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Medical Guardian Reviews

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Top Medical Guardian Reviews: The Best Medical Alert Systems of 2023

Medical Guardian customer reviews, complaints and product features have been thoroughly analyzed by our team of medical experts, including Doctor Naheed Ali. We will share our findings with you in the following Medical Guardian review. We’ll give you a side-by-side comparison of Medical Guardian vs. LifeFone, Mobile Help, and Bay Alarm medical alert systems, prices, features, and customer reviews. Medical Guardian also made the list of the top 10 medical alert systems for seniors with dementia.


Medical Guardian reviews

Overview of Medical Guardian

Founded in 2005 by Geoff Gross, inspired by his quest to safeguard his grandmother experiencing frequent falls, Medical Guardian has evolved into a trusted ally for more than 300,000 seniors. The service is meticulously designed to accommodate the unique lifestyle of each individual.

Setting itself apart with a comprehensive array of medical alert systems, including watches, jewelry, necklaces, and compact mobile devices, Medical Guardian stands out with its emergency response team, renowned for its remarkable speed.

Notably, the Mini Guardian, with an estimated average response time of just 39 seconds, underscores the efficiency of the system.

Furthermore, Medical Guardian distinguishes itself by eliminating equipment fees upon sign-up and offering monthly pricing that positions itself on the more economical end of the spectrum.

Medical Guardian Awards

Medical Guardian has earned awards, including making the list for “Best Places to Work” and “Fastest Growing Companies.” Aside from its creator, Geoff Gross, its team includes experts from the healthcare industry, including Alex Prough and Jim Spencer.

Medical Guardian is one of the most reliable medical alert systems for seniors and people with disabilities. Medical Guardian has earned the prestigious title of the #1 rated best medical alert system by reputable entities such as Forbes, The National Council of Aging, U.S. News, and

Comparing Medical Guardian vs. Other Medical Alert Devices

While Medical Guardian stands out, the comparison of medical alert systems necessitates consideration of various factors, including personal preferences, costs, contract terms, and additional features aligned with individual lifestyles and needs. Your exercise habits, aesthetic concerns, device preferences (watch, wristband, or necklace), indoor or outdoor activities, mobility issues, and the potential need for spousal monitoring all play pivotal roles in determining the most suitable medical alert system.

Researching Medical Alert Companies

Undoubtedly, researching a company’s reputation before committing to a medical alert system is crucial. The reliability of a company’s response during emergencies is paramount.

For instance, steering clear of long-term contracts with companies plagued by numerous customer complaints about false alarms from automatic fall detection equipment or delays in the emergency monitoring team’s response is imperative.

Such critical information is often absent from a company’s official website but can be uncovered through customer reviews, shedding light on potentially detrimental details.

In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the pros and cons of Medical Guardian, providing a comprehensive evaluation to assist you in making an informed decision about your medical alert system choice.


  • Flexible Payment Options: Medical Guardian offers a variety of payment options, including monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. They also offer various discounts to help senior citizens save money. (see the section below on “Medical Guardian discounts” for more details)

  • Connect with the type of emergency help you need: Medical Guardian customers can connect with the kind of help they need, including the fire department, police, and ambulance.

  • No Long-Term Contracts: Medical Guardian offers the flexibility and freedom to cancel the agreement anytime and receive a refund.

  • Wide Variety of Features: Medical Guardian offers various medical alert systems, including in-home and mobile options, to suit different needs and lifestyles. They are known for their selection and customization options that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

  • Waterproof Devices: Medical Guardian’s Freedom Guardian smartwatch, Classic Guardian pendent-style medical alert button, and its Mobile Guardian medical alert device are all waterproof medical alert systems you can wear in the bath and shower.

  • Automatic Fall Detection: Medical Guardian’s medical alert devices feature fall detection technology that automatically alerts the monitoring center if a fall is detected.


  • Higher Monthly Cost: The monthly cost of Medical Guardian’s services can be higher than some competitors, particularly if you opt for add-ons like GPS tracking.

  • Up-Front One-Time Investment: Users must pay an up-front fee of $124.95 for equipment.

  • More Notifications = More Cost: The cost of Medical Guardian’s services increases with the number of notifications received.

  • Additional Cost for Fall Detection: Medical Guardian does not offer automatic fall detection on all devices and requires an additional fee for this feature.

  • Customer Complaints: Medical Guardian customer reviews have illustrated reports of issues and problems with the devices failing to connect to the monitoring center or experiencing false alarms with its fall detection.

  • Limited Range: Medical Guardian medical alert devices have a limited range, which can be a problem for seniors living in larger homes or apartments with multiple floors.

  • Landline or Cellular Connection Required: Medical Guardian devices require a landline or cellular connection to function, which may be a challenge for users in areas with poor cell coverage or who do not have a landline.

How Medical Guardian Stands Out

Medical Guardian stands out among medical alert system providers with its personalized approach, offering a wide range of devices and features tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for in-home or on-the-go protection, Medical Guardian has a solution to suit your lifestyle.

Personalized Fall Detection and GPS Tracking for Added Security

Medical Guardian’s advanced fall detection technology ensures prompt assistance in case of an accidental fall. Select models automatically alert the monitoring center upon detecting a fall, ensuring immediate medical attention. Additionally, GPS-enabled devices provide precise location tracking, enabling emergency responders to quickly locate you in any situation.

24/7 U.S.-Based Monitoring

Medical Guardian’s 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring center is staffed by trained professionals who are dedicated to providing prompt and reliable assistance. In the event of an emergency, simply press the button on your device, and our team will immediately dispatch emergency services and keep your loved ones informed.

Stationary Base Unit with Backup Battery for Uninterrupted Protection

The stationary base unit serves as the central hub for your Medical Guardian system, ensuring continuous monitoring even in the event of power outages. The backup battery ensures that your device remains operational, providing you with unwavering protection around the clock.

Smart Voice Assistant for Hands-Free Communication

Medical Guardian’s smart voice assistant technology allows for hands-free communication, making it easier to connect with loved ones or emergency services in case of an emergency. With voice commands, you can make calls, send messages, and access important information without the need to reach for your device.

MGMove Watch for Activity Tracking and Health Insights

The MGMove watch not only provides medical alert protection but also doubles as a fitness tracker, allowing you to monitor your daily activity levels and set goals for improved health. With insights into your steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns, you can make informed decisions to enhance your overall well-being.

Medical Guardian’s Exceptional Customer Service Reviews

Medical Guardian is committed to providing exceptional customer service, consistently receiving high ratings for its attentiveness and responsiveness.

Additionally, MyGuardian, the company’s online login portal, provides activity alerts and status reports for loved ones, allowing them to stay connected and informed about your well-being.

AARP Member Discounts and Regular Promotions

AARP members can enjoy a 10% discount on Medical Guardian products, making it even more affordable to safeguard your safety and health.

Additionally, Medical Guardian frequently offers promotions and discounts throughout the year, providing opportunities to save on your medical alert system.

Review Medical Guardian Cost

Medical Guardian offers a variety of monthly pricing plans ranging from $29.95 to $79.95, depending on the chosen features and options. They also have a one-time equipment cost of $124.95.

Here’s a breakdown of Medical Guardian pricing:

Monthly Plan Pricing

Plan Monthly Fee
Classic Guardian $29.95
Classic Guardian Landline $29.95
Mobile Guardian $39.95
Mobile Guardian LTE $44.95
Mobile Guardian Plus $79.95

Additional Charges

  • Fall Detection Fee: $10 per month
  • Equipment Fee: $124.95 (one-time fee)

Savings Opportunities

Medical Guardian offers several ways to save on their medical alert systems:

  • AARP Membership Discount: Seniors who are AARP members can receive a discount.
  • Promotional Offers: Medical Guardian frequently offers promotions and discounts on their website.

Contact Customer Service: Contact Medical Guardian customer service to inquire about any current promotions or discounts.

Overall, Medical Guardian’s pricing is competitive with other top-rated medical alert systems. They also offer a variety of savings opportunities to make their products more affordable.

Next, we will compare Medical Guardian medical alert systems’ cost and prices to other top-rated medical alert devices.

Cost of Medical Guardian vs. Bay Alarm Medical

Feature Medical Guardian
Bay Alarm Medical
Monthly Plan Range $29.95 – $79.95 $19.95 – $41.95
Fall Detection Fee $10 $10
Equipment Fee $0 Up to $149

Bay Alarm Medical offers monthly, quarterly, and annual plans that cost between $19.95 and $41.95.

In contrast, Medical Guardian’s plans start at $29.95 and go up to $39.95 monthly.

Both companies charge a flat $10 monthly fee for fall detection capabilities, and their equipment fees vary.

However, Medical Guardian offers the lowest equipment fee at no cost, while Bay Alarm’s options range up to $149.

Cost of Medical Guardian vs. LifeFone

Medical Guardian and LifeFone offer customized plans catering to different lifestyles.

LifeFone offers five plans suitable for both at-home and on-the-go assistance.

Plan Monthly Fee
At Home Landline (LifeFone) $29.95
Classic Guardian Landline (Medical Guardian) $29.95
At Home and On-the-Go VIPx (LifeFone) $41.95
Mobile Guardian (Medical Guardian) $39.95

The At Home Landline plan, priced at $29.95, is comparable to Medical Guardian’s Classic Guardian Landline plan and an excellent option for home safety.

LifeFone’s At Home and On-the-Go VIPx plan, available for $41.95 per month on an annual plan, provides more extensive coverage, similar to Medical Guardian’s top-tier plans when additional options are selected.

How to Get Medical Guardian Discounts?

You can get a discount on Medical Guardian medical alert systems if you’re a senior citizen.

To receive the discount, you can visit the AARP website and follow the instructions to become a member. Once you are a member, you can contact Medical Guardian customer service to obtain the discount code.

In addition to this, Medical Guardian also frequently offers promotions and discounts on their website, so it’s worth checking their website regularly for any current offers.

Finally, you can also contact their customer service team to inquire about any current promotions or discounts that may be available.

You can apply today and get 33% off on Medical Guardian’s website.

Medical Guardian vs. MobileHelp – who’s the best?

These are your top two best medical alert systems for 2023. So, let’s take a look at a head-to-head comparison of the two.

Feature Medical Guardian MobileHelp
Device options Broader range of device options, including both in-home and on-the-go systems with GPS tracking, fall detection, and two-way communication
Specializes in mobile medical alert systems and has fewer options for in-home use
Monitoring 24/7 monitoring with US-based call centers, UL-certified monitoring centers, and a redundant backup system in case of emergencies
24/7 monitoring with US-based call centers, UL-certified monitoring centers
Contracts and fees Contract-free options, but monthly fees are slightly higher than MobileHelp’s
Contract-free options, lower monthly fees than Medical Guardian’s
Customer service Good customer service and support, high customer satisfaction rating, and more positive reviews overall
Good customer service and support
  1. Device options: Medical Guardian offers a broader range of device options, including both in-home and on-the-go systems with GPS tracking, fall detection, and two-way communication. MobileHelp, on the other hand, specializes in mobile medical alert systems and has fewer options for in-home use.
  2. Monitoring: Both companies offer 24/7 monitoring with US-based call centers, but Medical Guardian’s monitoring centers are UL-certified and have a redundant backup system in case of emergencies. MobileHelp’s monitoring centers are also UL-certified, but they do not have a redundant backup system.
  3. Contracts and fees: Both companies offer contract-free options, but MobileHelp’s monthly fees are slightly lower than Medical Guardian’s. However, Medical Guardian frequently offers promotions and discounts that can offset the cost.
  4. Customer service: Both companies have good customer service and support, but Medical Guardian has a higher customer satisfaction rating and more positive reviews overall.

In summary, both Medical Guardian and MobileHelp are great options for medical alert systems, and the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you want a wider range of device options and UL-certified monitoring with a redundant backup system, then Medical Guardian might be the better choice.

However, if you prefer lower monthly fees and specialize in mobile medical alert systems, then MobileHelp might be a better fit.

Medical Guardian BBB Reviews

The BBB is one of the oldest and most reputable organizations to check for company reviews, so part of doing your due diligence for any company and any industry needs to include the BBB. Check a company’s rating (i.e., A-F), customer reviews, and history of complaints.

First, let’s discuss some bad and then the good on Medical Guardian’s BBB profile.

Medical Guardian Customer Review Rating

Medical Guardian’s average customer review rating at the BBB is 1.1 out of 5, an abysmal rating from its customers. Fifty-nine reviews were submitted to the BBB to calculate this average rating, many of which include a one-star rating.

Medical Guardian Complaints at BBB

There are 209 complaints against Medical Guardian listed at the BBB from within the last three years – not a flawless track record, but remember, this is one of the industry’s most prominent medical alert companies.

That said, top-rated companies should maintain a higher ratio of positive to negative customer reviews online than that.

Medical Guardian’s customer complaints relate to issues with billing and pricing, difficulty canceling its services or obtaining refunds, and problems with faulty equipment or service quality.

Is Medical Guardian BBB Accredited?

On a positive note, not all complaints necessarily reflect a negative experience with the company, and Medical Guardian has responded to the majority of these complaints in a timely manner.

Additionally, Medical Guardian is BBB accredited and has been since 6/23/2009, also maintaining an A+ rating.

Source: BBB, Medical Guardian, LLC profile

Medical Guardian Replacement Parts

Medical Guardian will replace a part for free if something is defective or not working on their medical alert systems within 30 days of purchase.

However, after the initial 30-day period, customers may be required to pay for replacement parts, depending on the specific circumstances of the request.

Review Medical Guardian’s warranty and replacement policies to understand what is covered and what may require additional fees before purchasing one of their medical alert systems.

Some common complaints from Medical Guardian customers about its replacement parts are related to the following –

  • delays in receiving replacement parts
  • difficulty in finding compatible replacement parts, and
  • dissatisfaction with the quality of the replacement parts.

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How long does the battery last on Medical Guardian medical alert devices?

How to contact Medical Guardian, LLC?

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