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Purple Mattress Review: Innovative Design and Comfort

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Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress got its start from a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. The company is one of the most popular mattress brands in recent times. The company’s proprietary GelFlex Grid, made of a hyper-elastic polymer, gives the bed its unique qualities that some people love and others avoid. The technology won Purple the most innovative company slot in our annual best mattresses review.

About Purple

Purple makes several variations of both all-foam and hybrid mattresses. All of them are fitted with the grid-like pattern of the company’s own unique material and construction. The GelFlex Grid is essentially a layer of air pockets concealed in a grid pattern tucked between foam mattress layers. The Grid allows good support, excellent airflow, and pressure-point relief.

You can get a Purple mattress with comfort levels ranging from soft to firm. The company’s Restore series comprises three mattress options that allow you to choose a soft or firm level. Purple also offers two other mattress series, as well as a children’s option. Also available are sheets, bedding, pillows, cushions, and accessories.

The company’s website provides a mattress quiz to help you decide which Purple bed will fit you best. Each product comes with a 100-day trial period and an industry-standard, 10-year warranty.

purple mattress review feature image


  • Innovative design concept

  • Excellent temperature control

  • Great motion isolation

  • High marks from BBB

  • 0% financing through a third-party partner

  • Available online and in stores

  • Online quiz to help choose your mattress

  • Some models allow choice of firmness

  • Soft to firm comfort levels available


  • Some off-gassing noted in reviews

  • Top models are expensive

  • Strong opinions for or against GelFlex Grid feel

  • Some reports of early sagging

Features and Benefits

The company’s features and benefits don’t stop at just being innovative.
  • Innovtive hyper-elastic grid design
  • 10 adult and one children’s mattress styles
  • Available online and at retail stores
  • Foam and hybrid types available
  • Furniture, bedding, pillows, and accessories also available
  • 100-day trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • 0% interest financing available
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Online mattress quiz

Purple Editorial Rating

Trusted Company Reviews Rating Score for Purple: 8.0
Criteria Total Points: 
Available Sizes 6
Highest Price 6
Warranty 12
Trial Period 8
Retail Availability 8
Temperature Regulation 5
Model Options 7
Reviews 8
Expert Opinion 16

Purple Models

Purple mattresses are available in a mix of all-foam and hybrid varieties. All of them contain the company’s proprietary GelFlex Grid construction.
Model Features Queen Size MSRP
NewDay Firm

8″ height

2″ GelFlex Grid

Purple Medium-firm

9.25″ height

2″ GelFlex Grid

Purple Plus  Medium

11″ height

2″ GelFlex Grid

Purple Restore Hybrid  Soft or Firm options

8″ height

2″ GelFlex Grid

Purple RestorePlus Hybrid Soft or Firm options

3″ GelFlex Grid

Purple RestorePremier Hybrid Soft or Firm options

3″ GelFlex Grid

Independently responsive coils

Purple Rejuvenate Firm

15.5″ height

2.5″ GelFlex Grid

Purple RejuvenatePlus Soft

16.5″ height

2.5″ GelFlex Grid

Purple RejuvienatePremier Medium

18.5″ height

2.5″ GelFlex Grid


Purple Mattress Reviews

Purple mattress reviews are generally positive. Customers love the cooling qualities and support from whichever model they purchase. The Better Business Bureau grants the company an A+ grade and gives it an overall score of 4.36—impressive for a customer-centric company.
In general, Purple mattresses rate well for comfort, support, and cooling. Positive comments about the product’s apparent durability are also common. The only consistently recurring complaint was a few reports of the product sagging somewhat after a year of use.
A Purple mattress has a unique feel. Some have likened it to that of a waterbed. The apparent squishy feel some consumers report is enough to make them look elsewhere for a mattress.
To be fair, the vast majority of customers either don’t notice a big difference or like the sensation. However, consumers who don’t care for the subtle distinction have a hard time getting comfortable with the mattress.
purple mattress review bbb rating image

Purple Vs. the Competition

The pricing model for Purple mattresses starts off above average, but not the most expensive. However, at the top end of the company’s offerings, its prices are substantially higher than much of its competition.
Despite this, Purple mattresses hold up well against the others in its class. It stands out primarily for its cooling qualities attributed to its proprietary construction.

Purple Mattress Vs. Nectar

While Nectar is the clear winner in the pricing category against Purple, the rest of the competition is split pretty well down the middle.
Queen price range Height Models Available
Purple $1,295 – $7,495 8″ to 18.5″ 9
Nectar $1,099 – $1,799 12″ to 13″ 4

nectar vs purple logos image

Purple Vs. Nectar Category Match-Up

Purple Nectar
Price (Queen) Win
Durability / Lifespan Win
Motion Isolation Win
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Win

Purple Mattress Vs. Casper

The winner between a Purple and a Casper mattress will depend entirely on your mattress preferences. Casper has a clear pricing advantage but can’t compete against the cooling benefits of Purple.
Mattress Types Customer Reviews Height
Purple Foam and Hybrid Excellent 8″ to 18.5
Casper Foam and Hybrid Great 10 to 13 inches

casper vs purple logos image

Purple Vs. Casper Category Match-Up


Purple Casper
Price Win
Durability / Lifespan Win
Motion Isolation Tie Tie
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Win

Purple Mattress Vs. Tempur-Pedic

While the prices for Purple start off lower than Tempur-Pedic, it’s quickly outpaced by Tempur-Pedic in that category. Tempur-Pedic also dominates most categories over Purple. The winner of this battle will come down to personal sleeping preference.
Firmness Levels Queen price range Styles Available
Purple Soft to firm $1,295 – $7,495 9
Tempur-Pedic Soft to firm $1,399.30 – $4,099.00 20+

purple vs tempurpedic logos image

Purple Vs.Tempur-Pedic Category Match-Up

Purple Tempur-Pedic
Price Tie Tie
Durability / Lifespan Win
Motion Isolation Win
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Win

Purple Vs. Helix

Purple and Helix stack up well against each other for a while. However, despite its higher cost, Purple has the advantage as you get into its higher-end offerings.
Queen price range Styles Available Customer Reviews
Purple $1,295 – $7,495 9 Excellent
Helix $1,373.80 – $3,748.80 20 Great

helix vs purple logos image

Purple Vs. Helix Category Match-Up

Purple Helix
Price Tie Tie
Durability / Lifespan Win
Motion Isolation Win
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Tie Tie

Avocado Mattress Vs. Purple

Avocado and Purple have very different business models, which makes a head-to-head comparison tricky. While the wins and ties are pretty evenly split, Avocado is more bent towards sustainability. Personal preference will have to determine the winner in this showdown.
Customer Reviews Mattress Types Firmness levels
Purple Excellent Foam and Hybrid Soft to firm
Avocado Great Foam and Hybrid Medium to firm

avocado mattress vs purple logos image

Avocado Vs. Purple Category Match-Up

Purple Avocado
Price Win
Durability / Lifespan Tie Tie
Motion Isolation Win
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Tie Tie

Puffy Vs. Purple

A Purple and Puffy match-up looks like a good comparison. However, this is one of the few times that Purple wins the pricing category, and the customer reviews category win puts it out in front of Puffy’s offerings.
Styles Available Customer Reviews Trial Period
Purple 9 Excellent 100 days
Puffy 7 Okay 101 days

puffy vs purple logos image

Puffy Vs. Purple Category Match-Up

Purple Puffy
Price Win
Durability / Lifespan Win
Motion Isolation Win
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Win

Purple Vs. DreamCloud

DreamCloud is a good contender against Purple. In fact, several reviews compare the two. DreamCloud clearly has a pricing advantage, but the remaining categories are evenly split.
Height Firmness Levels Queen price range
Purple 8″ to 18.5″ Soft to firm $1,295 – $7,495
DreamCloud 14″ to 16″ Medium to firm $1,332 – $2,499

dreamcloud vs purple logos image

Purple Vs. DreamCloud Category Match-Up

Purple DreamCloud
Price Win
Durability / Lifespan Tie Tie
Motion Isolation Tie Tie
Cooling Win
Pressure relief Win

Purple Vs. the Competition Vital Stats

Feature Trusted Company Rating Queen Size Price Range Trial Period / Warranty Length
Purple 8.0 $1,295 – $7,495 100 days / 10 years
Nectar 9.4 $1,099 – $1,799 365 days / Lifetime
Casper 7.9 $995 – $3,395 100 days / 10 years
Tempur-Pedic n/a $1,399.30 – $4,099.00 90 days / 10 years
Helix 8.6 $1,373.80 – $3,748.80 100 days / 10 – 15 years
Avocado n/a $1,299 – $3,899 100 days / 10 years
Puffy n/a $2,399 – $4,649 101 days / Lifetime
DreamCloud n/a $1,332 – $2,499 365 days / Lifetime


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