Armada Credit Solutions is a credit repair and debt consolidation company and has been operating for about 8 years now.  The company’s primary focus is on providing debt consolidation by means of debt settlement for clients that find it hard to eliminate their unsecured debts. Armada Credit Solutions offers a free consultation to potential consumers so they can be sure that the company will be able to resolve their problem; however, we gathered from our research that the free consultation is not provided by certified debt experts. Being fairly new in the business, the company also lacks some major industry accreditations.

On the positive side, Armada Debt Solutions has a low minimum debt threshold of $3000, which is far less than the $7500 industry standard. Consumers are required to set up a bank account with Global Client Solutions, which then drafts the consumers’ funds into a secure account. There are fees associated with having a bank account with Global Client Solutions and these fees are not refundable. Fortunately, Armada doesn’t charge its consumers until the debt is successfully negotiated because Armada functions on a performance-based fee structure. Another admirable feature of the company is personalized services. A personalized account manager is assigned to each client that guides the consumers and handles their case from beginning till the end. This ensures a stronger and more satisfying relationship between consumers and the company.

Despite its positive aspects, the company presently has certain drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is the lack of transparency of its services. The company website offers no educational resources and it has no information disclosed regarding upfront fees, monthly fees, and an average interest rate. This makes it harder for potential consumers to decide whether the company will be able to meet their requirements. Another major drawback is their lack of industry accreditations. At the moment, the company does not have any accreditations, making it hard for us to rank or recommend this company.