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Vivint Home Security System Review

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Table of Contents

This Vivint Home Security System review will cover everything you need to know about the company, its products, and the services it provides during the subscription period. We cover the company’s top-rated home security system and smart home control panel.

While Vivint Smart Home, Inc., a subsidiary of NRG Energy, is a highly regarded company with thousands of satisfied customers, there are pros and cons to every home security system you should know about. We’ve done the research and have worked with Vivint extensively to gather the information you need to make an informed decision about your new home security system.

Vivint Home Security System Logo

A Vivint Home Security System Customer Review: Tried and Tested!

I’m the author of this Vivint review and a customer who uses the Vivint Home Security System in my home. I’ll share my first-hand experience of how it works, along with pictures for illustrative purposes.

And rest assured, this is an unbiased review. I’m not a regular customer of Vivint; think of me as a secret shopper, testing the leading home security systems to create unbiased reviews like the one I’m about to share with you!

Comparing Vivint vs. SimpliSafe, ADT and Other Top-Rated Systems: Having tested systems from ADT, Honeywell, Blink, and SimpliSafe alongside Vivint, I’ve gained a deep understanding of their features, pricing, and what sets them apart. This review will also share a detailed comparison of Vivint vs. ADT and SimpliSafe, two of the most popular options.

By the end, you’ll have the facts to choose the right system to monitor and protect your home professionally. First, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of Vivint’s home security system.


  • In-depth initial consultation and professional installation

  • Powerful app and Smart Hub with centralized control

  • Customizable packages

  • Wide selection of wired and wireless home security cameras, systems, and safety alarms

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Super responsive customer service

  • Currently offering Professional Installation + $0 Activation


  • Live monitoring costs add up over time.

  • It’s not the cheapest home security system.  

  • Not a DIY home security system and cannot be installed by the homeowner.

About Vivint


Vivint has been in business for over two decades and was an early pioneer in advanced home protection devices and services.  As of December 6th, 2022, NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NRG), a publically listed company, had acquired Vivint (with its 7.3 million customers) for $2.8 billion. NRG Energy itself is worth over $12 billion. This type of financial backing has allowed Vivint to step up its game and invest more in innovation and creating new products, as we will review in the coming paragraphs.

The company was the first to build a doorbell camera system, and it operates nationwide today, with hundreds of customer service representatives, more than two million customers, and rapid-response service calls. The company dispatches professional installers from its Utah home base to ensure its home security products are installed correctly and safely.

Review Pictures of Vivint’s various home monitoring products.

In addition to its doorbell camera system, Vivint now offers a full array of innovative home monitoring products, including an outdoor camera system, smart locks, security sensors, a smart thermostat, and an app to control every part of the process.

Vivint’s Outdoor Camera System: 

review pictures for Vivint outdoor camera

Vivint Smart Lock:

Vivint smart locks review

Vivint Smart Locks 

vivint door smart lock

Vivint Monthly Cost (for Equipment & Monitoring)

The company says that most customers spend between $30 and $150 monthly on equipment plus $19.99 monthly for monitoring and notes its advantages over big-name industry players like ADT.

Comparing Monthly Costs: Vivint vs. ADT, SimpliSafe, and Ring: (3) (4)

Feature Vivint ADT SimpliSafe Ring
Equipment Cost $30-$150 monthly financing or upfront purchase Varies, often purchased upfront with installation DIY kits starting at $229, professional installation extra
Various devices starting at $99
Monthly Monitoring $19.99 $28.99-$59.99 $14.99-$27.99 $3-$20
Installation Professional installation included Optional professional installation for additional cost Self-installation Self-installation
Contract Length Typically 3-5 years Varies, often 2-3 years No contracts No contracts
Early Termination Fees Up to $500 Varies, often prorated remaining contract value None None
Equipment Ownership Equipment remains Vivint’s property until financed payments complete Customer owns equipment after purchase Customer owns equipment
Customer owns equipment
Smart Home Integration Extensive smart home device integration Limited smart home integration Some smart home integration
Primarily focuses on security devices, some smart home integration
Customer Service Reviews Mixed, with reports of both positive and negative experiences Mixed, with some complaints about long wait times and high costs Generally positive
Generally positive

How We Rate Home Security Companies

To accurately rank home security providers, we’ve extensively researched third-party reviews and interacted with Vivint’s support team on several levels. Our ranking methodology boils down to a few key assessment categories:

Customer Service

  • Agent knowledgeability
  • Wait times
  • Availability of agents

Customer Reviews:

  • Better Business Bureau complaints resolved
  • Verified customer reviews

Features and Installation

  • How Vivint stacks up against other providers

Vivint Home Security System Products Overview

Vivint is one of the top-rated home security companies for a reason: Its products bring a level of function and support that others can’t match, and its customer service is top-notch.

Notable features of Vivint security systems include:

  • · Doorbell camera with active movement detection
  • · 180-degree field of view and 1080p resolution for the doorbell camera
  • · Outdoor camera system with active lurker detection and deterrent
  • · 4k HDR outdoor camera
  • · Alexa and Google Assistant integrations
  • · Kwikset smart locks
  • · Vehicle disturbance notifications
  • · 24/7 video recording
  • · Phillips Hue integration

Vivint installers review

Professional Installation, No Activation Fee, and Promo Code:

The company told Trusted Reviews that its installation team gives a thorough consultation up front, which prevents dissatisfaction or unused security products later, saving time and money for its customers. Vivint also offers 24/7 security monitoring and has an excellent response time record with calls.

Customers can get started with Vivint with professional installation included and no activation fee to get started. Additionally, Vivint has a limited-time offer for new customers to receive Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro + Outdoor Camera Pro for only $20.24. Use Vivint’s Promo Code: “HOLIDAY2023”. To take advantage of this offer, Visit Vivint Online Here.

Review on Vivint Sensors

Vivint offers a range of sensors, including door, motion, window, and glass break sensors. They connect to the smart hub, which alerts users and the monitoring system when there’s an issue. Though easy to install and use, some people said the sensor design is hard to integrate with home décor, noting that the boxy shape and old-school aesthetic are at odds with the company’s modern image.

Review Vivint Indoor Cameras

Vivint Indoor Camera review

One of the things that Vivint customers report as a significant benefit is the company’s array of video products, including its indoor camera systems. The indoor cameras offer remote recording that works even if the Wi-Fi goes down. The system has a DVR that can record for up to ten days, and the cameras’ flexible design allows them to be installed almost anywhere.

Review of Vivint’s Outdoor Camera

Vivint Outdoor Camera review

Outdoor cameras can allow the homeowner to prevent break-ins with deterrence and visibility. Vivint’s outdoor camera uses a hybrid wired/Wi-Fi connection to ensure that data reaches the Smart Hub, and they feature a unique lurker deterrence that illuminates a red LED to let the person know they’ve been spotted.

Review Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

Vivint’s doorbell camera doesn’t just record criminal acts while they are happening. These doorbell cameras help prevent crimes from happening. Vivint pioneered the doorbell camera, and it’s one of the best on the market.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

Vivint pioneered the video doorbell feature, and its product remains a top choice today. The waterproof camera works in extreme temperatures of up to 104 degrees and features a sleek design. It offers a 180×180-degree field of view and a package theft protection feature that sounds a 90 dB alarm and shines a red LED. Additionally, users can select specific protection zones on their porch to prevent false alarms.

Vivint Smart Home Review

Beyond home security, Vivint offers a range of smart home products that let users interact with functions like the garage door, HVAC system, and lighting.

The Smart Hub or Vivint app controls the system, allowing deep control of various functions.

Vivint’s smart home function also integrates with smoke alarms, CO detectors, smart locks, and water sensor systems.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant users can connect their Vivint systems for even easier interactions, as the integrations allow arming/disarming, locking doors, and other features.

Review Vivint Smart Hub

Vivint Smart Hub reviews

One of the most compelling parts of Vivint’s home security system is its Smart Hub, a tablet-like computer that offers combined control of the security products. Users can stream video footage from security cameras, communicate with Vivint’s monitoring center, and have a battery backup in case power is lost.

What functionalities does Vivint’s Smart Hub offer?

  • Monitor your home with live-feed cameras.
  • Lock and unlock your doors remotely at any time.
  • Control lighting and temperature settings.

For seniors, Vivint’s home security system, when integrated with its smart hub, serves a dual purpose by functioning as both a medical alert and a home security system in a consolidated package.

Vivint App

In addition to the Smart Hub, Vivint’s app offers granular control over its security products and allows users to interact with the system remotely.

The app provides locking and unlocking, streaming video footage, lighting and temperature controls, and the ability to interact with people through the video doorbell.

The app delivers system notifications for iPhone and Android and works even if the monthly monitoring subscription is no longer active.

Getting Started with Vivint

Customers get started with Vivant through its website or by phone. One of the company’s sales representatives will spend time getting to know you and your home, suggesting products and services that can best serve your needs.

Review Vivint’s Installation Process

Once the initial consultation is complete, the company will schedule an installation with what it calls “white glove-level service.” The installation techs are company employees and work with new customers to ensure they know how to use all the features of their new Vivint system.

The company said it experiences much fewer up-front support issues because of this process, as it spends the time educating and familiarizing customers with its products and services.

Vivint Professional Installation Review:

Getting your Vivint home security system installed is the easiest part.

The process comprises three key steps:

  1. Setting up Vivint home security systems,
  2. Integrating your smart home, and
  3. Configuring the Vivint app.

To initiate the process, a trained Vivint home security installer reviews your entire home and the selected equipment. Following this, Vivint will schedule an installation appointment at your convenience.

On the appointed day, Vivint’s skilled installers arrive to set up the system. They encourage your presence, aiming to familiarize you and your family with the system’s functionalities. During this session, they collaboratively assist you in downloading the smart app on your phone, providing hands-on guidance.

Presenting a Sleek and Wireless Home Security System:

  • The installation itself is remarkably unobtrusive, requiring at most two drilled holes.
  • This minimal intrusion is owed to the wireless nature of the system, eliminating the need for unsightly wires throughout your home.
  • The Vivint Field Service Professional strategically drills one hole to connect the Sky Control™ touchscreen panel to your home’s power source and another for installing optional recessed door sensors.
  • Additional devices, such as detectors and sensors, are discreetly installed using inconspicuous screws throughout your home.

Does Vivint offer DIY installation? 

Vivint is particularly well-suited for individuals who may not possess technical expertise or the time to execute a self-installation. While the average cost hovers around $200, the intricacies of Vivint’s advanced systems necessitate professional installation for optimal setup.

Will Vivint install the system in your new home if you move? 

For those contemplating a move, Vivint offers a compelling solution. If you relocate and commit to a new 42-month monitoring agreement, Vivint will relocate and install your home security system in your new residence at no cost. However, if you prefer not to enter into a new agreement, Vivint levies a $100 fee for the relocation of the system to your new home.

Vivint Customer Service Review

Vivint has more than two million customers, and to service that group, it employs more than 1,000 customer service reps in its Utah headquarters.

The company offers phone and live chat support, and users can contact a representative directly from the Smart Hub in their homes. Vivint boasts a ridiculously fast support response time, responding to calls within a minute or less.

Despite that, some users report that the company’s representatives often don’t have all the information they need, and some claim that they hung up dissatisfied after a half-hour or more on the phone. Additionally, Vivint’s live chat feature is not always available, requiring a phone call.

Is Vivint Worth It?

Vivint offers a range of products with customization options for any home needs. The company’s knowledgeable agents and quick customer service make it a breeze to get answers and solve problems, and it’s easy to get help, even on weekends. If you’re looking for a robust home security solution with packages to fit a wide range of budgets and home needs, Vivint is a solid choice.

Vivint might be a top-rated company, but there are several others to be aware of in the industry.

Vivint vs. ADT

ADT is the elephant in the room for all home security companies. Boasting many times more customers than Vivint, it offers a range of products and monitoring services, including lower-cost self-install packages and professional installation. Self-monitoring is also an option, allowing further savings on a new ADT System. The company also has flexible payment options and offers financing.

ADT and Vivint have many similarities, including their product offerings, where they have close to the same catalog. That said, ADT offers less complicated security products that don’t require app use for not-so-tech-savvy customers. The company also offers an option for customers to use a landline to connect to its communications center for people living where the internet connection is poor.

Vivint vs. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is another fantastic Vivint alternative. It brings a wide range of security package options and offers several individual features that give homeowners flexible configurations to save money or build a more robust security system if needed. SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring and advanced wireless connections for its systems, but some differences between it and Vivint are worth noting.

SimpliSafe’s security systems are all DIY, so you’ll need to be at least marginally comfortable with technology and app configuration to get the job done. Like ADT, SimpliSafe also offers a self-monitoring option, but unlike Vivint, the company’s products do not connect to Z-Wave smart home devices from third-party brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vivint expensive compared to other security systems?

Are there any concerns about Vivint's customer service?

Is there a class action lawsuit against Vivint?

How does Vivint compare to ADT or SimpliSafe?

Does Vivint's home security system really work?

Are there real-world examples of Vivint's effectiveness?

Beyond burglary prevention, what other benefits does Vivint offer?


Rating Methodology

Factor Weight Vivint Score SimpliSafe Score
Equipment Quality 25 9.5 9
Monitoring Features 20 9.5 9
Mobile App 15 9.5 9
Professional Installation 15 10 8
Customer Service 10 8.5 9
Price 15 8 9.5
Total Score 100 91.5 89.5

This rating provides an illustration of how Vivint scores versus SimpliSafe, a highly rated DIY home security system.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vivint boasts a 94% customer satisfaction rating, significantly higher than the industry average of around 85%. This speaks to the quality of their service, equipment, and overall customer experience.
  • Vivint ranks as the #1 smart home security provider in the U.S. by market share, according to Parks Associates research in 2023.
  • Vivint consistently earns top accolades for its technology and customer service, winning the ‘Best Home Security System’ award from CNET Editor’s Choice in 2023.
  • Vivint integrates seamlessly with over 400 smart home devices, offering unparalleled control and automation possibilities for your connected home. (2) 

Vivint vs. ADT & SimpliSafe: Comparison Table

Feature Vivint ADT SimpliSafe
Installation Professional only Professional & DIY DIY
Monitoring 24/7 professional 24/7 professional or self-monitoring
24/7 professional or self-monitoring
Equipment Modern, sleek, app-controlled Wide range, varying complexity
Wireless, modular, budget-friendly
Smart Home Integration Extensive Z-Wave compatibility Limited No Z-Wave
Customer Service High-touch, dedicated support Large team, variable quality
Good, online-focused
Cost Higher, package dependent Variable, often lower than Vivint Most affordable
Ideal For Tech-savvy users, premium features Budget-conscious, DIYers
Value-seeking, app-comfortable

Let’s take a closer look at where each of these companies shine. 


Rich Heritage: With over 140 years of experience (since 1874), ADT offers unmatched industry expertise and widespread availability, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a familiar brand.


Budget-Friendly Security: SimpliSafe shines with the most affordable home security systems on the market. Their DIY setup option caters perfectly to budget-conscious homeowners who value independence.


Tech Savvy Solution and Best Customer Service: Vivint boasts the most cutting-edge technology, with advanced features and seamless smart home integration. Their dedicated customer service department consistently receives high praise, making them a leader in premium security solutions.


Vivint’s products and services may be pricier than many on the market today, but the old saying that “you get what you pay for” rings true here. The company’s professional installation services, 24/7 monitoring, and powerful app- or home-based centralized controls make it easier to understand what is happening with the system and make changes quickly. Unlike DIY systems, Vivint’s pre-sales consultations help ensure you get the right products and services that meet your needs.

Additionally, Vivint’s hardware offers advanced protection capabilities, and the streaming video functionality of the app and control panel make it a breeze to quickly identify a threat or issue. Most report a trouble-free experience with the sales, consultation, installation, and ownership processes, and the company has accumulated vast numbers of positive reviews.



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