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Stannah Stair Lifts

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Stannah Stair Lifts Review for 2023: Unbiased and Honest

Stannah, a renowned leader in home elevators and stairlifts (also known as “stair chairs” or “chairlifts“), has established its presence since 1867, providing lifts across the US and to 40 other countries worldwide. Their wide range of indoor and outdoor stairlifts incorporates customizable finishing features, ensuring a seamless integration with your home decor.

In addition to their standard indoor and outdoor models, Stannah addresses specific needs by offering stairlifts tailored for narrow stairways and affordable options suitable for budget-conscious individuals. But what can Stannah stair lift customer reviews reveal about the company’s reputation? Is Stannah Stairlifts, Inc. a trustworthy and reliable provider?

This comprehensive Stannah review highlights the following key aspects:

  • Prices for Stannah Stair Lift Models: Gain insights into the cost variations among different types and models of Stannah stairlifts.
  • Explore Renting vs. Buying: Understand Stannah’s rental options, providing clarity for your decision-making process.
  • Reputation: Obtain detailed information about Stannah stair lift complaints and customer reviews, shaping your understanding of the company’s standing.
  • Answers to FAQs: Find the most sought-after answers related to Stannah stair lifts, addressing common queries.

stannah stairlift reviews


  • Established Brand: Stannah Stairlifts, Inc. has been in business since 1867.

  • Trusted Internationally: Stannah provides lifts in the USA and 40 other countries.

  • Affordable Cost: Stannah stairlifts start at $3,500.

  • Long-lasting Power: Stannah stairlift batteries allow for 15-20 journeys during a power outage.

  • Strength: Powered to carry 300-352 pounds, depending on the model.

  • Warranty: Stannah stairlifts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Poor Website Navigation: The presence of a chat popup on the website can make navigation challenging for users.

  • Lack of Service: Stannah does not offer service plans, and consumers are responsible for any costs incurred outside the warranty coverage.

  • Buyback Program: The terms of Stannah’s buyback program are subject to change during ownership, potentially impacting its benefits or conditions.

Stannah Stair Lifts Review

Stannah Stair Lifts Details
Cost $3,500 and up for basic models. $8,500 and up for custom models
Weight Limit 300-352lb depending on the chosen model
Financing Available No
Customer Service Monday-Friday 8 am-7 pm EST, Saturday 8 am-12 pm EST
Indoor Styles Indoor Straight, Indoor Curved
Outdoor Styles Outdoor Straight
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty on all models


BBB Rating 3.38/5 Stars for Reviews, A+ Rating Overall

Are you shopping for a stair lift for a residential home? The first question you might ask is, “How much will a senior stairlift cost?” We’ve done the research and have your answers.

Cost of Stannah Stair Lifts

Each Stannah stairlift is custom fitted to your specific staircase, meaning that cost can vary widely depending on the style you choose and the lift that will fit in your home. Before installation, a full stair survey will be scheduled and performed by a Stannah representative to ensure your lift fits perfectly.

  • Stannah indoor senior stairlifts for straight stairs start at $3,500, depending on the length of your stairs.
  • Customizable options are available for curved staircases, with those lifts starting in the $8,500 range.
  • Outdoor lifts start at $5,000.

Cost is also contingent upon your chosen features, such as different seating styles.

Once your survey is complete, the Stannah representative will provide a written evaluation and cost estimate, which includes the product itself and installation.

Financing Stannah Stair Lifts

Unfortunately, most insurance companies view stairlifts as a home upgrade and do not cover the cost. However, options are available to assist you in getting the lift you need.

Personal loans or home equity lines of credit can be used if approved through your bank or mortgage financer. Consumers may also want to explore companies like Credible. At Credible, personal loan rates and pre-approved loan offers can be accessed through top-rated lenders quickly and easily.

Check out our recent review on Credible personal loans for more information.

Some senior stairlift companies, such as certified Bruno dealers, do offer to finance. Stannah does not.

Stannah Used Stair Lifts For Sale

Stannah does, however, sell certified refurbished lifts at a discounted price. This may be a great option if you’re shopping on a budget.

However, the Limited Lifetime Warranty offered on other Stannah senior stairlifts does not apply to a used lift. You’ll receive a 1-year warranty covering parts and labor for these.

Don’t want to take out a loan or buy used? Stannah offers rentals as well.

Renting Stannah Stair Lifts

Renting your stairlift is an excellent option if you think you’ll only need it for a short period or if you’re unwilling/unable to commit to the total cost upfront.

  • Stannah’s rental program includes professional installation, all necessary maintenance, and removal of the lift when you’re finished with it.
  • The initial rental cost will equal six months of rental fees before you begin paying monthly.

If, after six months, you decide that you’d like to keep your stairlift for a more extended period, Stannah offers options.

First, you can continue to rent it on a monthly basis.

Second, you can choose to purchase the lift.

Anything you’ve paid during the previous rental period applies to the lift balance, meaning that you only have to pay the remaining amount for full ownership.

Remember: maintenance coverage may change if you choose to purchase the lift. Once purchased, your lift will be covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty and no longer under the full-service rental agreement.

Indoor Stairlifts:

Stannah Stairlift models: Starla folded

Starla Straight Indoor Stair Lift

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • Straight Lift for use on stairways without curves
  • Indoor use
  • Retractable Seatbelt
  • Power Folding Footrest
  • Upholstery & Design Options
  • Hinged Rail
  • Seat Load Sensor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Stannah’s Starla straight indoor stairlift is designed with safety and elegance. The power folding footrest ensures that the footrest is out of the way when not in use and the retractable seatbelt allows for easy securement prior to your ride. The seat load sensor prevents false starts by disengaging the remote until you are firmly seated.

In order to make sure that your new Stannah chair lift fits in with the décor of your home, a variety of aesthetic options are available, such as colored vinyl and woven upholstery seating, and light or dark wood trim.

Should your lift ever require repairs, Stannah’s limited lifetime warranty will cover the cost of any critical parts, including the motor, gearbox, and rail. You’ll also have access to a call-out service to get a technician to your home as quickly as possible.

Notably, the Starla indoor stair lift can be combined with the Starla curved stairlift for a fully customized device.

 Specifications for Starla Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Seat to Floor Height (adjustable for straight stairs) 21.5″ -26.5″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 18.5″
Depth from Wall (folded) 14.5″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 25.7″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 28″ -30″
Rail to Wall 6″

Starla Curved Indoor Stair Lift

Stannah Starla Curved Stairlifts

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity
  • Curved lift for use on stairways with curves
  • Indoor use
  • Retractable Seatbelt
  • Power Folding Footrest
  • Upholstery & Design Options
  • Hinged Rail
  • Seat Load Sensor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Featuring the same customizable options as the Starla straight indoor stairlift, the Starla curved indoor stairlift can be customized to bend around almost any shape, guaranteeing that you’ll maintain your independence, regardless of your home’s stair style.

If your home features both straight and curved sections, the Starla curved can be combined with the Starla straight.

Something to Watch: The weight capacity on the curved style is 50 pounds lighter than the straight style, so keep in mind that if you combine them, you’ll need to adhere to the lower of the two capacities.

 Specifications for Starla Curved Stairlift

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Seat to Floor Height 22.2″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 18.5″
Depth from Wall (folded) 16″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 26.7″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 28″ -30″
Rail to Wall 6″

Sadler Indoor Straight or Curved Stair Lift

Stannah Sadler STanding Stairlifts

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity
  • Curved or Straight lift that is customizable
  • Indoor use
  • Made for Narrow Stairways
  • Nearly Standing Position is Easy on the Back & Knees
  • Immobilizer Seat Belt
  • Hinged Rail
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

For consumers who struggle with limited mobility in their back, hip, or knee, or those whose home features a narrow stairway, with or without curves, the Sadler Indoor lift from Stannah is a great option. The near-standing position is comfortable for those who struggle to transition to a sitting or standing position and is easy on the back and knees during the ride. The position is customizable depending on your height and comfort and the immobilizer seat belt ensures that you’re securely in place before the lift will operate.

This lift is finished with stone-colored upholstery to blend with most home décor.

Specifications for Sadler Customizable Stairlift

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Seat Height (adjustable) 22.75″ -31.33″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 18.5″
Depth from Wall (folded) 16″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 26.7″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 26″ -28″
Rail to Wall 6″

Siena Indoor Straight Stair Lift

Siena Straight Stair Lift

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • Straight lift for use on straight stairways
  • Indoor Use
  • Extra Wide Seat
  • Longer Armrests
  • Ergonomic Hand Control
  • Powered Footrest
  • Hinged Rail
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Stannah’s Siena indoor straight stair lift is created for those who need more space and lifting power to feel secure. The extra wide seat, long armrests, and 350 lb. lift capacity makes this lift roomier and stronger than most other Stannah options.

This lift can be custom ordered with 6 different color options for the vinyl finish.

 Specifications for Siena Indoor Straight Stairlift

Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Seat Height (adjustable) 21.5″ -26.5″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 20.5″
Depth from Wall (folded) 14.5″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 25.9″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 28″ -30″
Rail to Wall 6″

Siena Indoor Curved Stair Lift

Stannah's Siena Curved Stair Lift Model Review

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity
  • 352 lb (159kg) lift capacity with 260 Plus (heavy-duty option)
  • Curved lift for use on curved stairways
  • Indoor Use
  • Extra Wide Seat
  • Longer Armrests
  • Ergonomic Hand Control
  • Powered Footrest
  • Hinged Rail
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Much like the Siena indoor straight stairlift, Stannah’s Siena indoor curved stair lift is created with extra space and lifting power. Along with the extra wide seat, long armrests, and standard 300 lb. lift capacity, this lift features an optional heavy-duty package, the 260 Plus, which boosts the lifting power to 352 lb.

 Specifications for Siena Indoor Curved Stairlift

Weight Capacity 300lb (standard), 352lb (heavy duty)
Seat Height 22.2″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 20.5″
Depth from Wall (folded) 16″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 26.7″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 28″ -30″
Rail to Wall 6″

Siena One Economy Stair Lift

Stannah Siena One Economy Model

  • 350 lb (158kg) lift capacity
  • For Use on Straight Stairs
  • Indoor Use
  • Swivel Levers
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Siena One Economy stairlift is designed with a budget in mind. While maintaining all the safety and comfort standards of their other lifts, Stannah has created this model for those on a budget. The manual swivel levers allow for a smooth transition at the top and bottom of the stairs, and each lift comes with a vinyl, Walnut-colored upholstery finish.

It’s also notable that this model has a 350lb lift capacity, more than most of the other lifts.

 Specifications for Siena One Indoor Stairlift

Weight Capacity 300 lb (136kg)
Seat Height (adjustable) 21.5″ -26.5″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 20.5″
Depth from Wall (folded) 14.5″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 25.9″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 28″
Rail to Wall 6″

Stannah Outdoor Stairlifts

Stannah Outdoor Stairlift – review picture of lift
Stannah’s Straight Outdoor Stair Lift

  • 300 lb (136kg) lift capacity
  • For Use on Straight Stairways
  • Outdoor use
  • Swivel Seat
  • Waterproof Motor and Battery
  • Key Lock
  • Landing Controls
  • Chair Made of UV-Resistant Plastic
  • Waterproof Cover Included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Stannah has created their outdoor stairlift to fit any staircase, whether it’s on a deck, patio, or in a garage, as long as it has at least three stairs.

The lift can be installed on either side and comes with a joystick to operate it that can be installed on whichever side of the chair you prefer. The landing controls allow you to call the lift up or down the stairs, and a key lock is included for security.

Unlike the indoor lifts, the outdoor lift is not customizable to curved stairs and doesn’t offer the same aesthetic options. However, the UV-resistant plastic and waterproof casing around the motor and gearbox are built to ensure that your lift doesn’t deteriorate from weather exposure.

Something to know: The Stannah Outdoor stairlift costs more than the indoor lifts, starting at $5,000, but unlike many other stairlift companies, the warranty is included with the outdoor lift.

Specifications for Stannah Straight Outdoor Stairlift
Weight Capacity 300 lb (136kg)
Temperatures Withstood 14°F-105°F (-10°C-40°C)
Seat Height (adjustable) 21.5″ -26.5″
Chair Width (inside of armrests) 19″
Depth from Wall (folded) 14.5″
Depth from Wall (unfolded) 25.25″
Minimum Required Staircase Width 26″
Rail to Wall 8″

Conquer Snowy Terrain with Stannah Outdoor Stairlifts:

Stannah's Outdoor Stairlifts for Snow

  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and snow-covered stairs
  • Superior traction system for a secure and smooth ride on snowy surfaces
  • Constructed with weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Advanced seat heating options for ultimate comfort in cold weather
  • Stylish finishes to seamlessly blend with your outdoor surroundings
  • Backed by Stannah’s reputation for reliability and quality
  • Embrace winter with confidence and enjoy effortless mobility outdoors.

How to install Stannah Stairlifts?

When you purchase a Stannah stairlift, an installation by a Stannah-trained technician is included. Stannah strongly discourages consumers from attempting to install a chair lift for stairs on their own. Not only will this void any warranty that is included with the stairlift, but it is unsafe and can lead to breakage of the lift or improper operation.

Stannah follows the guidelines set out by the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (AEMA), which strongly stands against consumer installations. You can view the paper they’ve published on the dangers of DIY stairlift installation here.

Safety Standards:

Stannah strives to stay current on guidance within their industry and maintain safety standards by continuing membership with several related associations, such as…
• National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)
• Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry (AEMA
• International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Stannah Stair Lift Warranty Pros and Cons


  • Lifetime: All lifts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Call-Out Service: Each warranty holder has access to a call-out service
  • Major Component Coverage: All major components are covered for a lifetime


  • Non-transferrable: Warranty terms become void if the original owner no longer owns the lift
  • Installation Caveat: Warranty void if Stannah-trained technicians do not install the lift
  • New Lifts Only: Warranty applies only to new lift purchases
  • Stannah-Direct Only: Warranty is specifically for consumers who buy directly from Stannah

Stannah provides one of the best warranty programs in the business, with a limited lifetime warranty included with each new lift purchased. The warranty covers all critical parts, including the motor, gearbox, and rail. Any part replacement will be performed by a Stannah-trained technician and covered under warranty as long as the breakdown is caused by normal wear and tear.

Unlike other stairlift companies, Stannah extends its warranty to include its outdoor lift as well.

Something to Note: Warranties are not included if you choose to self-install the lift or work on the lift independently in any way. Stannah strongly discourages consumers from doing this for safety reasons and to maintain their warranty under its terms and condition.

Additional Service Plans:
Stannah does not offer any additional service plans for their lifts. If you’ve purchased a new lift from Stannah directly, a limited lifetime warranty will be included to cover the major components of the lift. You will be responsible for any small repairs or replacements such as batteries.

Stannah Stair Lifts BBB Reviews

Stannah’s average customer review rating at the BBB is 3.4/5 stars. The company is A+ Rated and BBB Accredited. Stannah has been BBB accredited since 1992 and is one of the oldest stairlift companies in the nation.

The Better Business Bureau rates each business according to time in business, complaints, company resolutions, and more. You can read more about the BBBs rating system, here.

Positive Customer Reviews on Stannah

Positive Reviews: Stannah has many positive reviews through the Better Business Bureau. Many state that they are very happy with their lift, and even more are thankful for the knowledgeable and professional nature of the installers. Some customers even took note of the low-pressure sales department, which put them at ease from the very beginning.

Negative Reviews About Stannah Stairlifts

Negative Reviews: Unhappy consumers appeared to have challenges with scheduling the removal of their lift or utilizing the buyback program, which was in place at the time of their purchase but had been discontinued by the time they were finished with the lift. It did appear that Stannah made attempts to resolve the conflicts to the consumer’s satisfaction.

Complaints Against Stannah Stairlifts

Complaints: It appears that complaints made through the BBB were resolved quickly by Stannah and to the best of their ability.

Remarkably, there are no customer complaints recorded against Stannah at the BBB. This is particularly impressive, considering Stannah’s extensive history of over 150 years in the industry, reaffirming the exceptional quality of their stairlifts. Stannah excels in various aspects, including cost-effectiveness, reputation, high-quality materials, favorable terms and conditions, and outstanding customer service.

Stannah Stairlifts upholds its reputation by conducting thorough audits of its stairlift supply chain, ensuring compliance with the standards set by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS).

Without a doubt, Stannah’s stairlifts are among the best available in the market.

Stairlift Rating Algorithm

Criteria Possible Points Stannah
Starting Cost (range) $2,000: 10 points

$3,000: 9 points

$4,000: 7 points

$5,000+: 5 points

BBB Reviews Rating 1-2 stars: 3 points

3-4 stars: 4 points

5 stars: 5 points

Financing Available Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Indoor Straight Styles Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Indoor Curved Styles Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points

Outdoor Straight Styles Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points

Warranty Warranty of 3 years or more: 10 points

Warranty of 2-3 years: 7 points

Warranty of 1-2 years: 5 points

Warranty of less than 1 year: 0 points

Weight Limit Up to 200lb: 5 points

Up to 200lb-300lb: 6 points

Up to 300lb-400lb: 8 points

401lb or more: 10 points

Hinged Rail System Yes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Battery Function (Runs without power) Yes: 10 points

No: 0 points

Expert Opinion Score Up to 20 points: 18

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What do the fault codes on my Stannah 600 straight stairlift mean?

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Dr. Ali
Tammy McKinney, RN, is a seasoned registered nurse and accomplished healthcare writer. With a background in acute care, long-term care, and hospice & palliative care, Tammy combines her medical expertise with her passion for writing to educate and inform the public on various health-related topics. Having worked as a healthcare writer for major publications, including, Tammy has established herself as an expert reviewer for senior products such as walk-in bathtubs and stair lifts. Recent Reviews by Tammy McKinney: Top Stair Lifts for Seniors: Top Stair Lifts for Seniors Review: Best Meal Kit Delivery Services: Best Meal Kit Delivery Services Review: Her primary focus is on assisting older individuals in maintaining their independence, safety, and freedom, allowing them to continue living at home. Through her work, Tammy has gained firsthand experience with many popular senior products on the market, ranging from walk-in tubs to healthy meal delivery services and stair lifts. Tammy's professionalism and attention to detail shine through in her writing, ensuring accuracy and clarity. Her ability to simplify complex medical concepts makes her content accessible to a wide audience. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Tammy consistently provides valuable insights and expert guidance. Given her extensive experience and dedication to improving the lives of seniors, Tammy McKinney is a valuable asset to our team.

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