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Harmar Stair Lift Reviews

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Harmar Stair Lift Reviews for 2023 

Considering a Harmar stairlift or wheelchair lift? The following Harmar stair lift review will give you details about the company’s credentials, including the good and the bad. We’ll review the pros and cons, specifications and prices of each stair lift model. 

Harmar Mobility, a USA-based stairlift manufacturer, offers a range of senior stair-chair lifts starting at just $4,000. Their straight stairlift models work for both indoor and outdoor staircases, while curved options are available for indoors only.

Harmar Stairlifts reviews cost and complaints

One standout model is Harmar’s SL600HD Pinnacle Stairlift, renowned as the best stairlift for heavy individuals due to its impressive 600-pound lift capacity.

Harmar’s stairlifts are designed with a narrow fold, occupying just 10.5″ of space when folded. This convenient feature allows other household members to navigate the stairs with ease.

Throughout our Harmar stairlift review, you’ll find answers to all your questions concerning cost, rental options, features, and warranty stipulations, giving you everything you need to know to make an informed purchase!

We’ll also explain the differences between Harmar and Bruno stairlifts, another top-rated brand. And remember to check out the top 6 best stair lifts for seniors in 2023.


  • Local Brand: Harmar is manufactured and run in the USA

  • Affordable Prices: Harmar stair lifts start at $4,000, offering an affordable option for many customers.

  • Power: Harmar stair lift batteries provide up to 60 journeys during a power outage, surpassing other top brands like ABC stairlifts, which offer only around 20 journeys.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Most stair lifts have a maximum weight capacity of 350-400 pounds, including Bruno, Acorn and Stannah. However, some Harmar stair lift models have an impressive weight capacity of up to 600 pounds, making them one of the best stair lifts for larger individuals.


  • Dealership: Harmar does not sell directly to the public, and terms can change per dealer.

  • No Service Plans: Harmar does not offer service plans or maintenance packages for their stair lifts, requiring customers to arrange and pay for servicing, repairs, or maintenance independently or through a third-party provider.

  • No Accreditation at BBB: Harmar is not a BBB accredited stair lift provider. However, they are A+ BBB rated.

  • Warranty: Harmar’s stair lifts have limited warranty terms, whereas brands like Bruno and Acorn offer at least five-year warranties on their products.

Harmar Stair Lifts Overview

Category Details
Cost $4,000 and up for straight models. $9,000 and up for custom models
Weight Limit 250-600lb depending on the chosen model
Financing Available No
Customer Service Monday-Friday 8 am-7 pm EST
Indoor Styles Indoor Straight, Indoor Curved
Outdoor Styles Outdoor Straight
Warranty Limited Warranty specific to each model
BBB Rating Not Rated with BBB

Our senior stairlift guide will walk you through everything you need to know, including “Can I rent a senior stairlift?” and “Will a stair lift fit on my curved stairs?” Let’s get started with the most asked question. “How much will a Harmar stairlift cost?”

Harmar Stair Lift Cost:

Harmar is a manufacturer and does not sell its senior stairlifts directly to the public. Authorized dealers offer the stairlifts through their independent locations and may offer different plans and pricing, leaving a wide margin of variability in cost.

Before purchase, a qualified stairlift technician must come to your home to measure and evaluate your staircase. They will then provide you with an accurate estimate of costs.

If you want to purchase a straight, indoor stairlift, your cost will start at $4,000 and go up depending on the length of your staircase and chosen options. For outdoor stairlifts or lifts customized to curved stairs, the starting cost is around $9,000.

Financing Harmar Stairlifts:

Stairlifts are considered a home upgrade, according to insurance companies. Therefore, they do not offer coverage. However, there are financing options available. Harmar does not provide direct financing but encourages consumers to seek assistance through programs like the VA, HUD, and some Medicare Advantage Plans.

Renting Harmar Stairlifts:

If you need the stairlift for a short period or are concerned about committing to a permanent installation, renting might be a more suitable option. Some Harmar dealers offer rental programs. To find out if a rental option is nearby, find a local Harmar dealer using the dealer locator.

Something to know:

Each Harmar dealer sets their rental program rates, selection, and terms. When deciding on your stairlift rental, ask about upfront and monthly fees, maintenance programs, warranties, buyout options, and removal processes.

Indoor Stairlifts:

1.) SL600 Pinnacle Stairlift:

Indoor Stairlifts: Harmar's SL600 Pinnacle Stairlift

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • Straight Lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Indoor use
  • Retractable Seatbelt
  • Swivel Seat at Upper Landing
  • Battery Operation During Power Outages
  • Full Sized Backrest
  • Optional Key Lock
  • Optional Automatic Folding Hinged Rail
  • Narrowest Stairlift in the Industry!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Harmar’s SL600 Pinnacle Stairlift boasts the narrowest fold in the industry, consuming only 10.5” of space when folded. Boasting a full-sized backrest and upper swivel seat, this model provides a safe a comfortable ride every time. There’s no need to fret when the power goes out because this stair chair’s battery power lasts for up to 60 one-way trips before needing re-charged.

This stairlift features a low-maintenance helical worm gear drive system, which never requires lubrication and is easy to clean.

Specifications for SL600 Pinnacle Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity

350 lbs.

Track Length


Seat Size

19” x 16”

Incline Limits

27°-52° (inclines over 45° may require a permit)

Footrest Size

12.3” x 13.2”

Folded Width

10.5″ from the wall

2.) SL300 Pinnacle Stairlift:

SL300 Pinnacle Stairlift.

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity
  • Straight lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Indoor use
  • Upper Landing Swivel Seat
  • Battery Operation During Power Outages
  • Industry’s Most Compact Fold!
  • Optional Retractable Seatbelt
  • Optional Hinged Rail
  • Optional Key Lock
  • Warranty-2 Year Parts, 10 Year Gear Rack, 1 Year Battery

The SL300 Pinnacle Stairlift from Harmar is similar to the SL600, offering the same optional key lock and hinged rail features. However, the retractable seatbelt does not come standard with this model, and the battery operation is limited to 40 trips, unlike the 60 trips available with the SL600 battery. Furthermore, this model’s lift capacity maxes out at 300lb, a full 50lb less than the SL600.

Something to Watch: The warranty is much more limited on this model, covering parts for 2 years, the gear rack for 10 years, and the battery for only 1 year.

Specifications for SL300 Pinnacle Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity

300 lbs.

Track Length


Incline Limits

27°-52° (inclines over 45° may require a permit)

Footrest Size

12.6” x 14.8”

Folded Width

11” from the wall

3.) SL600HD Pinnacle Stairlift:

Harmar’s Pinnacle stair lift is the only one on the market that can carry up to 600 pounds. 

SL600HD Pinnacle Stairlift Harmar 2

  • 600 lb (272kg) lift capacity
  • Straight lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Indoor use
  • High Back & Padded Seat
  • Upper Landing Swivel Seat
  • Battery Operation During Power Outages
  • Optional Key Lock
  • Warranty-3 Year Parts, 10 Year Gear Rack, 1 Year Battery

Harmar’s SL600HD senior stairlift boasts one of the highest lifting capacities on the market! Created with comfort in mind, the padded seat has an extra high back, and the upper landing swivel allows for a safe transfer at the end of the ride. An optional key lock is available to ensure that the lift is used only by an authorized party.

Harmar’s warranty for the SL600HD Pinnacle Stairlift:

The SL600 is excluded from the lifetime warranty, but parts are covered for three years, the gear rack for 10, and the battery for 1.

Specifications for SL600HD Pinnacle Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 600 lbs.
Track Length 15’6”-40’
Incline Limits 27°-48° (inclines over 45° may require a permit)
Seat Size 18.5” x 14”
Folded Width 16.5” from the wall

4.) SL350AC Stairlift:

Harmar stair lift SL350AC

  • 250-350 lb (113kg-158kg) lift capacity
  • Straight lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Indoor use
  • Upper Landing Swivel Seat
  • Battery Operation During Power Outages
  • Wide Seat
  • Optional Key Lock
  • Optional Grocery Basket
  • Optional Flip-Up Armrests
  • Warranty-3 Year Parts

The SL350AC is a basic model from Harmar. The seatbelt is not retractable, and flip-up armrests do not come standard. However, chair lifts on tracks up to 15’9″ still boast a 350lb lift capacity, with the lift capacity dropping to 250lb for longer tracks. Much like the helical worm gear drive system in the other models, the cable drive system requires no lubrication by the consumer.

Watch the warranty: This model includes a warranty that covers parts only for three years. This range is much more limited than the other models.

Specifications for SL350AC Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 250-350 lbs.
Track Length 15’9”-25’
Incline Limits 27°-45°
Footrest Size 9.5” x 10”
Folded Width 14” from the wall

5.) Helix Curved Stairlift:

Harmar's Helix Stair Lift for Curved Stairways

The Helix stairlift, Harmar’s only stair lift for curved stairways for indoor use, is one of their top-selling options for seniors.

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • Curved lift for use on stairways with curves
  • Indoor use
  • Retractable Seat Belt
  • Battery Operation During Power Outages
  • Optional Key Lock
  • Optional Call/Send Buttons
  • Optional color options for the seat and rails
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Harmar’s only indoor curved option, the Helix stairlift, features customizable colors for the seat and rails so that this lift will blend seamlessly into your home décor. The battery offers power even during outages, and the optional call/send buttons allow for more than one user.

Warranty Information for Harmar’s Helix Stair Lift:

This model comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty. However, it includes only the drive system and structure itself. The stairlift’s parts are covered for 2 years and the battery for only 1.

Note: This model functions with a rack and pinion system, one very common in stairlifts. This particular style of lift requires regular maintenance, including lubrication. Ask your installation technician how to lubricate your lift to ensure smooth operation.

Specifications for Helix Curved Stairlift

Weight Capacity

350 lbs.

Track Length


Incline Limits

Up to 60°

Footrest Size

11” x 12”

Folded Width

16” from the wall

Harmar Outdoor Stairlifts

1.) SL350OD Straight Outdoor Stair Lift:

reviews Harmar SL350D stairlift for outdoors

  • 250-350 lb (113kg-158kg) lift capacity
  • For Use on Straight Stairways
  • Outdoor use
  • Constant-Pressure Functionality
  • Seatbelt
  • Folding Seat & Footrest
  • Landing Controls
  • Seat Cushion Made of Marine-Grade Vinyl
  • Call/Send Controls
  • Optional Key Lock
  • Optional Extra Rail
  • It’s made with durable material to handle rain, snow and all weather conditions
  • Waterproof Cover Included
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Harmar offers a single option for outdoor stairlifts in the straight SL350OD. This lift provides most of the same standard options as their indoor lifts, with options for a key lock and extended rail. The folding footrest also features an obstruction switch which stops the lift if it notes an obstruction on the stairs.

Warranty for Harmar’s Outdoor Lift: The limited 3-year warranty on this senior stairlift covers only parts. Still, the extruded aluminum track, header cover, and internal chassis paired with the marine-grade vinyl of the cushion and included waterproof cover offer excellent weather protection.

Something to note: The lift capacity varies on this model depending on length. For tracks up to 15’10”, the lift capacity is 350 lbs. Tracks from 15’10” up to 25’ are limited to a 250lb weight limit.

Specifications for SL350OD Straight Outdoor Stairlift

Weight Capacity

250-350 lbs.

Track Length


Incline Limits


Seat Size

17.5” x 14”

Folded Width

14” from the wall


Harmar guarantees professional installation with each stairlift through the use of their LiftSquad-certified technicians. Each LiftSquad tech must undergo ongoing, in-depth training and certification and annual background checks.

When you purchase a Harmar senior stairlift, you can expect the installation process to be complete within one day for most straight lifts and many custom lifts.

Safety Standards:

Harmar strives to stay at or above all industry safety standards through rigorous testing of each of its products. They also maintain affiliations with the following organizations:

  • National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)
  • National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
  • Accessible Home Improvement of America



  • Lifetime: Some lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Parts Coverage: On some models, parts not covered for a lifetime are covered for several years


  • Minimal Coverage: Warranty terms only allow coverage for major parts
  • Return Challenges: The stairlift owner is responsible for shipping and the cost of shipping
  • Labor Not Covered: Warranty does not cover labor
  • No Maintenance Coverage: Warranty does not cover maintenance
  • Challenging Terms: Warranty is void if Harmar feels that the lift has been misused, overstressed, neglected, or modified in any way

Harmar’s warranty program varies per model, covering some for a lifetime and others for a few years. The warranty also stipulates non-coverage for maintenance, labor, or return of defective parts.

While some products offer a lifetime warranty, this is only on the motor, gearbox, and gear for the time of ownership of the original owner. Compared to other stairlift manufacturers, their warranty is less comprehensive and not as generous.

Something to Note: Since an independent dealer sells each Harmar stairlift, the dealership may offer additional warranty packages. Be sure to ask about this option when making your purchase.

Additional Service Plans:

Harmar is a stairchair manufacturer. Therefore, it does not offer service plans. Each authorized dealer may decide to offer or not offer a service plan.

When purchasing your stairlift, always ask about extended service plans and warranties to ensure you receive the most coverage possible and avoid any unexpected expenses later on.

Harmar’s BBB Rating:

Harmar is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, they are A+ rated and have over twenty five years in business.

Does Harmar have BBB complaints? Harmar has only six BBB complaints from over the last three years. That’s an excellent credential, considering Harmar’s been in business for over twenty five years.

Harmar manufactures and distributes stairlifts throughout the United States. Each Harmar dealership is individually owned and operated. Therefore, reviews and ratings are specific to the dealership and not necessarily to the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Harmar stairlift cost?

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How to remove a Harmar stairlift?

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How are Harmar stairlifts powered?

How do the batteries charge on a Harmar stairlift?

What is the difference between Bruno and Harmar stairlifts?


Stairlift Rating Algorithm


Possible Points


Starting Cost (range)

$2,000: 10 points

$3,000: 9 points

$4,000: 7 points

$5,000+: 5 points


BBB Reviews Rating

1-2 stars: 3 points

3-4 stars: 4 points

5 stars: 5 points


Financing Available

Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points


Indoor Straight Styles

Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points


Indoor Curved Styles

Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points


Outdoor Straight Styles

Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points



Warranty of 3 years or more: 10 points

Warranty of 2-3 years: 7 points

Warranty of 1-2 years: 5 points

Warranty of less than 1 year: 0 points


Weight Limit

Up to 200lb: 5 points

Up to 200lb-300lb: 6 points

Up to 300lb-400lb: 8 points

401lb or more: 10 points


Hinged Rail System

Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points


Battery Function (Runs without power)

Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points


Expert Opinion Score

Up to 20 points:


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