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UnaliWear Kanega Watch Review

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UnaliWear Kanega Watch Review (the Cost, Customer Reviews, Pros, and Cons)

Are you looking for a reliable medical alert device to help you or a loved one live independently? Then, look no further than the UnaliWear Kanega Watch. We’ve collected feedback from various experts’ opinions and analyzed other reputable websites for UnaliWear Kanega Watch reviews, paying close attention to what its customers had to say because that’s where you’ll find the truth. In addition, we hired a medical doctor named Naheed Ali to help us research the differences between the leading medical alert systems on the market today.

The following UnaliWear Kanega Watch review will help you understand where this medical alert system stacks up compared to its competition. In addition, this review will look closer at this innovative smartwatch’s features and performance. Finally, we share the details we dug up about UnaliWear customer complaints because this is an unbiased review, and our job is to give it to you straight.

In recent years, medical alert systems have evolved from bulky, unattractive devices worn around the neck to sleek, stylish watches that blend seamlessly into a wearer’s daily life. These new-generation medical alert systems offer both the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is just a button press or voice command away, as well as the convenience and style of a wearable device that can be worn around the clock. UnaliWear is at the forefront of this innovation, offering a medical alert watch called Kanega that combines cutting-edge technology with a stylish design. [1] [2]

UnaliWear Kanega Watch Review


  • BBB rating, accreditation, and reviews: UnaliWear, Inc., BBB customer reviews have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, one of the highest BBB ratings from medical alert systems companies. UnaliWear’s BBB rating is A+ and accredited. For the most updated information visit UnaliWear’s BBB Profile.

  • Innovative technology: UnaliWear, Inc. offers a unique product with the Kanega Watch, which provides discreet medical alert monitoring through wearable technology.

  • 24/7 monitoring: The Kanega Watch provides continuous monitoring, which can be beneficial for individuals who require medical assistance at any time.

  • User-friendly design: The Kanega Watch is intended to be easy to use and understand, which can be helpful for older adults or those with cognitive impairments.

  • Multi-functionality: The Kanega Watch also includes features such as reminders, medication tracking, and fall detection, which can be useful for individuals who require assistance with daily living activities.

  • Free 30-Day Trial and Money-Back Guarantee: If customers are not 100% satisfied with their purchase of the UnaliWear Kanega medical alert watch, they offer a full money-back guarantee for thirty days.


  • Limited product line: UnaliWear, Inc. only offers the Kanega Watch, which may limit its customer base.

  • Cost: The Kanega Watch is relatively expensive compared to other medical alert devices, which may make it inaccessible for some individuals.

  • Limited distribution: UnaliWear, Inc. currently only distributes its product in the United States, which may limit its global reach.

  • Relatively new company: UnaliWear, Inc. was founded in 2015, which may make some customers hesitant to purchase from a relatively new company with limited brand recognition.

Review UnaliWear Kanega Watch Company Description

UnaliWear, Inc. produces the Kanega Watch, which is a discreet wearable medical alert watch that provides continuous monitoring around the clock. The company’s website explains that “Unalii” is a Cherokee word for “friend” and “Kanega” translates to “speak,” so the name of the product means “a friendly device that communicates with you.” It was established in 2013 by its CEO and founder, Jean Anne Booth.

UnaliWear Pros (additional details)

Compared to a cell phone, the Kanega Watch has some advantages in emergencies. A cell phone requires the user to initiate a call, which may be difficult or impossible in a medical emergency. In contrast, the Kanega Watch can detect a fall and automatically connect the wearer to the monitoring center, or the wearer can initiate a call to the center with a button press or spoken command. This feature allows for faster response times, as the monitoring center has access to the wearer’s contact information and location, which may not be immediately available in a cell phone call.

Additionally, the Kanega Watch has a patented quick-swap battery system, eliminating the need to remove the watch for charging. In addition to its fashionable appearance that circumvents the conventional stigma associated with emergency pendants and buttons, the watch provides auto fall detection and medication reminders.

The Kanega Watch has undergone testing to obtain an IP67 rating, indicating that it is waterproof and can be worn while washing hands, exercising, and taking a shower. However, it is not recommended for use during activities that involve water immersion, such as swimming. It also emits a very low level of radiation and is in full compliance with FCC standards, so it is safe to wear for individuals with pacemakers or ICDs.

Pricing plans for the Kanega Watch are all-inclusive, including fall detection, a cellular data plan, a price lock guarantee, and other features that other companies may charge extra for. Discounts are also available for AARP members, retired military families, and couples who purchase two Kanega Watches.

UnaliWear Cons (additional details)

The Kanega Watch does not function as a tracking device and currently does not have an accompanying app for a smartphone that would allow another person to track the wearer’s location. However, the watch does provide location information when an alert is sent from the watch to the monitoring center, and it also checks in with its location approximately every hour.

While the Kanega Watch may be more expensive than some other medical alert systems, it offers advanced technology and features that are not available in traditional pendant-based devices. The RealFall™ fall detection technology is based on real falls by real people and gets smarter over time, providing superior protection. Additionally, Kanega Watch wearers are more likely to wear the device around the clock, providing constant protection.

UnaliWear Kanega Watch Review (related to Customer Service)

UnaliWear places a strong emphasis on excellent customer service and support to its customers. They offer a toll-free phone number, email support, and a live chat option on their website for customers to contact their support team with any questions or issues. In addition, they have a comprehensive FAQ section and a free brochure available on their website to provide customers with detailed information about their products.

At the BBB, UnaliWear’s customer service-related reviews are all positive. Customers compliment their customer service team for responding quickly and always making themselves available for customers. One customer review talked about how easy it was to contact their customer service team to get replacement parts.

Review UnaliWear Complaints and BBB

The medical alert system has received 4.6/5 stars, according to UnaliWear customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). UnaliWear has a BBB rating of A+ and is accredited, as mentioned in the pros and cons above.

But what about complaints? UnaliWear’s BBB complaints don’t exist. They have none! And that’s a positive credential that most companies in this industry cannot claim.

However, there are a few customer reviews that are negative and even have a one-star rating. Therefore, let’s look at UnaliWear complaints mentioned in some of these negative reviews at the BBB. Regarding positive reviews, UnaliWear has many five-star customer reviews. Here are a few to check out –

UnaliWear BBB Customer Reviews, complaints, rating and accreditation.

UnaliWear Complaints

UnaliWear BBB complaint #1:

“UnaliWear will not refund payments back to your credit card. Instead, they cut you a check on a Monday they choose.” There is not much weight to this complaint. UnaliWear has a straightforward refund policy.

UnaliWear responded to this BBB review: “UnaliWear has zero disputes with our customers – which leads to our A+ Rating with the BBB. Refunds can take up to thirty days from when the equipment gets returned… We received your return the week of March 6th. Per our thirty-day money-back guarantee, you will receive the full refund you are entitled to.”

Do you feel this BBB complaint against UnaliWear is justified?

UnaliWear BBB complaint #2:

This subsequent UnaliWear BBB complaint alleges, “The watch is made of cheap materials, and the batteries and battery clips often break.” However, they praise UnaliWear’s customer service department for replacing the parts when needed.

Here’s a screenshot of the full BBB review; with details of the complaint and UnaliWear’s response:

UnaliWear Kanega Watch Complaints - regarding its batteries and battery clip

Source: UnaliWear Inc., BBB Profile

UnaliWear Kanega Watch Reviews (related to Replacement Parts)

Contact their customer service team for any questions or concerns regarding replacement parts. You can contact them via email at support@unaliwear.com or by phone at 1-844-286-2547. They should be able to provide you with more detailed information on their replacement parts policy and how to obtain any necessary parts for your UnaliWear product.

On UnaliWear’s website at www.unaliwear.com/consumer-limited-warranty/, you’ll find the following information about their warranty and replacement policy:

“UnaliWear does not warrant that a Consumer cannot break the watch. If a Consumer breaks the Kanega Watch during the Warranty Period, UnaliWear’s replacement policy is as follows:

  1. First breakage – free replacement and free standard shipping
  2. Second breakage – free replacement and Consumer pays $50 for standard shipping charges
  3. Third breakage or more – $199 broken watch fee and Consumer pays $50 for standard shipping charges.”

They also guarantee that if there is a hardware defect UnaliWear will replace the watch free of charge. However, the customer must return the defective watch within thirty days. Otherwise, they can be charged $399 for a non-returned item if late.

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