and someone in your community may have one to donate. Also, some organizations, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army, provide free hospital beds if they have them in stock.


Medicare Part A does NOT cover the cost of Durable Medical Equipment (DME), including hospital beds. Medicare Part B does cover the cost of a hospital bed only if it is deemed medically necessary, a physician’s written prescription can be obtained, and a manual bed option is chosen.

Even after meeting those criteria, a deductible and copay amount will still be due.


Some private insurance will cover a portion of the total cost of a hospital bed in the home. They may have strict caveats such as manual beds only or a certain dollar amount of available coverage. You’ll need to reach out directly to your insurance carrier to find out what their coverage options are.


Hospital beds do not come in standard sizes such as twin, full, queen, and king. Instead, each will list their sizes accordingly. You’ll find lengths ranging from 80” to 88” and widths varying from 34.5” to 48”. Keep in mind that a matching mattress will be required, and your standard bed mattresses and sheets likely won’t fit.


Hospital bed sheets can be purchased separately. Most standard bed sheets won’t fit snugly, but you may find that Twin-XL or Full-size sheets fit the majority of hospital bed mattresses pretty well.

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