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Independent Home Walk in Tubs Review

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This Independent Home Review Will Cover

  • An overview of the Independent Home Company
  • Pros and Cons of the Independent Home Walk-in Bath Tubs
  • Different types of walk-in tubs
  • Information about prices
  • Specific reviews and complaints on Independent Home Walk-in Tubs

Look no further than our in-depth breakdown of Independent Home Walk-in Tubs to learn all you need to know to make the right purchase for your family. After extensive product research and a thorough customer and official feedback analysis, we’ve compiled key details from Independent Home walk-in tub reviews.

Walk-in tubs provide an element of luxury and comfort, but they also come with vital safety features. Easy-to-access seats, support, and controls help seniors avoid injuries while they bathe. The peace of mind that walk-in tubs offer likewise helps seniors maintain a higher level of autonomy as they age and stay at home longer, which can also be significant for caregivers and families.

Reviews: Independent Home Walk in Tubs Photo


  • Established brand: Independent Home walk-in tubs have been in business for 14 years and have a 5-Star Consumer Affairs rating based on 1,000+ reviews and an A+ BBB rating.

  • Accessible: Tubs are wheelchair accessible, featuring ADA-compliant seats, low thresholds, grab bars, and handrails.

  • Safe: Users stay safe thanks to anti-slip floors, an overflow valve, and a quick drain feature that can empty the tub in minutes.

  • Spa features: Chromatherapy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, heated seats, and backrests enhance the bathing experience.

  • Comfortable: Tub models feature extendable shower wands and faucets within arm’s reach. An electronic keypad makes it simple to change bubbles, jets, and other controls.

  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty options are available for each purchase.


  • Water heater issues: The spacious capacity of this tub may affect water heater efficiency for some people.

  • No online pricing: Independent Home walk-in tub prices must be obtained after an in-home consultation.

  • No monitoring tools: These tubs don’t feature devices that can alert other family members if issues arise

Independent Home Company Overview

Independent Home Products, LLC, the creators of Independent Home walk-in tubs, has been in business since 2008. The company has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since its creation. Throughout its 14 years of service, Independent Home has installed over 10,000 walk-in tubs across 48 states.
The company focuses exclusively on walk-in tubs, though shower options are available in some models and homes. According to Independent Home, all products are made from high-quality materials and rigorously tested for safety and longevity. An in-person consultation allows Independent Homes to design and assemble custom walk-in tubs and manage the installation process. Strong customer service and lifetime warranty support also set this company apart.

Images of Independent Home Walk-in Tubs

independent home walk in bathtub image one

  • Chrome faucets are a popular choice for Independent Home walk-in bathtubs, offering a sleek modern look. In addition, they are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion.
  • Independent Home offers shower wands as an optional accessory for their walk-in bathtubs. And if you want a full shower experience with your walk-in bath, Independent Home also offers a walk-in bath and shower combo package.

image of Independent walk in tub

Source: Independent Home Gallery

Types of Independent Homes Walk-in Tubs

According to Consumer Affairs, Independent Home creates eight different types of walk-in tubs. Each Independent Home walk-in tub comes equipped with standard features such as fast-fill faucets and speed drains. [1] Higher-end models may include luxury spa features like hydrotherapy, dual massage jets, etc. The company also makes walk-in shower options for homes that may not fit a tub due to customer preference or bathroom size limitations.

Different models can come with different features, which may extend to the number of jets included, the size of the tub, and the range of spa features available. Some Independent Home walk-in bath solutions are designed for specific needs, including the following:

  • The Access: A wheelchair-accessible tub model that makes it simple for those to safely get in and out of the tub thanks to wide and low thresholds and adequate support and grab bars.
  • The Cube: A compact walk-in tub designed to fit into an existing shower stall space for homes with a limited capacity for renovations.
  • The Royal: A grand tub designed for larger individuals with a power-controlled seat for lifting and lowering users into the bath.

The best Independent Home walk-in tub for you will likely depend on your needs, wants, and budget. Below are some brief comparisons between Independent Home walk-in tubs and others on the market that further highlight some of the unique features of this company.

What are common complaints about Independent Home Walk-in Tubs?

While most customer experiences with Independent Home walk-in tubs are positive, some are less so. Below are some frequent Independent Home walk-in tubs complaints from customer reviews that illustrate some of the potential downsides of the company:

Common Independent Home customer complaints:

According to Independent Home walk-in bath reviews and complaints from the Better Business Bureau, the following concerns may be worth noting: [2]

  • Water heater struggles: The most common complaint among customers is a cold or lukewarm bathing experience. The size and capacity of Independent Home walk-in tubs mean that some water heaters may not be strong or big enough to produce water that’s a comfortable temperature the entire time the tub fills up.
  • Leaks and cracked tubs: Another frequent complaint are leaks in the tub, often caused by a damaged or cracked tub body.
    Insufficient tank sizes: Some customers experienced issues with the size of their water tanks not matching the size of their tubs, resulting in low water levels.
  • Poor customer service post-installation: Some customers have reported that customer service, particularly after tub installation, is sometimes lacking. They state that customer service representatives are unresponsive or fail to fully address their concerns.
  • Slow or unfinished repairs: In cases where faults are identified with tub installations, some customers have noted that wait times for fixes can be lengthy.


Independent Home Walk-in Tub Highlights

The main special feature that can set Independent Home walk-in tubs apart from the rest is their luxurious spa features, which typically come with premium models. The company also makes models for larger users to comfortably navigate, a significant benefit for those who may otherwise face limited to no options for accessible bathing solutions. The ability to customize your Independent Home walk-in bathtub also is unique, as other companies may feature standard models that aren’t open to change.

Independent Home Walk-in Tub Customer Reviews and Ratings

BBB review average customer rating for Independent Home walk in tubs

Overall, Independent Home reviews are predominantly positive. The company has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been accredited since 2008. An average of 42 customer reviews gives the company an average of 4/5 stars. Most customers are more than satisfied with their tubs and report minimal to no issues during and after installation. In fact, the majority of Independent Home walk-in tub reviews are five stars.

However, it’s worth noting that most customer complaints center around a lack of adequate response from Independent Home after their tub has been installed, which leaves many feeling as though their lifetime warranty isn’t as protective as it’s made out to be. Repairs can take some time because contractors sometimes travel a good distance to meet customer needs. If you choose to pursue a tub installation, it’s likely best to thoroughly read through all contract details and ensure you establish a strong line of communication to address concerns that might arise.

Independent Home vs. American Standard Walk-in Tub

Compared to American Standard walk-in tubs, another popular option for accessible bathing solutions, Independent Home seems to offer more unique features that make for a high-class experience. Of course, these features are considered premium and may not come with every tub.

Independent Home vs. Kohler Walk-in Tub

In general, Kohler walk-in tubs may offer more options for those looking to incorporate shower heads into their tub. Overall, though, Kohler models don’t offer features that Independent Home tubs don’t have, though the former may offer delayed financing options that help some families afford their tub.

Independent Home vs. Ariel Walk-in Tub

Ariel walk-in tubs are often more straightforward than Independent Home models. Specific models can be purchased on the company’s site, which means that while pricing may be more transparent, customization options are likely limited.

Price Details for Independent Home Walk-in Tubs

Specific details about Independent Home walk-in tub prices can only be attained after an at-home consultation and quotes are provided. However, financing options are available to those who qualify for them, including those with disabilities and veterans. Generally, adding options like hydrotherapy increases the price of these tubs. There are also installation costs to consider, which should be discussed during your consultation.

You can protect your investment when you purchase an Independent Home walk-in tub. Warranty protection comes with all tubs and lasts for life.

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