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Teague-Residential & Automotive Product Researcher

Auto Industry Guru

After earning an MBA, Chris began writing about tech and finance as part of his work as a bank analyst and consultant. Wanting to pursue his first love in life, Chris jumped ship and turned his focus to the automotive industry, first as a freelance writer for Forbes, J.D. Power, The Drive, and U.S. News & World Report, before starting and the America on the Road Radio Show. Chris’ expertise extends beyond cars. He’s one of the most knowledgable and trusted experts in home improvement. As of this year, he’s researched and tested over 50 leading home security systems, including Vivint and SimpliSafe. These companies readily install their systems in Chris’ home for testing, confident in his top-ranked reviews and hoping to land a spot on his list. In a way, working with Chris incentivizes home security companies to innovate and improve their products. This also gives Chris an inside foot allowing him to capture deals and offers for our readers.  For more on Chris’ home security system reviews start by reading his latest Vivint and SimpliSafe reviews.  Chris brings more than ten years of experience in product reviews, in-depth analyses, and news, and has been recognized as a significant influencer in building the future of the automotive media field.

About Teague-Residential & Automotive Product Researcher

Building on Chris’s experience in meticulously evaluating car safety features, his natural expansion into home security systems shines a light on consumer protection and informed decision-making. His focus empowers viewers to choose the right system for their needs, safeguarding their homes and families with confidence.

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After earning his MBA and honing his writing skills in tech and finance, Chris’ passion for consumer protection led him to the automotive industry. He built a strong reputation as a freelance writer for renowned publications like Forbes, J.D. Power, The Drive, and U.S. News & World Report, before launching and the America on the Road Radio Show. With over ten years of experience in in-depth product reviews, analyses, and news, Chris has been recognized as a leading voice in shaping the future of automotive media.

Now, Chris is turning his keen eye to another critical area – home security. Recognizing the importance of peace of mind and safeguarding families, he brings his meticulous research and insightful analysis to help you navigate the complex world of home security systems. Whether you’re looking for an alarm system, smart home integration, or video monitoring, Chris will provide unbiased reviews, compare features, and delve into the fine print to ensure you find the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

Chris’ passion for empowering consumers shines through in his work, providing clear, concise explanations of technical jargon and demystifying complex features. He’s dedicated to helping you make informed decisions, whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or simply seeking reliable protection for your loved ones.