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Boca Walk in Tubs Review

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Review Boca Walk in Tubs Prices, Complaints, Pros & Cons

If you’re considering purchasing a Boca walk-in tub, review the following detailed breakdown of its features, pros and cons, and cost before finalizing your decision. Inside this Boca walk-in tub review, you’ll discover an unbiased and truthful assessment of how this tub compares to other top-rated brands, provided by a licensed occupational therapist, Melanie Paquin.

Unlike many other Boca walk-in tub reviews found online, this review goes beyond general information by providing specific details about the cost of a Boca walk-in bath. You’ll find information on the cost of each add-on, installation fees, and valuable advice on how to negotiate a better deal on the price. The pricing details were obtained directly from a Boca Walk-in Tub quote, ensuring you have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

A walk-in bath can significantly enhance safety and independence during bathing for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. Boca offers a lineup of seven walk-in tubs that cater to different needs, featuring various sizes and prices. They even offer a two-seater walk-in bath option, making it perfect for couples or individuals who require assistance from a caregiver. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the details you need to make an informed buying decision.

Cost and Prices: Review Boca Walk in Tubs Baths and Showers


  • Free Online Quotes: To get a free quote visit BocaWalkInTubs.com and click Request a Quote or contact Boca walk-in tubs customer service

  • Strong Lifetime Warranty: Boca walk-in baths include a lifetime warranty, and it’s valid regardless of who installs it. This warranty covers most components, including the tub shell, tub door and seal, faucet, drain, controls, pumps, blowers, and heaters.

  • Low step-in threshold: Boca walk-in tubs have a low step-in threshold of two inches, making it easier and safer for people with mobility issues, such as seniors or those with disabilities, to enter and exit the tub.

  • Variety of Sizes: Boca walk-in tubs come in seven different sizes.

  • Companion bathing: Two-seat tub model, allowing you and your loved one to enjoy the bath together or for individuals who require assistance from a caregiver during bathing.

  • Comfortable Warmth: Heated surfaces for warmth when the tub fills and empties. There is no need to keep adding more hot water, making it energy efficient.

  • Safety Features: Boca tubs include safety features, including grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, and anti-scald technology.

  • Discounts for Military: Active and retired veterans can get discounts on Boca walk-in tubs.


  • Lacks Transparency in Price on Website: There is a lack of transparency regarding the pricing of Boca walk-in baths on their website. To obtain a quote, you must contact the sales team of Boca walk-in tubs. (see its walk-in tub prices below)

  • Limited Availability: Can not purchase anywhere other than through a Boca dealer.

  • Accessibility Limitation: No wheelchair-accessible options.

  • Limited Colors: Boca walk-in bathtubs come in limited colors, including white and cream.

  • A la Carte Pricing: Each additional add-on will cost extra, including features such as Boca’s walk-in bath with a shower, chromotherapy, and heated seats.

What makes Boca walk-in tubs stand out from the competition?

Here are some unique features that differentiate Boca walk-in tubs from their competition.

  • Boca is known for using a unique internal frame design in their bathtubs which allows Boca walk-in tubs to have the lowest possible step-in threshold, 2-inches or lower.
  • Boca tubs can be customized with a variety of additional therapeutic features including hydro jets, water jets, and
  • Boca offers a lifetime limited warranty that includes the tub shell, tub door and seal, faucet, drain, controls, pumps, blowers, and heaters.
  • Boca offers military discounts.
  • In addition, you can order a Boca tub in one of two colors, white or cream.


About the Company – Boca Walk-in Bath

Boca is a family-owned walk-in bathtub manufacturer founded in 2008. Boca’s mission is to produce a better walk-in tub at a price that is more affordable for the customer.

As a family-owned business, Boca focuses on quality and attention to detail for each tub, which they back up with a lifetime warranty on all tub parts and components. Boca walk-in tubs are manufactured in Georgia, ship nationwide, and come with a “Made in the USA” certificate.

Boca offers assistance in determining the correct size bathtub for your home via email and phone. Boca has a team of certified installers who will work with you on your walk-in bathtub installation or you can hire your own contractor of choice.

Boca will honor its walk-in tub warranty regardless of who installs your walk-in tub. Boca is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains a rating of A+.

Boca Walk-In Bath Prices and Options

On their website, Boca does not provide pricing details for their walk-in tub models, which is not uncommon in this industry. Instead, you must contact Boca’s sales team for a price on a Boca walk-in tub. So that’s exactly what we did. We contacted Boca walk-in tubs for a quote on multiple models!

The average cost for Boca’s walk-in tubs is between $10,000 to $17,236.63.

Their sales rep explained over the phone that their competitors, including Jacuzzi, Kohler, American Standard, and Safe Step, all charge more, averaging between $17,000 to $25,000 for a walk-in bath. Later in this review, we’ll look at examples of Boca walk-in tub prices based on various models to give you a clearer picture.

The following images provide an itemized breakdown of the cost for each add-on to a Boca walk-in bathtub. While the base price for Boca walk-in tubs starts at $10,000, the cost can significantly increase as you add more features. With all the bells and whistles, the price can reach $17,236.63 or more. This is what you’ll receive from Boca afer getting a quote for a tub.

Boca Walk-in Bath Cost and Quote

Boca walk-in tubs reviews

Details of Prices for Boca Walk-in Tubs

Boca offers seven walk-in bathtub models, including–

  1. Standard Tub: This Boca walk-in tub model is close in size to a regular bath. It’s 30 inches wide and 51 inches long. This is Boca’s most popular bath. This tub works perfectly with a 40-gallon water heater, which most homes already have.
  2. Petite Narrow Tub: This tub is ideal for individuals that are 6’2 or shorter and weigh less than 210 pounds. The tub requires a 40-gallon water heater.
  3. Petite Short Tub: This tub is ideal for individuals that are 6’0 or shorter and weigh less than 280 pounds.
  4. Deep Soaker Tub: The name says it all; it’s designed for a deep soak and is ideal for taller individuals who want to have the water level above their shoulders. The maximum weight limit for this tub is 320 pounds or less. This tub requires an 80-gallon water heater.
  5. Wide Tub: This Boca walk-in bath is ideal for anyone that prefers a wider seating area. It also has a larger door entry for wheelchair or walker access. This tub’s maximum recommended weight is 450 pounds or less, and its height recommendation is for people that are 6’4 or shorter. This tub requires an 80-gallon water heater.
  6. Wide/Deep Walk-in Tub: The Boca Wide/Deep model is the largest walk-in bath on the market. This model requires an 80-gallon water heater.
  7. Two-Seater Bath: This model is excellent for couples and individuals requiring a caregiver to assist them when bathing. This tub requires an 80-gallon water heater.


Picture of a Standard Boca walk-in tub option

Reviews Walk-in Bath Boca

Image of a High-End “Two-Seater” Walk-In Tub from Boca

How much is the two-seat Boca walk in tub?

The primary difference in these models is in the tub dimensions. Each is available in either white or cream with a left or right opening door. All tubs are built with an internal frame, which allows for the low step-in threshold, constructed from fiberglass and marine-grade gel coating. Tubs can be customized with many additional features depending on your needs and want.

Standard Features of Boca Walk-in Tubs

Boca walk-in tubs come with a variety of standard features to ensure comfort and safety, including:

  • Right or left opening doors
  • Available in white or cream
  • ADA compliant seating
  • Easily accessed water and jet controls.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces on the floor and seat
  • Low step-in height of 2-inches or less
  • Grab bars
  • Seat cushion and head pillow made of moisture-wicking antimicrobial materials for increased comfort.
  • Fast fill and drain times
  • Hand-held shower wand with a five-foot extension
  • Boca faucet system which includes a thermostatic valve to protect against scalding and can be set to the user’s preferred temperature
  • Purge system comes standard on any tub featuring air jets to remove all water from the jets.


Additional Features for Boca Walk-in Tubs

In addition to the standard features, Boca walk-in tubs offer several optional features to customize your bathing experience:

  • Boca’s unique micro therapy provides millions of tiny bubbles that will assist with cleaning your body without scrubbing
  • Heated seat and back help to keep the user warm while waiting for the tub to fill and drain
  • 18 Air jets with a 3-speed massage system
  • 10 Heated water flow jets with adjustable position and intensity
  • Chromotherapy with eight colors can be programmed to pair with the Vibe music system
  • Vibe music system with bluetooth speaker installed on the tub
  • Boca’s rainfall showerhead, which attaches to the tub or the wall
  • Aromatherapy
  • Boca’s Warm & Safe digital display to monitor the water temperature.
  • Bidet that is built into the front of the seat
  • Wall surround panels made of the same high-grade fiberglass as the tub


Examples of the Cost of Boca Walk-in Tub Models

I contacted Boca Walk-in Tubs to inquire about their pricing, and here’s what I found out:

Boca’s basic walk-in tub, priced at $10,000, includes:

  • A grab bar
  • Faucet and drain
  • Head pillow and feet cushion
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • 2-inch step-in


On the other hand, their top-of-the-line Luxury Boca walk-in tub, priced at $17,236, comes with:

  • Air and water jet therapy for legs, back, and feet
  • Heater to maintain water temperature
  • Purge cycle to blow out lines from moisture
  • A microscopic bubble system for skin exfoliation and cleaning
  • Heated seat with heated back
  • Aromatherapy diffuser
  • Chromotherapy lighting
  • Ozonator to kill germs and bacteria
  • Bidet Jet for personal hygiene
  • Temperature readout with a safety alarm
  • Walk-in bath with a shower and faucet set with handheld shower wand
  • Quick drain system
  • Two 24-inch grab bars for the walls above the tub


In addition to the tub, the $17,236 price includes:

  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Demo and waste removal
  • Installation and instruction by a Boca walk-in tub installer

If you’re interested in adding a shower to your Boca walk-in tub, it will cost an additional $500, which is already included in the $17,236 price quote.

It’s worth noting that the cost of your Boca walk-in bath may be affected by other factors, such as the need to purchase a fiberglass wall covering if your surrounding walls aren’t tiled. However, you may be able to negotiate the cost of the wall covering with Boca.

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