Golden Financial Services was incorporated in 2004 in Florida. The company started out as a debt settlement company back in 2004, but over the years evolved into one of the largest national debt relief companies that offer debt validation, debt consolidation, student loan relief services and debt settlement services.

Golden Financial Services calls themselves — “a one-stop-shop for debt relief”. Whether you need to consolidate student loans or reduce your credit card debt, Golden Financial Services can do that and more.

Golden Financial Services offers 4-5 debt relief programs. Of these programs, two programs come with a “money back guarantee” and “credit repair.” You can benefit from their programs in different ways. Ultimately; all of their programs focus on eliminating debt, addressing derogatory information on credit, and providing immediate savings for their clients.

Most of the other debt relief companies either offer debt settlement, credit repair, debt consolidation, or student loan consolidation. No other debt relief company in the database at offers private and federal student loan consolidation, debt settlement (attorney and non-attorney services) and debt validation -– addressing almost any type of unsecured debt.

After interviewing 105 Golden Financial Services clients, here are the results:

— Two out of Three Golden Financial Services clients had their debt resolved and credit repaired within a 3-year program.

— 98% of their customers were happy with the results. (happy, meaning on a scale from 1-10, all of the clients provided a score of “8” or higher – with “10” being the happiest they could be).

— About 35% of the same clients had student loan debt and credit card debt (multiple debts) resolved inside of their one monthly payment, even though the student loan relief and credit card relief program, are different programs. Their state of the art technology and algorithm makes it easy for clients to manage their monthly payments.

It is also important to note that out of 200 debt relief companies listed on our review boards, Golden Financial Services provided the highest number of clients for us to call, and had the least amount of customer complaints.

Another difference with Golden Financial Services, when compared to other debt relief companies, is that they solidified partnerships with some of the leading credit repair businesses in the nation. Their unique program infrastructure was setup on individual programs to make it “free” for clients to get the credit repair, so it’s an added benefit that is free of cost. Credit repair is considered a separate program with a separate fee, but it’s all inclusive at Golden Financial Services on a few of their plans.

For specific details, it’s best to call into Golden Financial Services at 1-866-376-9846.