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Allstate Identity Protection Review, Plans, and Prices

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Allstate Identity Protection Review, Plans, and Prices

Allstate Identity Protection is the most recent update to Allstate’s long history. Starting as an insurance company in the 1930s, the company has undergone several changes to get here. Today, Allstate operates independently of its one-time parent company, Sears, and offers first-class identity protection as well as still providing its well-known insurance products. Our Allstate Identity Protection review explores the features and benefits of one of the best identity theft protection companies available, answers your questions, and can help you decide if the provider is right for you.

About Allstate Identity Theft Protection

Allstate Identity Theft Protection offers consumers three distinct plan choices. Starting at $9.99 per month, the lowest-cost individual protection plan, Essentials, provides a generous range of protections for basic all-around security, $1 million identity theft insurance, $50,000 in reimbursement for stolen money, and online educational resources to help protect you and your loved ones. And the benefits increase from there.

You can convert any of Allstate’s individual plans to family plans by increasing the monthly cost by $17.00. Family plans include the same protections as their corresponding individual plan and allow the addition of another adult and up to ten dependents.

The top-tier plans, Premier and Blue, add protections beyond the basics, including up to $3 million in combined stolen funds and ID restoration costs, a VPN and online protection tools, $500 stolen wallet coverage, financial transaction alerts, and address and sex offender monitoring. Allstate also offers employee protection plans for businesses.

Allstate Identity Protection Review Image


  • Simple plan pricing for individuals and families

  • 30-day trial period

  • Individual plans start below $10

  • Deceased family member fraud protection in all plans


  • 3-bureau only credit monitoring only available in the highest-priced plan

  • Family digital safety features only available in Blue plan

  • Online child protections are relatively weak compared to competitors

About Allstate Identity Protection Features and Benefits

Allstate Identity Protection provides value pricing on all three plans, with family plans available for an additional monthly cost that provide all the same protections. In addition to basic identity protections, Allstate customers can also enjoy the following benefits depending on plan choice.

  • Plan options start under $10
  • Simple plan pricing
  • Family upgrade to any plan for an additional $17 monthly
  • Coverage for 2 adults and 10 dependents in family plans
  • Up to $1 million stolen fund reimbursement is available
  • Up to $2 million stolen identity expenses protection available
  • 401K and home title fraud protections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • ID theft remediation
  • Social media and dark web monitoring
  • Three-bureau credit monitoring in the highest-tier plan
  • Local sex offender alerts
  • All state identity protection app on iOS and Android
  • Offers companies employee protection plans

Allstate Identity Protection Review Editorial Rating

Trusted Company Reviews Rating Score for Allstate Identity Protection: 9.6

Criteria Total Points: 
Satisfaction Guarantee 5
ID theft protection insurance amount 10
Credit monitoring 10
Family plan available 10
Monthly pricing 0
Dark web monitoring 5
Resolution services available 10
Alerts 10
Online privacy attributes 15
Expert opinion score 19

Allstate Identity Protection Plans and Prices

Every Allstate identity protection plan includes at least $1 million identity theft expense reimbursement insurance coverage and many more features. Family plans include the same coverages as individual plans with a maximum of $2 million in identity theft expense reimbursements.

Plan Name Essentials Premier Blue
Monthly Price $9.99 $17.99 $19.00
Features Educational resources

Identity and financial fraud monitoring

Single-bureau credit monitoring, scores, and tracking

Identity restoration services

$50,000 stolen funds reimbursement

Allstate Security Pro scam alerts

Credit freeze assistance

Lost walled assistance

Deceased family member fraud coverage

Dark web monitoring

Everything in the Essentials plan plus:

Advanced fraud protection

Address change, high risk transaction, credit card, bank account, and investment account monitoring

Stolen tax refund advance

Stolen wallet emergency cash up to $500

$500K stolen funds reimbursement

Social media monitoring

Everything in the Premier plan plus: 

$1 million stolen funds reimbursement

3-bureau credit monitoring and reports

Cybersecurity and family digital safety features

Online access to credit locking

Compromised 401K or HSA reimbursement up to $1 million

Home title, professional, and personal ransomware expense reimbursements

Additional online tools 

Is Allstate Identity Protection Right for You?

Allstate Identity Protection offers several easy-to-understand plan options and the ability to turn any of them into family plans for an additional monthly cost. Some Allstate plan features that stand out are the deceased family member fraud protection and increased identity theft insurance reimbursement for families.

An Allstate protection plan will likely be a good fit for families with older children who may not require robust online protections. However, family plans only include coverage for two adults, which may not work quite as well for families with adult-age children at home.

Allstate Identity Protection Reviews on Popular Platforms

Allstate Identity Protection carries an A+ grade at the BBB and moderately solid ratings on popular critical review platforms. While the company rates well, most recent reviews were either rated at five stars, indicating satisfaction, or one star, indicating dissatisfaction with the service provided by Allstate.

Here’s a summary of the latest 5-star reviews.

  • Allstate provided personalized assistance when necessary, and the representatives were generally compassionate and able to assist.
  • Company representatives took proactive measures by offering solutions, guidance, and pertinent answers to customer questions.
  • Customers expressed a feeling of trust in the company.
  • Allstate representatives provided timely and informative responses to inquiries.

On the other hand, the negative reviews contained technical and customer service issues.

  • Customers expressed dissatisfaction with verifying their identity, access trouble, registration frustrations, and a lack of options.
  • Other reviews cited general distrust of the company and its practices, including frustration when dealing with identity theft situations.
  • Several complaints were regarding poor customer service and long wait times when seeking assistance.

Allstate Identity Protection BBB Tag Image

Allstate Identity Protection Vs. Lifelock

Allstate Identity Protection and LifeLock appear similar at first glance. Both offer credit monitoring and other essential functions in their lowest-cost plans. Each also offers substantial identity theft insurance amounts. Both companies will even let you try them for 30 days to ensure you’ve chosen a plan to fit your needs.

However, LifeLock offers more plan choices than Allstate’s three choices, and the protections in most of LifeLock’s plans are a bit more robust than Allstate’s.

You’ll pay for the extra coverage, though. Allstate’s Family Protection plan costs $36 per month and includes $2 million in insurance, a VPN, and protection for up to ten children. LifeLock’s comparable plan costs $79.99 monthly and includes $3 million in insurance and five kids. VPN access is an add-on option with LifeLock.

Feature Allstate Identity Protection LifeLock
Trusted Company Review Score 4.8 4.3
Maximum Identity Theft Insurance Amount Per Adult $2M $3M
Trial Period 30 days 30 days
Credit Monitoring Available in Lowest Cost Plan 1 Bureau 1 Bureau
Dark Web Monitoring Yes Yes
Available Number of Dependents Protected 10 5
VPN Available Yes Add on
Lowest Monthly Cost $9.99 $11.99
Highest Monthly Cost $19.99 $79.99

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