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Credit Sesame Review

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Credit Sesame Review: A Detailed Examination of Credit Monitoring Services

Credit Sesame reviews often swirl around the identity protection attributes of the company. However, Credit Sesame also focuses on providing free credit monitoring services. While the company does offer paid plans that include identity theft protection, enhanced credit monitoring, and financial planning advice, the best features are readily available in Credit Sesame’s free services and mobile app.

In the following Credit Sesame review, industry expert Deane Biermeier explains –

  • The pros and cons of this leading credit monitoring service company to help you decide if it’s right for you.
  • An Honest evaluation of Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring service vs. its three paid plans, to help you decide on the best option.
  • A detailed comparison of Credit Sesame vs. Credit Karma, another top-rated credit monitoring service.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions related to Credit Sesame that consumers are asking.

Plans and Prices: Reviews Credit Sesame


  • Best features are included in free services

  • $1 million identity theft protection in free and paid plans

  • Provides credit card and loan offers appropriate for your credit history

  • Credit alerts available in top plans

  • Offers solid advice for improving credit scores


  • Only one credit bureau monitored in the free plan

  • Middle-tier plan additions may not be worth the price

  • More thorough identity theft protection available at a similar cost through other providers

  • Reports of poor customer service with paid plans

About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame started in 2010 and offers a free credit monitoring service online and through the Credit Sesame app. Along with keeping an eye on your credit score, the company’s free services also include up to $1 million in insurance provisions for identity theft.

Of course, as with most free credit services, you’ll have to put up with a constant stream of credit card, loan, and other financial service offers when you enroll.

Credit Sesame’s free monitoring provides monthly updates of your TransUnion credit score only. However, if you choose any of the paid plans, your score will receive daily updates from all three main credit bureaus.

Signing up with the free monitoring service also puts you in touch with a number of other options and ways to take advantage of Credit Sesame. On the company’s site, you’ll find plenty of financial tips and tricks to improve and maintain your credit score, credit card and loan offers that your credit history will likely qualify for, insurance offerings, and digital banking with pre-paid debit card solutions.

What we’re trying to help you answer:

Is Credit Sesame the best credit monitoring service in terms of features and pricing?

In this analysis, we aim to help consumers determine if Credit Sesame is one of the best credit monitoring services by exploring its features and benefits. Additionally, we recommend considering other top-rated options like IdentityForce and Experian. Evaluating customer reviews and complaints for each of these services will provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction, helping you make an informed decision.

Credit Sesame Features and Benefits

With a free membership, Credit Sesame updates your TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 credit score every month. With a premium plan, it updates your TransUnion credit score daily while your Experian and Equifax scores are checked and reported monthly. Additionally, the company’s most premium plan offers the following features.

  • Credit reporting from all three main credit bureaus
  • Credit monitoring alerts from all bureau reports
  • Access to credit report mistakes experts
  • Stolen or lost wallet protection
  • Dark web monitoring protection
  • Public records and sex offender monitoring in your location
  • Change of address notification reporting
  • Suspicious loan activity monitoring

Credit Sesame Plans and Prices

Credit Sesame offers three paid plans in addition to its free credit monitoring. However, a paid membership isn’t required to sign up for the company’s free services.

Free services Advanced Credit plan Pro Credit plan Platinum Protection plan
Monthly Price $0 $9.95 $15.95 $19.95
Features TransUnion credit monitoring with monthly updates and access to credit card, loan, and insurance offers, plus digital banking options and up to $1m identity theft insurance Same features as the free plan plus credit monitoring from all three bureaus and daily updates Includes all lower plan features plus access to credit report inaccuracy experts  Adds stolen wallet protection, dark web, SSN, public record, sex offender, and address monitoring to the features of all other plans

Is Credit Sesame Right for You?

Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring is an excellent choice for those who wish to keep a casual eye on their credit scores and may be in the market for credit cards, loans, or digital banking options. Credit Sesame also offers solid identity theft and credit monitoring features in its highest-level plan option.

As a free service, there’s little to be disappointed about in Credit Sesame’s offerings of information, advice, and VantageScore 3.0 reporting from TransUnion. In fact, we named it as the best free credit monitoring provider in our review.

However, the company’s mid-range paid services may not be worth the price if you’re seeking in-depth credit analysis. Credit Sesame’s highest-cost plan doesn’t offer anything special over companies that focus on identity protection.

Additionally, the company’s website is stingy about providing information until you give it yours. That could be a bit of a black mark for those shopping for credit monitoring and concerned about privacy.

Credit Sesame Vs. Credit Karma

Credit Sesame and Credit Karma both offer limited free credit monitoring using the VantageScore 3.0 model, which isn’t often used by credit card and loan companies to check individual credit. Most credit providers use the FICO models, which can vary from VantageScore’s reporting method. However, the VantageScore model can provide a generalization of your credit scores.

While both companies offer free services, Credit Sesame also offers paid subscription plans with additional features that Credit Karma doesn’t offer. Credit Karma focuses on providing credit score reporting with very few added bells and whistles.

Both Credit Sesame and Credit Karma feature company partnerships and benefit from revenue made when you choose to accept a sponsored credit card, loan, or insurance option. So you can expect plenty of advertising for those items on both platforms.

Each company provides its customers with a mobile app and has digital, pre-paid debit card banking options. With Credit Karma’s acquisition in 2021 by Intuit, the company is expanding into income tax-related and other offerings.


Credit Sesame Credit Karma
Credit monitoring in lowest-cost plans Yes Yes
Credit score agency VantageScore 3.0 VantageScore 3.0
3-Bureau credit monitoring Available with paid subscription No
Credit score improvement advice and tools Yes Yes
Credit update frequency Monthly with the free plan or daily with paid plan Weekly
Credit card and loan offers Yes Yes
Free digital banking available Yes Yes
Dark web monitoring Available with paid subscription No
Social Security monitoring Available with paid subscription No
Mobile app Yes Yes
Social media monitoring No No
Family plan available No No
Identity theft insurance Yes No
Lowest monthly cost Free Free
Highest monthly cost $19.95 Free


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credit Sesame?

Is Credit Sesame legit?

Is Credit Sesame free?

Does using Credit Sesame hurt my credit score?

Can Credit Sesame help me improve my credit?


Can Credit Sesame be trusted?

Credit Sesame, led by CEO Adrian Nazari, offers a reliable credit monitoring service that has gained a substantial user base of 15 million individuals. Additionally, the platform has expanded its offerings with Sesame Cash, a digital banking solution, which has attracted 1.25 million customers since its launch in the U.S. last year.

Credit Sesame Customer Reviews

Users have praised the company, evident from their high ratings on the Apple app store (4.8 out of 5) and Consumer Affairs website (4.3 out of 5). Credit Sesame’s credit monitoring and personal finance management tools have been regarded as valuable and legitimate.

Credit Sesame Privacy and Security Review

Credit Sesame is lauded for its strong privacy and security protocols, which include encryption, SSL, data protection, two-factor authentication, compliance with industry standards, and regular security audits.

Users appreciate the level of security provided, comparing it to systems used by banks to safeguard clients’ personal information and privacy.

These measures instill confidence in customers that their data is well-protected while using Credit Sesame’s services.

Credit Sesame BBB Rating and Complaints

Credit Sesame customers have lodged complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding challenges in canceling their accounts, unresponsive customer support, and unexpected fees. With a D rating from the BBB and 134 recorded complaints, concerns arise about the overall customer experience.

In conclusion, Credit Sesame’s credit monitoring service offers valuable benefits to its users, and many have had positive experiences. However, it is essential to acknowledge the reported issues. Prospective users should carefully consider these factors and conduct thorough research before entrusting their personal information and financial matters to the platform.

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