Founded in 2007, Christian Debt Counselors is a comparatively newer company in the domain of debt consolidation. It focuses on debt consolidation principles that are based on the Christian doctrine. They offer a free consultation to potential consumers so they can ensure that Christian Debt Counselors has the proper solutions for their problems. With an average interest rate of 6.93 percent, the company has some of the lowest interest rates for debt consolidation services in the industry. However, the company is fairly new as compared to many of its competitors, and lacks some essential accreditations that are crucial for having a credibility and reputation in the industry.

The most positive aspect of this company is its very low average interest rate. With an average interest rate of 6.93 percent, it can be ranked amongst companies offering the lowest interest rates in the debt consolidation industry. In addition to offering very affordable interest rates, Christian Debt Counselors claim that some of their clients have seen a reduction in their monthly payments of up to 50 percent. Another positive aspect about Christian Debt Counselors is their nationwide availability, which is remarkable considering the fact that they have only been in business for a decade, which is a quite short time span if compared to many of its competitors.

The company offers both debt consolidation and debt settlement programs. However, they do not accept all forms of debts and their services are limited to debts resulting from credit cards, personal loans, collection accounts, medical bills, and some other types of unsecured debts.

What we didn’t like about this company is that they are missing on some key industry accreditations. These accreditations are vital for establishing the authority and reputation of a company in the debt relief domain. Moreover, the company’s website does not reveal any information about monthly and upfront payments and offers no educational resources for its current and potential consumers. We also failed to find any claim of a money back guarantee on their website. Considering both its pros and cons, We currently do not recommend this company.