Progressive Debt Relief has been offering debt management and debt settlement services to its clients since 2005. The company focuses on helping its customers cope with their financial problems, and enables them to attain complete financial freedom. The company heavily emphasizes on customer care and has been building positive relations with both its customers and creditors for the last decade.

Similar to other companies in the business, Progressive Debt Relief offers a free consultation to its customers but unlike other companies, Progressive Debt Relief’s consultation is thorough and in-depth. Certified counselors discuss the customer’s circumstances and provide them with a financial analysis. The financial analysis offers comprehensive information on the customers specific problems and their possible solutions. It greatly aids the customer in choosing a plan that would work best for them. In addition to this, Progressive Debt Relief does not charge an upfront fee which is quite unusual in the industry. Many companies charge an upfront fee of up to $50, but potential customers do not have to worry about an upfront fee if they choose to work with Progressive Debt Relief.

Although the company does not charge any upfront fee, we failed to locate any mention of the monthly payments on the company’s website. This makes it harder for potential customers to determine whether they should work with the company. It also makes it harder for us to rank this company without this important information. Another problem with this company is its minimum debt requirement. The company only handles cases with a debt of at least $10,000, depriving any clients of their service who have a debt less than this. The $10,000 is much higher than the standard minimum requirements in the industry. The company’s website also does not provide any educational resources and material to educate its customers about financial matters. Moreover, the company lacks key industry accreditations that ensure the quality and credibility of a company’s services.